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News Archive - Manitoba
2001 and 2002

New Initiative To Help Address Climate Change Through Cleaner Bus Transportation, Press Release December 6, 2002
Winnipeg to be Testing Ground For New Hybrid Fuel Cell Technology

Round Table For Sustainable Development 2002 Scholarship Winner Selected, Press Release November 29, 2002

2002 Sustainable Development Awards Of Excellence Announced, Press Release November 29, 2002

Province Promotes Polar Bear Protection and Sustainable Eco-Tourism: Ashton, Press Release November 4, 2002
Manitoba Calls for National Action On Climate Change, Kyoto

Commission Announces Hearing Schedule For Winnipeg Waste Water System Review, Press Release October 31, 2002

Sale, Ashton To Meet With Federal Ministers To Discuss Manitoba Plan On Kyoto Protocol, Press Release October 24, 2002

Manitoba Launches Legal Challenge To North Dakota Water Diversion Project, Press Release October 22, 2002

Project To Reduce Electronic Waste Going Into Landfills Receives Provincial Funding, Press Release October 15, 2002

Manitoba Releases Climate Change Action Plan 2002, Press Release October 15, 2002

Manitoba Outlines Expectations For National Kyoto Implementation Plan, Press Release October 15, 2002

Premier Announces Creation Of New Department Of Energy, Science And Technology, Press Release September 25, 2002

Clean Environment Commission To Review Winnipeg Wastewater Collection And Treatment Systems, Press Release September 20, 2002

Province And Manitoba Metis Federation Work Towards Resource Co-Management Agreement, Press Release September 20, 2002

Ethanol Public Consultations Set To Begin September 19, Press Release September 12, 2002

Covering New Ground Projects Address Sustainable Management Strategies, Press Release September 10, 2002

Web Site Launched For Red River Flood Management And Preparedness, Press Release August 29, 2002

Environmental Youth Corps Projects Involve Over 3,000 Youth: Lathlin, Press Release August 29, 2002

Schedule Confirmed for Ethanol Public Consultations, Press Release July 30, 2002

Province Outlines Comprehensive Plan For Sustainable Growth Of Livestock Sector, Press Release July 22, 2002

Drinking Water Safety Act Details Released Today, Press Release July 2, 2002

Province Launches Public Consultation On Expansion Of Ethanol Industry, Press Release July 2, 2002

Manitoba On Course To Meet Kyoto Targets: Premier, Press Release June 19, 2002

Wowchuk Proposes Amendments to Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act, Press Release May 22, 2002

Manitoba Renews Support for Kyoto Accord on Climate Change, Press Release May 21, 2002

Manitoba Responds To Federal Kyoto Discussion Paper, Press Release May 15, 2002

Conservation Closure Extended For Dauphin Lake Treaty Domestic Fishery, Press Release May 10, 2002

Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund Continues Partnerships With Manitobans, Press Release May 6, 2002

Manitoba, Nunavut Sign Memorandum of Intent on Northern Energy Strategy, Press Release April 26, 2002

Budget 2002 Promotes Protection Of Water and Resources: Selinger, Press Release April 22, 2002

Notes for an Address by the Honourable David Anderson, Minister of the Environment on the Occasion of the Minister's Regional Visit - Winnipeg, Manitoba, April 5, 2002

Sustainable Development Round Table Offers 2002-03 Scholarship, Press Release April 4, 2002

Rural Green Team Summer Jobs Available For Manitoba Youth, Press Release April 3, 2002

Urban Green Team Summer Jobs Available For Winnipeg Youth , Press Release April 3, 2002

Lathlin Outlines Priorities for Use of Manitoba's Forests, Press Release March 5, 2002

Covering New Ground Program Promotes Agricultural Sustainability, Press Release March 5, 2002

Manitoba, Nunavut To Examine Recycling Program, Press Release February 18, 2002

Flood Protection Public Meeting Report Released By Provincial Government, Press Release February 11, 2002

Province Ensures Pub Review Of New Hydroelectric Developments, Press Release January 29, 2002

Manitoba Clean Environment Commission Announces Public Meetings on Flood Protection Options, Press Release December 12, 2001

Provincial Government Announces New Central Drinking Water Unit, Press Release November 29, 2001

Action On Winnipeg Flood Protection Project Announced By Premier, Press Release November 15, 2001

Final Winnipeg Flood Protection Report Released, Press Release November 15, 2001

Ethanol-Diesel Fuel Demonstration To Be Road Tested In Manitoba, Press Release November 1, 2001

Lathlin Acknowledges Participants In Water And Waste Water Certification Program, Press Release October 23, 2001

Province Invites Public Participation In Developing A New Water Strategy, Press Release October 17, 2001

Waste Reduction Week Proclaimed for October 15-21, Press Release October 15, 2001

Conservation Minister Announces 2001 Sustainable Development Scholarship Winner, Press Release October 10, 2001

Public Input Sought On Proposed Environment Act Changes, Press Release September 24, 2001

Manitoba Urged to Take Major Leadership Role on Climate Change, Press Release September 17, 2001

Discussion Paper On The Management Of Household Hazardous Waste Released By Province, Press Release August 14, 2001

Province To Begin Process Of Rehabilitating Abandoned Mines In Northern Manitoba, Press Release July 18, 2001

Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund Grants Announced, Press Release July 10, 2001

New Sustainable Development Guidelines And Code Adopted , Press Release July 3, 2001
Manitoba's Provincial Sustainable Development Code of Practice, July 2001

Province Announces $12 Million For Water And Sewer Systems, Press Release June 22, 2001

Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Program Invests in 58 "Green" Municipal Infrastructure Projects, Press Release June 22, 2001

Manitoba Conservation Minister Announces Three-Province Used Oil Recycling Initiative, Press Release May 16, 2001

Manitoba Youth Encouraged To Participate In Youth Round Table For Sustainable Development, Press Release April 27, 2001
"Conservation Minister Oscar Lathlin is calling on Manitoba youth between the ages of 16 and 24 to apply to become members of the Manitoba Youth Round Table for Sustainable Development (YRT)."

Five New Species Declared Threatened, Press Release April 20 , 2001
"Five new species have been declared threatened under the Endangered Species Act, Conservation Minister Oscar Lathlin announced today."

Well Owners Affected By Flooding To Boil Water Before Consumption Or Use Alternative Supplies Of Drinking Water, Press Release April 19, 2001
"The Chief Medical Officer of Health advises all well owners affected by flooding to boil water before consumption or use alternative supplies of drinking water until flooding subsides and subsequent bacterial testing confirms the bacterial safety of their water supply."

Axworthy To Chair Provincial Climate Change Initiative, Press Release March 20, 2001
"Premier Gary Doer today announced the creation of a task force to help develop the provincial government's strategy on climate change."

"The evidence of dramatic effects from changes in the earth's climate is mounting," said Doer. "Jurisdictions around the world have become far more sensitive to this in recent years, especially since the ground-breaking Kyoto summit. With our natural advantages, our research base, and the active interest of our youth and schools, Manitoba is ideally situated to demonstrate leadership in climate change public policy."

Report of the Consultation On Sustainable Development Implementation (COSDI), June 1999 (posted online: February 14, 2001)
"This report sets out the Vision with respect to the implementation of the Manitoba Principles and Guidelines of Sustainable Development in Manitoba and recommends actions necessary to achieve this vision."

The Minister Establishes Aboriginal Resources Advisory Council, Press Release December 1, 2000
"To provide Aboriginal input and policy advice on development, environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources in Manitoba, Conservation Minister Oscar Lathlin has announced the establishment of the Aboriginal Resources Advisory Council."

Government Accepts Recommendations of Drinking Water Advisory Committee, Press Release, November 9, 2000
"To ensure Manitobans' continuing access to high quality drinking water, Health Minister Dave Chomiak and Conservation Minister Oscar Lathlin today accepted a number of recommendations of the Drinking Water Advisory Committee on bacterial testing of water."

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