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News Archive - Alberta
2001 and 2002

Government releases updated costs of Kyoto campaign, Press Release December 30, 2002

Alberta takes action on mandatory reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, Press Release December 23, 2002

Alberta government stands firm on pledge to protect economy against impact of Kyoto Protocol, Klein says, Press Release December 16, 2002

Alberta will continue to defend economy from Kyoto implementation, Klein says, Press Release December 10, 2002

Alberta Environment Newsletter for Southern Alberta, December 2002 (pdf format)

Resolution calls for a national climate change plan based on provinces' 12 principles, Press Release November 26, 2002

Klein concerned about Ottawa's Kyoto plan, calls for cooperation with provinces on national climate change plan, Press Release November 21, 2002

Alberta government introduces legislation to support action plan on climate change, Press Release November 19, 2002

Government facilities are going "Green", Press Release November 18, 2002

Alberta's opposition to federal Kyoto plan still firm, minister says, Press release November 1, 2002

Albertans taking action to protect species, Press Release October 30, 2002
"The Alberta Species at Risk - Program and Projects 2001-2002 report profiles actions taken by diverse groups of Albertans to protect vulnerable wildlife species in the province - everything from assessing populations to recovery and prevention."

Albertans encouraged to reduce waste everyday, Press Release October 21, 2002

Finalized Made-in-Alberta climate change plan released, Press Release October 17, 2002

Polling shows most Albertans support a made-in-Canada alternative to Kyoto, Press Release October 4, 2002

Alberta investing in technology to reduce harmful emissions, Press Release October 3, 2002

Environmental education program targets vacuum truck industry, Press Release October 2, 2002

Alberta's Draft Waste Action Plan - Sept.10, 2002 (pdf format)
"Alberta Environment has released its draft Waste Action Plan for public comment. Send any comments about the draft plan to by November 30, 2002. To obtain a hard copy of the plan, please call Alberta's Recycle Info Line at 1-800-463-6326 or 427-6982."

Operation CleanFarm
Operation CleanFarm provides farmers with an opportunity to remove obsolete and unwanted pesticides from their farms at no cost. In 2002, Operation CleanFarm will be in the Peace River area of Alberta and British Columbia. Collection Dates: October 16-18, 2002

Lands, forests, fish and wildlife well-managed resources - Alberta Sustainable Resource Development releases its first-ever annual report, Press Release September 30, 2002

Kyoto plan and full understanding of costs needed before ratification, Alberta says, Press Release September 30, 2002

Water, climate change leading environmental issues in 2001-2002, Press Release September 30, 2002

Albertans Smash Oil Recycling Targets, Press Release September 27, 2002

Investing in energy research the key to sustaining Alberta's future, Press Release September 26, 2002

Potential consequences of Canada's Kyoto ratification highlighted in new awareness campaign, Press Release September 18, 2002

Industry recycling fee not a government tax , Press Release September 13, 2002

Albertans to be consulted on Alberta's Action Plan on Climate Change, Press Release September 12, 2002

New wetland habitat attracts fish and wildlife, Press Release September 4, 2002

Minister attending World Summit on Sustainable Development, Press Release August 19, 2002

Klein Seeks a Canadian Approach to Climate Change, Press Release July 26, 2002

Agriculture industry working to protect Alberta's water quality, Press Release July 11, 2002

Survey Shows Albertans Want Action on Climate Change, Press Release June 6, 2002

Initiative Aims to Keep Lead, Mercury Out of Alberta Landfills, Press Release June 3, 2002

Albertans Encouraged to Take Environmental Action All Year, Press Release May 31, 2002

Unauthorized Log Shipments Can Bring Danger to Alberta's Forests, Press Release May 27, 2002

Alberta will continue to seek a national consensus on climate change strategy, Klein says, Press Release May 22, 2002

Climate change plan will reduce greenhouse gases, not economic activity; also see Press Release
"Alberta's draft plan on climate change — targeting a 50 per cent reduction in emissions intensity by 2020 — was released May 21, 2002."

Alberta to require reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, Press Release May 15, 2002

Albertans demand action to prepare for water challenges, Press Release May 14, 2002

Wild Thing: Celebrating Alberta's fish and wildlife at the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, Press Release May 2, 2002

Alberta Research Council Leads Consortium to Help China Reduce CO2 Emissions, April 25, 2002

Ensuring fish for the future - Government of Alberta Information Bulletin, April 17, 2002

Notes for an Address by the Honourable David Anderson, Minister of the Environment on the Occasion of the Minister's Regional Visit to Calgary Alberta, April 11, 2002

New Initiative to Update Forest Management Plan in the Crowsnest Forest, Press Release March 28, 2002

Violating Environmental Laws Costs Offenders $1.5 Million, Press Release March 21, 2002

Study Shows Costs Outweigh Benefits of Meridian Dam, Press Release March 11, 2002

New "Green" government office helps to educate Albertans, Press Release March 6, 2002

Alberta Leaders Debate Kyoto In Climate Change Newsletter, Press Release March 1, 2002

Strategy takes aim at water concerns of today and future, Press Release February 28, 2002

Irrigation Amendments Respond to Stakeholder Recommendations, February 27, 2002

Kyoto could cost Canada up to $40 billion, study shows, Press Release February 21, 2002

New Advisory Committee Aims to Preserve and Protect Alberta's Natural Environment, Press Release January 10, 2002

Government Continues Operating Swan Hills Treatment Centre for 2002, Press Release December 31, 2001

New Livestock Regulatory Framework Protects Albertans, Press Release December 27, 2001

Confined Feeding Operation Regulations and Standards Balance Industry Growth with Environmental and Health Protection, Press Release December 20, 2001

Revised Statutes of Alberta Comes into Force January 1, 2002, December 5, 2001

Alberta Research Council a Partner in Unique Water Institute for Semi-arid Ecosystems (WISE), Press Release November 20, 2001

Alberta Introduces Legislation Governing New, Expanding Confined Feeding Operations, Press Release November 13, 2001

Alberta's Air Quality Rates High, Press Release November 5, 2001

Final Call for Nominating Fish and Wildlife Heroes, Press Release November 5, 2001

Albertans encouraged to throw out old habits, Press Release, October 15, 2001
"Albertans will have the chance to play an active role in ensuring their world doesn't waste away. Alberta Environment is joining its counterparts across the country to help celebrate the first National Waste Reduction Week, October 15 – 21."

Alberta's environment remains a well-protected resource, Press Release September 28, 2001
"Alberta Environment's 2000-01 annual report confirms that the province's air, water, lands, forests, fish and wildlife continue to be well protected by the Alberta government."

Alberta Completes Nearly 60 Projects to Protect Species at Risk, Press Release September 25, 2001

Alberta User Guide for Waste Managers: Public and Stakeholder Draft Discussion
"Alberta Environment is in the process of updating the current version of the Alberta User Guide for Waste Managers. Stakeholders and the public are encouraged to review the draft updated User Guide and submit their written comments by e-mail, fax or mail by Friday, October 19, 2001."

New Sulphur Recovery Guidelines for the Province of Alberta – Grandfathering of Sour Gas Plants Ends in 2016, Press Release August 29, 2001

Alberta Provides Assistance to Reduce Sour Gas Emissions, Press Release August 22, 2001

EUB Releases 2000 Flaring & Venting Management Report, Press Release July 24, 2001

Alberta a Leader in Wild Species Management, Press Release August 20, 2001
"A majority of Alberta's wild species are Secure across the province, as indicated in The General Status of Alberta Wild Species 2000, just completed."

International Progress on Climate Change Encouraging, but Other Key Issues Need to be Resolved, July 23, 2001

Alberta's Voice to be Heard at International Climate Change Meetings, Press Release July 13, 2001

Registration Now Open for Alberta GHG Emissions Trading Simulation, Press Release July 11, 2001

Tougher Emission Standards Set for New Coal-Fired Power Plants, Press Release June 15, 2001

Climate Change Info Centre Opens in Alberta, Press Release June 14, 2001

Albertans Urged to Make Time for the Environment, Press Release June 1, 2001
Includes Environment Week list of events in Alberta.

Alberta, Saskatchewan to study Meridian Dam costs, benefits, Press Release May 18, 2001

Climate Change Central to Sponsor Alberta GHG Emissions Trading Simulation, Press Release April 27, 2001
"Climate Change Central announces a request for proposals for the delivery of an Emissions Trading Simulation that will allow Alberta organizations the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in trading greenhouse gases in a virtual trading environment."

Alberta Environment is undergoing major changes, posted online March 16, 2001
"Alberta Environment is undergoing major changes following the election of March 12, 2001. Structure and areas of responsibility will be established in the near future. The following content is valid for the Ministry up to March 12. Content will be updated to reflect changes as soon as available."

Environmental laws actively enforced in Alberta, Press Release February 8, 2001
"Environmental offenders were penalized over $1 million under legislation in 1999/2000, says a report released by Alberta Environment. Compliance Assessment and Enforcement Activities Annual Report: April 1, 1999 to March 31, 2000 also reports on government's inspections to assess individuals' and industries' compliance with legislation."

Web site guides consumers on energy issues, programs February 8, 2001
"As part of the Alberta Government's commitment to help consumers understand changes in the energy sector, Alberta Resource Development has launched a new Web site."

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