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News Archive - Newfoundland and Labrador
2001 and 2002

Ministerial Statement - Tabling of Annual Report for Multi-Materials Stewardship Board, Press Release December 17, 2002

Ministerial Statement - Environmental Industry Awards, Press Release November 28, 2002

Minister announces used oil ban from landfills, Press Release November 22, 2002
"Kevin Aylward, Minister of Environment, has announced that government has passed new Used Oil Control Regulations that will become effective April 1, 2003."

Premiers discuss action on issues of mutual concern, Press Release November 22, 2002
"Improving health care, equalization, climate change, and regional cooperation were the main topics of discussion at the Council of Atlantic Premiers' meeting held today in Fredericton, New Brunswick."

Ministerial Statement - Waste management update, Press Release November 20, 2002

Ministerial Statement - Kyoto Protocol, Press Release November 19, 2002

Minister Aylward demands improved oil spill response capability, Press Release November 19, 2002

Avalon Waste Management Committee presents action plan to government, Press Release November 13, 2002

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board - Collection of used tires underway, Press Release November 8, 2002

Minister meets with the World Wildlife Fund to discuss foreign overfishing and custodial management, Press Release November 6, 2002

Minister meets federal Minister on oilspill response, Press Release September 27, 2002

Minister releases Drinking Water Safety Report, Press Release September 18, 2002

A fifth year for Provincial School Recycling Contest, Press Release September 17, 2002

Minister releases recent letter to the European Union Environment Commissioner, Press Release September 6, 2002

Diving in: Memorial University opens new marine station focused on the unique marine ecosystem of Newfoundland, Press Release September 6, 2002

Provincial Used Tire Recycling Program contract awarded, Press Release August 27, 2002

Government protects 20 species under Endangered Species Act, Press Release August 9, 2002

Minister to address environmental sustainability and fisheries issues with federal minister, Press Release August 2, 2002

Minister pleased with monies announced for Centre for Fisheries Innovation, Press Release July 12, 2002

Ministers comment on Canada's new Oceans Strategy, Press Release July 12, 2002

Minister disappointed with Northern Shrimp Plan, Press Release July 12, 2002

Avalon Waste Management Community Consultative Committee - Launch of new Web site, Press Release July 2, 2002

EXCITE! Corporation receives grant to recycle used computers, Press Release July 2, 2002

13th annual Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Awards presented, Press Release June 3, 2002

Temporary drop-off sites identified for used tire recycling program, Press Release May 27, 2002

Ministers make presentation on foreign over fishing to National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, Press Release May 24, 2002

Location names for hazardous material response initiative sites - Version fran├žaise, Press Release May 17, 2002

Emergency Preparedness Week, Press Release May 6, 2002

Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Science will be based in Corner Brook, Press Release April 26, 2002

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board - Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program launched, Press Release April 24, 2002

Earth Day April 22, 2002, Press Release April 19, 2002

Provincial Waste Management Strategy Announced, Press Release April 10, 2002

Delegation to explore options for wind-turbine energy for southern Labrador, Press Release April 10, 2002

Government and industry agree to end spillage from fish transport trucks, Press Release April 1, 2002

$2 Million allocated for assistance to low income homeowners to help offset cost of Fuel Tank Replacement Program, Press Release March 21, 2002

Continued funding for environmental remediation work, Press Release March 21, 2002

Funding for drinking water initiatives, Press Release March 21, 2002

Noel says trucking industry given plenty of time to comply with fish spillage enforcement, Press Release February 22, 2002

2001 enforcement figures released by the Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods, Press Release February 20, 2002

Noel says regulations regarding spillage from fish products to be strictly enforced, Press Release February 19, 2002

Department announces Conservation Officer of the Year, Press Release February 19, 2002

Environment Minister comments on used tire recycling contract, Press Release February 13, 2002

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board - Information clarified on used tire recycling contract, Press Release February 12, 2002

Provincial used tire recycling program launched, Press Release February 6, 2002

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board - Encourages Green Home program, Press Release January 30, 2002

Government responds to the recommendations of the Domestic Fuel Oil Spill Prevention Committee, Press Release January 28, 2002

Beverage recycling program celebrates its fifth anniversary, Press Release January 28, 2002

Minister encourages participation in forestry planning process, Press Release January 23, 2002

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board - MMSB announces increase in recovery rate for beverage containers, Press Release January 8, 2002

Environmental legislation introduced in House of Assembly, Press Release November 20, 2001

Ministers announce Avalon Waste Management Community Consultative Committee, Press Release November 19, 2001

Ministers refute statements made by Campaign For Progressive Waste Management, Press Release November 8, 2001

Minister releases bulk water report: Government to maintain ban on bulk water exports for now, Press Release October 18, 2001

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers of energy and environment report progress on addressing climate change, Press Release September 25, 2001

Environment Minister announces consultation on proposed environmental legislation, Press Release September 19, 2001
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Domestic Fuel Oil Spill Prevention Committee presents report to government, Press Release September 5, 2001

Ministers release report on waste management on Avalon, Press Release July 24, 2001

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation: Changes to Charge Up To Recycle Program, Press Release July 4, 2001

Landfill disposal ban on petroleum contaminated soil expanded, Press Release June 26, 2001

Environment Minister Announces Decision on White Rose Offshore Oil Development, Press Release June 11, 2001

12th annual Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Awards presented, Press Release June 4, 2001

Premier announces plan of action on water quality, Press Release May 28, 2001
"Government's plan of action strengthens the existing multi-barrier approach to water quality management with special emphasis on legislation and policy, source protection and management, infrastructure, monitoring and reporting, inspections and mitigation, operator training and single point contact for public inquiries."

Ministerial Statement - Waste management strategy, Press Release May 15, 2001
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Ministerial Statement - Drinking water safety, Press Release May 8, 2001
"As honourable members will recall, yesterday the premier announced that a committee of ministers would examine potential concerns surrounding our province's drinking water. As chair of that committee, I rise today to table information relevant to Newfoundland and Labrador's drinking water supplies."

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board - MMSB requests proposals for scrap tire management in Newfoundland and Labrador, Press Release April 27, 2001
"The Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) announced today that it is inviting proposals for a scrap tire management program in Newfoundland and Labrador. The closing date for receipt of proposals is Monday, June 11."

EcoTeam Project to Help Improve Energy Efficiency in Small Businesses and Homes, Press Release April 24, 2001
"The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) has invested $199,650 into an energy efficiency project that will see the Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador perform energy assessments for small businesses, community organizations and households aimed at cutting both energy costs and emissions."

Funding to ensure safe drinking water for the province , Press Release March 22, 2001
"Government will spend an additional $1 million in 2001-2002 to ensure safe drinking water throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. This money will complement $10 million of the multi-year Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs Municipal Capital Works program which will help municipalities install or upgrade water disinfection systems."

Continued funding for environmental remediation work, Press Release March 22, 2001
"Ralph Wiseman, Minister of Environment, today announced that government will continue its support for environmental remediation work at abandoned sites with an $800,000 allocation in the 2001-2002 Budget."

Minister Noel says prevention of domestic oil spills major focus of meetings, Press Release March 13, 2001
"Walter Noel, Minister of Government Services and Lands, said today that he intends to meet with consumers, the fuel service industry, and the insurance industry to ensure that all parties are taking increased action to ensure prevention of domestic fuel spills."

Government changes beverage container deposit level, Press Release March 12, 2001
"In light of recent public concerns over the increase to the deposit level on non-alcoholic beverage containers, Ralph Wiseman, Minister of Environment, today announced that government has re-evaluated the situation and decided that the deposit level will not increase from six to 10 cents. Instead, the deposit level for non-alcoholic beverage containers will now increase to eight cents per container, and this new level will take effect July 1, 2001, not April 1, 2001 as previously announced. The increased refund level, which came into effect February 23, 2001, will remain at five cents per non-alcoholic beverage container."

New Environmental Assessment Act and Regulations Proclaimed (August 7, 2000):

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