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News Archive - British Columbia
2001 and 2003

Sea Lice Strategy Extended To Entire Coast For 2004, Press Release December 30, 2003

2003 A Good Year for British Columbia's Environment, Opinion Editorial by Joyce Murray, Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, December 22, 2003

Canada and B.C. Welcome Yukon to New Pacific Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers, Press Release December 22, 2003

$9M To Advance Research, Forest Innovation At UBC, Press Release December 18, 2003
"The funding will support a total of 63 projects in a variety of disciplines, including health, the environment, energy and mining, social sciences and high-tech development."

Ontario, B.C. Agreement Boosts Land Information Sharing, Press Release December 12, 2003

$78.7 Million Offered To Protect, Preserve Burns Bog, Press Release December 11, 2003

Central Coast Planning Table Reaches Consensus, Press Release December 11, 2003

Parks Lodge Legislation Provides Choice And Opportunity, November 26, 2003 Opinion Editorial by Joyce Murray, Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection
"Last week our government introduced new legislation that lays the groundwork for new lodge and recreation opportunities within the province's parks. Since then, there has been significant interest from the environmental community on these changes and much speculation about government's motives. Let me set the record straight."

Wildfire Act Cuts Regulations, Keeps Public Safe, Press Release November 25, 2003
"In the wake of this past summer's devastating forest fires, Forests Minister Michael de Jong today introduced the Wildfire Act to replace and streamline provisions contained in the Forest Practices Code of B.C. Actwhile ensuring B.C. communities can be protected from wildfires."

B.C. Leads Recycling Of Electronic Waste, Opinion Editorial November 18, 2003

Parks To Be World-Class Resort Destination, Create Jobs, Press Release November 18, 2003
"The Parks and Protected Areas Statutes Amendment Act was introduced today by Water, Land and Air Protection Minister Joyce Murray and is part of the government's goal of building a park system that continues to welcome and cater to all visitors."

Funding To Help Protect Endangered Sturgeon, Press Release November 13, 2003
"The funding, part of government's provincewide commitment to protecting species-at-risk, will support the efforts the Nechako River White Sturgeon Recovery Initiatives. The initiative is a partnership effort including all orders of government, First Nations, industry and stakeholders."

Ministry Protects Air Quality Through Enforcement, Press Release November 12, 2003
"The Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection is conducting a series of audits to monitor compliance with the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation (OBSCR)"

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Government Response to the Sixth Report of the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans on the 2001 Fraser River Salmon Fishery

Agreements Lead To New Opportunities In Taiwan, Press Release October 24, 2003
"Two agreements with the Taiwanese government will mean greater opportunities for British Columbia's forest products and oil-spill response technology industries, Competition, Science and Enterprise minister Rick Thorpe said today."

New Partnership Supports Habitat Conservation Efforts, Press Release October 24, 2003
"Joyce Murray, Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection and Bill Turner, executive director of the Land Conservancy, today announced a government donation of $60,000 to the Land Conservancy's Conservation Partners Program, which promotes environmental conservation on agricultural land."

Government Funds Innovative Forestry Research, Press Release October 7, 2003

Canada / B.C. Sign MOU To Establish A National Park Reserve And Two National Marine Conservation Area Reserves, Press Release October 2, 2003

Province Is Acting To Battle Pine Beetle, Opinion Editorial by Premier Gordon Campbell, September 30, 2003

Heiltsuk, B.C. Agreement, Press Release September 29, 2003
"A new co-management agreement between the Heiltsuk First Nation and the provincial government will ensure First Nations are directly involved in new tourism opportunities and conservation."

Speaking Notes for the Honourable David Anderson, P.C., M.P., Minister of the Environment to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, September 25, 2003

Five-year report on Georgia Basin Ecosystem Initiative released, Press Release September 24, 2003

Speaking Notes for the Honourable David Anderson, P.C., M.P., Minister of the Environment at the Urban Sustainability Workshop Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention, September 23, 2003

Province To Showcase Forestry Leadership To World, Press Release September 22, 2003

Agreements to Strengthen Fire Protection, Environment, Press Release September 14, 2003

Public Assistance Required to Conserve Water, Press Release September 3, 2003
"Parts of British Columbia are experiencing the most severe drought conditions in 100 years, and Premier Gordon Campbell reiterated the province's request for the public to assist by helping conserve water."

Tax Exemption To Encourage Clean Energy, Press Release August 18, 2003
"Government is providing a social service tax exemption for manufactured penstock and related equipment as part of British Columbia's new energy plan"

Public Urged to Conserve Water, Press Release August 12, 2003

WLAP Ministry Urges Water Conservation To Protect Fish, Press Release July 24, 2003

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Canada and British Columbia Agree to New Pacific Council of Fisheries Ministers, Press Release July 23, 2003

Property Transfer Protects Wildlife Habitat, Press Release July 18, 2003

New Strategy To Prevent Wildlife-Human Conflicts, Press Release July 9, 2003

Protection Assured; Central Coast Planning Continues, Press Release June 25, 2003

Deputy Ministers Appointed, Information Bulletin June 13, 2003

Funding Promotes Clean Air, Protects Communities, Press Release June 6, 2003
"The Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection is building airshed-management partnerships with federal, regional and local governments and Washington State. Partnership funding assists communities to initiate or further develop their airshed plans. Funding for academic institutions, regional and local governments and contractors will improve understanding of local air quality, sources of concern and factors that contribute to air quality improvements."

Environment Week Message From Government, Opinion Editorial by Joyce Murray, Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, June 2, 2003

Land Act Amendment Supports Forestry, Crown Land Use, Press Release May 29, 2003

Province Supports Environment and Health Benefits of Bike To Work Week (May 26 - June1, 2003)

Dismayed ecologists give B.C. Liberals low marks, Globe and Mail article by rod Mickleburgh, May 16, 2003

Incentives, Penalties Improve Environmental Protection, Press Release May 13, 2003

Environmental Amendments Introduced, Press Release May 13, 2003

Act Brings Pesticide Alternatives, Increases Penalties, Press Release May 13, 2003

New Approach To Floods Protects Safety, Cuts Red Tape, Press Release May 13, 2003

Canada And B.C. Sign Park Agreement, Press Release May 9, 2003

Legislation Supports Forestry Revitalization, Press Release May 8, 2003

Wet'suwet'en Gain Forest Opportunity, Battle Beetle, Press Release May 1, 2003

Aquaculture Forum To Link Interests, Seek Common Ground, Press Release April 30, 2003

Earth Day Brings Environmental Research Partnership, Press Release April 22, 2003

Great Bear Rainforest Two Years Later: BC Government Still Not Making the Grade, says 2003 Report Card, Press Release April 7, 2003

Transfer Of Hatcheries Opens Heartland Opportunities, Press Release April 6, 2003

Province And Haida Partner On Land Use Planning, Press Release March 28, 2003

Forest Plan To Open Up Opportunities, Boost Economy, Press Release March 26, 2003

Measures To Protect East Kootenay Fishery, Press Release March 24, 2003

Premier Launches Global Forest Marketing Network, Press Release March 21, 2003

New Measures To Protect Broughton Salmon, Press Release February 25, 2003

Miscellaneous Statutes Amended, Press Release February 25, 2003
Bill 11, the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2003, was introduced today and affects a number of provincial statutes including the Water Protection Act.

Draft Southern Rockies Plan Released For Public Comment, Press Release February 18, 2003

The Working Forest Is For Working People, Opinion Editorial February 7, 2003

Government Tackles Fish Farm Concerns, Press Release February 6, 2003

Fisheries Solutions Must Be Fair, Sustainable, Opinion Editorial January 30, 2003

New Model Promotes Recreation, Conservation, Press Release January 28, 2003

Mike Harcourt Joins Lt.-Gov. Iona Campagnolo to Present Fraser Basin Council's 2002 Sustainability Awards, Press Release January 25, 2003

Expanded Oil Recycling Protects Environment, Adds Jobs, Press Release January 24, 2003

Living Green Calendars Coming to Communities, by Geoff Gilliard
"The Living Green program has produced an attractive calendar that environmental stewardship groups can use to educate the residents of their communities on how our day-to-day behaviour impacts the environment... The Living Green program is available to all communities in BC and the Yukon."

Stormwater Planning Guidebook available online
"The Stormwater Planning Guidebook for British Columbia offers a common sense, effective and affordable approach to local governments and municipalities who are coming to terms with integrated stormwater management in their communities."

Deputy Minister Changes Announced, Press Release January 10, 2003

B.C. Commited To Creative Solutions For Fisheries, Opinion Editorial By Geoff Plant, Minister Responsible for Treaty Negotiations, January 10, 2003

Province To Consult On New Approach To Fisheries, Press Release January 9, 2003

Workshops To Finalize Action On Broughton Pink Salmon (pdf format), Information Bulletin December 6, 2002

Kyoto Requires Fair, Affordable Plan (pdf format), Opinion Editorial by Premier Gordon Campbell, British Columbia and Premier Roger Grimes, Newfoundland and Labrador, November 21, 2002

Biologists' Accreditation To Improve Forest Management (pdf format), Press Release November 18, 2002

Code Protects Environment, Promotes Economic Growth (pdf format), Press Release November 4, 2002
"We made a New Era commitment to streamline the Forest Practices Code to establish a workable results-based code with tough penalties for non-compliance," Forests Minister Michael de Jong said. "Today, we started delivering on that promise."

Canada British Columbia extend environmental assessment agreement, Press Release October 30, 2002

Premier Outlines Kyoto Position To PM, October 22, 2002

New Legislation Protects Drinking Water, Press Release October 8, 2002

Operation CleanFarm
Operation CleanFarm provides farmers with an opportunity to remove obsolete and unwanted pesticides from their farms at no cost. In 2002, Operation CleanFarm will be in the Peace River area of Alberta and British Columbia. Collection Dates: October 16-18, 2002

Grants help rural communities protect habitat, Press Release October 1, 2002

Trust fund will help restore B.C. rivers, Press Release September 28, 2002

Why B.C. lifted the moratorium on fish farms, By John van Dongen Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, September 26, 2002

Expert board to strengthen ground-water protection, Press Release September 23, 2002

Review of act will create jobs, benefit environment, Press Release September 21, 2002
A comprehensive review of the 20-year-old Waste Management Act was launched today.

2002 Environmental Award recipients named, Press Release September 13, 2002

New standards allow sustainable growth in aquaculture, Press Release September 12, 2002

Canada-British Columbia Agreement for Environmental Assessment Cooperation - Interim Extension, Press Release July 8, 2002
Comments will be received until August 9, 2002

Habitat Conservation Trust Fund receives award, Press Release July 8, 2002

New AOX standard will protect environment, jobs, Press Release July 5, 2002

Minister Anderson Announces More Than $1 Million for Species at Risk Habitat Stewardship in British Columbia, Press Release July 2, 2002

Safe drinking water, By George Abbott, Minister of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services, June 27, 2002

Safe drinking water vital for B.C. communities, By Colin Hansen, Minister of Health Services, June 21, 2002

Rock and Thorpe announce six fuel-cell projects in B.C., Press Release June 20, 2002

New action plan to deliver safer drinking water, Press Release June 19, 2002

Green Legacies - a donor's guide for British Columbia, Press Release June 8, 2002

Sustainability principles to improve resource management, Press Release May 22, 2002

11 'green' infrastructure projects approved, Press Release May 16, 2002

10 'green' infrastructure projects approved, Press Release May 16, 2002

39 'green' infrastructure projects approved, Press Release May 16, 2002

Mountain caribou census results released, Press Release May 14, 2002

New legislation improves environmental assessments, Press Release May 9, 2002

Forest companies to be compensated for parks, Information Bulletin May 7, 2002

Solicitor general highlights Emergency Preparedness Week, Press Release May 3, 2002

Nominations open for Environmental Awards, Deadline June 14, 2002

Study confirms improvements needed in land planning, Press Release May 2, 2002

Changes support timber marketability, Press Release May 2, 2002
"New legislation will allow environmental certification standards to be included in small business licences, helping to make the wood more attractive to buyers around the world..."

New forest code will focus on results, Press Release May 1, 2002

Conservation projects to receive $5.3 million, Press Release April 22, 2002

Waste Act amendments eliminate duplication for mining, Press Release April 15, 2002

Government harmonizes environmental enforcement powers, Information Bulletin - April 11, 2002

Wetlands Remain Protected By Horsepower Restriction, Information Bulletin - April 11, 2002

Notes for an Address by the Honourable David Anderson, Minister of the Environment, on the Occasion of the Minister's Regional Visit - Vancouver, British Columbia, April 10, 2002

Province Strengthens GVRD's Liquid Waste Plan, Press Release April 4, 2002

Plan for Bowron Lake, Cariboo Mountains Approved, Press Release March 28, 2002

Government Receives Independent AOX Report, Press Release March 18, 2002
"An independent scientific advisory panel appointed in December 2001 to review the requirement for zero AOX discharges at pulp mills in British Columbia has submitted its final report to Water, Land and Air Protection Minister Joyce Murray."

Temperatures, Oceans Rise In B.C. Over Past Century, Press release March 14, 2002

Minister Anderson announces funding for Scrap-It Program and helps remove high polluting cars off the road (pdf format), Press Release March 11, 2002

Release of Log Bundling Strand Recycling Initiative Video and Poster, Press Release March 6, 2002

Fish farm compliance improves in 2001, Press Release February 28, 2002

Aquaculture, February 27, 2002 Statement by John van Dongen, Minister

Morice timber supply analysis released, Press Release February 14, 2002
"A public review period begins today with the release of the Morice analysis and the public discussion paper. This allows the public to comment on the Morice timber supply review before the chief forester determines a new allowable annual cut. Public input will be accepted until April 1"

Drinking Water Review Panel Releases Final Report, Press Release February 13, 2002

Grizzly Bear Scientific Panel Issues Interim Report, Information Bulletin February 8, 2002

Salmon aquaculture waste regulation, letter by Joyce Murray, B.C. Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, February 6, 2002

Recycling Process Improved, Drinking Water Protected, Press Release February 4, 2002

Contaminated soil in Richmond, letter by Joyce Murray, B.C. Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, February 6, 2002

Contaminated Sites Process Improved, Press Release February 1, 2002

New standards to be set for sustainable aquaculture, Press Release January 31, 2002

Closure of West Coast Sablefish Fishery, Press Release January 17, 2002

New Mandate and Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
"On January 17, 2002, government announced the beginning of a three-year restructuring program to restore sound fiscal management and protect important public services. All government Web pages will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any changes arising from this announcement."

Mark Creek watershed forest development plan approved, Press Release January 9, 2002

Scientific panel to review zero AOX requirement, Press Release December 14, 2001

Interim drinking water report available, Press Release December 14, 2001

Province Moves Ahead With National Park Agreement, Press Release December 5, 2001

Public Invited to Open Houses on Parks Plan, Press Release November 21, 2001

Regulatory burden count provides baseline for relief, Press Release November 21, 2001

Report sets out blueprint for action on drinking water, Press Release November 19, 2001

Greenhouses Conference Given Federal Help, Press Release November 16, 2001

Review leads to streamlined land-use planning, Press Release November 15, 2001

Efficient Wood-Burning Protects Your Health, Press Release November 2, 2001

2001 Environmental Award Recipients Named, Press Release November 2, 2001

Province attacks mountain pine beetle - action plan released, Press Release November 2, 2001

Minister appoints offshore scientific panel, Information Bulletin October 19, 2001
"An independent scientific review panel has been appointed to examine whether offshore oil and gas resources can be extracted in a way that is scientifically sound and environmentally responsible in British Columbia"

Drinking water legislation to be reviewed, Press Release September 25, 2001

Environment Canada Leads Air Quality Study in British Columbia's Fraser Valley, Press Release August 31, 2001

Manure Management Report Released, Press Release August 24, 2001

Public urged to use water conservation measures, Press Release July 30, 2001

Forest Renewal BC programs to be reviewed, board replaced, Press Release July 3, 2001

Remove Illegal Water Intakes from Streams, Press Release June 11, 2001

Everyone Can Help Clean the Air, Press Release June 1, 2001
"Clean Air Day. Bike Month. Environment Week. They're all happening across British Columbia and Canada this month to encourage individuals to help slow global climate change by adopting solutions that will reduce personal environmental footprints."

New legislation protects drinking water in B.C., Press Release April 5, 2001
"The provincial government has introduced new legislation and standards to protect B.C.'s drinking water, Environment, Lands and Parks Minister Ian Waddell and Health Minister Corky Evans announced today."

Public Urged to Consult Revised Smoke Control Regulations, Press Release March 30, 2001
"The public is reminded that since September 2000, the burning of small piles of land-clearing debris -- under 10 cubic metres -- is no longer exempted from the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation, the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks said today."

Public Reminded Permits Required for Foreshore Work, Press Release March 23, 2001
"Members of the public who plan to do work on aquatic lands are advised that in most instances they require a permit or pre-authorisation from the Water Management Branch of the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks. Failure to get a permit could result in penalties up to $200,000 and/or 12 months in prison."

Wilson supports co-operative approach to certification, Press Release March 23, 2001
"A consultant's report recommending government take a more active role in forest management certification was released today by Forests Minister Gordon Wilson."

Public wants action to protect drinking water, Press Release March 22, 2001
British Columbians want strong, new laws to protect their drinking water, according to a summary of public consultations released today by Environment, Lands and Parks Minister Ian Waddell.

"Ontario's Walkerton tragedy opened our eyes," said Waddell. "British Columbians want to know that their drinking water is safe and clean, and the government intends to provide that assurance through tough new legislation to be introduced this session."

Green fund helps agriculture protect environment, Press Release March 16, 2001
"A new $5-million Agriculture and Environment Green Fund will help producers address and manage environmental challenges. The fund was created through a partnership between the provincial government, the federal government and B.C.'s agriculture industry."

Wilson announces changes to stumpage regulations, Press Release March 16, 2001
"The Ministry of Forests is introducing a series of changes to the coastal stumpage system that will help end the practice of grade setting, Forests Minister Gordon Wilson announced today."

Minister to review feedback on proposed legislation, Press Release March 14, 2001
"The Ministry of Forests has concluded consultations on the proposed working forest legislation, Forests Minister Gordon Wilson announced today."

E-Team Invites Applications for 2001-2002, Press Release February 16, 2001
"The Environment Youth Team is accepting applications starting today until Mar. 16 from organizations that would like to sponsor an E-Team project between Apr. 2001 and Mar. 2002, Environment, Lands and Parks Minister Ian Waddell said today."

Waddell Calls For 2001 Environmental Awards Nominations, Press Release February 12, 2001
"Nominations are being accepted for the 2001 Minister's Environmental Awards, Environment, Lands and Parks Minister Ian Waddell announced today."

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