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News Archive - Ontario
2001 and 2002

Ontario shows Leadership In Developing Alternative Energy And Fuels, Press Release December 27, 2002

Eves Government Strengthens Hazardous Waste Regulation, Press Release December 20, 2002

New Municipal Drinking-Water Inspectors Conduct Tougher Inspections To Help Safeguard Water, Press Release December 20, 2002

Ontario To Seek Smog Reductions From Industry, Press Release December 20, 2002

Drive Clean Improvements Move Forward, Press Release December 17, 2002

Blue Box Waste Diversion Program Public Consultation
"Your Input is Needed!! The Recycling Council of Ontario invites you to attend a Public Consultation on the proposed Blue Box Waste Diversion Program Plan."

Eves Government Moves Forward On Clean Water Strategy, Press Release December 10, 2002

Government Amendments Made To Water And Sewer Bill, Press Release December 6, 2002

Hazardous Waste Management in Ontario, Fact Sheet December 2, 2002

Eves Government Moves Forward With Nutrient Management Regulations, Press Release November 26, 2002

Stockwell Seeks Public Input on Key Water Bills, Press Release November 19, 2002

Eves government establishes Advisory Committee to guide framework for protecting drinking water at source, Press Release November 15, 2002

Provisions to Encourage Brownfield Redevelopment Coming into Force, Press Release November 14, 2002

Eves Government Takes Action To Promote Green Energy, Alternative Fuels And Conservation, Press Release November 13, 2002

Environmental Commissioner: Is the Science behind Climate Change Credible?, Press Release November 9 , 2002

Statement to the Legislature by The Honourable Chris Stockwell Minister of the Environment Introducing The Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, Queen's Park, Toronto, October 29, 2002

Eves Moves To Protect Ontario's Drinking Water, Press Release October 29, 2002

Ontario Supports Clean, Renewable Power Generation, Fact Sheet October 24, 2002

Ontario To Take Action On Cleaner Fuels, Press Release October 1, 2002
Also see: Media Backgrounder

Minister Stockwell To Host Public Consultation In Kemptville On Draft Nutrient Management Regulation, Press Release September 30, 2002

Ontario Ignores Commitments to Species Preservation Says Environmental Commissioner, Press Release September 26, 2002

Eves Government To Consult On Proposed Water And Sewage Legislation, Press Release September 23, 2002

Minister Stockwell to Host Consultation in Thunder Bay on Proposed Components of a Safe Drinking Water Act, Press Release September 5, 2002

Minister Stockwell to Host Consultation in Ottawa on Proposed Components of a Safe Drinking Water Act, Press Release September 5, 2002

Minister Stockwell to Host Consultation in London on Proposed Components of a Safe Drinking Water Act, Press Release September 5, 2002

Eves Government Seeks Public Input On Proposed Components Of A Safe Drinking Water Act, Press Release August 29, 2002

Eves Government Protects Public Health with Improved Air Monitoring System, Press Release August 23, 2002

Government Continues Action on O'Connor Recommendations - Will Consult on Proposed Safe Drinking Water Act, Press Release August 20, 2002

Ontario to Consult on Nutrient Management Regulations, Press Release August 20, 2002
Also see: Media Backgrounder

Smog-Causing Vehicle Emissions Cut by 15.2% in GTA, Hamilton, Press Release August 7, 2002

Ontario Requires Fuel Industry to Report Sulphur Levels in Gasoline, Press Release July 12, 2002

Drive Clean expansion is good for our air, says Stockwell - More vehicle owners will be able to help protect air quality, Press Release June 28, 2002

Ontario's Improved Air Monitoring System Will Better Protect Public Health, Press Release June 21, 2002

Ontario Waste Diversion Act Passed, Press Release June 14, 2002

Canada and Ontario Announce New Agreement to Protect Great Lakes (pdf format), Press Release June 12, 2002

The Honourable David Anderson, Minister of the Environment, and the Honourable Herb Dhaliwal, Minister of Natural Resources, Welcome Launch of the Green Electricity Leaders' Coalition of Ontario (GELCO), Press Release June 10, 2002

Provincial Website Gives Public Immediate Access to Air Pollution Information, Press Release June 5, 2002

Statement to the Ontario Legislature by The Honourable Chris Stockwell, Minister of Environment and Energy, Queen's Park, Toronto, May 27, 2002

Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation Will Receive $15 Million To Preserve Moraine For Future Generations: Eves, Press Release May 24, 2002

Attorney General releases Part Two Report of the Walkerton Commission of Inquiry, May 23, 2002

Ontario Takes Steps to Address O'Connor Recommendations - Will Double Inspectors and Strengthen Municipal Water Systems Inspections, Press Release May 16, 2002

Ontario Strengthens Emergency Response With Disaster And Hazard Teams, Press Release April 29, 2002

Government Steps up It's Commitment to Safe Management of Biosolids, Press Release April 22, 2002

  • Media Backgrounder
  • Province Releases Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, Press Release April 22, 2002

    Environment and Energy Minister Calls on Ontarians to Make Every Day Earth Day, Press Release April 22, 2002

    Ontario Investing $50 Million To Clean Up The Great Lakes, Press Release April 11, 2002

    Notes for an Address by the Honourable David Anderson, Minister of the Environment on the Occasion of the Minister's Regional Visit - Toronto, Ontario, April 5, 2002

    Government Toughens Well Construction Rules to Protect Drinking Water, Press Release April 5, 2002

    Ontario To Reward Businesses With Strong Environmental Track Records, Press Release April 1, 2002

    Manufacturer Selected for the First Wind Turbine in the City of Toronto, Press Release March 27, 2002

    Court of Appeal Upholds Ministry's Decision to End Dombind Spreading This Year, Press Release February 22, 2002

    Drive Clean to expand across Ontario "smog zone" Recruitment begins for new auto-service facilities, Press Release February 1, 2002

    Minister Witmer's remarks on Part I Walkerton Report, January 18, 2002

    Operation Clean Water - Fact Sheet, January 18, 2002

    Part I Report of the Walkerton Commission of Inquiry, Public Release January 18, 2002

    Ontario Stiffens Penalties For Environmental Infractions, Press Release January 16, 2002

    Environmental SWAT Team Targets Hazardous Waste Facilities, Press Release January 3, 2002

    Strict Air Pollution Rules For Ontario's Electricity Sector, Press Release December 31, 2001

    New Drinking Water Regulation to Protect Facilities Serving Seniors and Children, Press Release December 28, 2001

    Government to consult on changes to drinking water rules - Regulatory deadline extended, Press Release December 21, 2001

    Environmental SWAT Team orders 123 Septic waste haulers to take corrective action, Press Release December 20, 2001

    Ontario Announces Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Plan, Press Release December 18, 2001

    SuperBuild Invests $135 Million For Safe Water, Healthy Communities, Press Release December 14, 2001

    Ontario Legislation Will Improve Emergency Response, Press Release December 6, 2001

    Province Honours Environmental Excellence, Press Release November 27, 2001

    Award of Excellence in Water Efficiency, Ontario Water Works Association
    "The Water Efficiency Committee has again organised a competition to recognise those in the private and public sector who have implemented a successful water efficiency program. The deadline to compete is March 15, 2002." (Click Here for complete details)(pdf format)

    Northern Ontario to Receive $1 Million for Groundwater Studies, Press Release November 15, 2001

    Ontario Flows $10 Million to Communities for Groundwater Studies, Press Release November 14, 2001

    Ontario Government Protects Moraine Water Resources and Natural Features, Press Release November 1, 2001

    Ontario Announces Bold Actions on Industry Emissions, Press Release October 24, 2001

    LCBO Makes Multi-Million Dollar Commitment To Glass Recycling And Waste Diversion, Press Release October 10, 2001
    "The LCBO is also committed to providing a one-time payment of $1 million toward the set-up of Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO), the proposed not-for-profit organization that is to develop, implement and fund waste diversion programs across Ontario."

    Environment Ministry Orders Corrective Action At 79 Municipal Water Treatment Facilities, Press Release October 5, 2001

    Province must Recognize Limits to Growth, says Environmental Commissioner, Press Release October 1, 2001
    "There are limits to the growth and development we can place on the land in Ontario beyond which there will be serious damage to the ecological processes that we depend on for our quality of life,” said Gord Miller, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), at a news conference held this morning at Queen's Park. Miller, who monitors compliance by provincial ministries with the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR), released his 2000/2001 annual report, Having Regard, to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly today."

    Canada-Ontario Agreement Public Comment Period, Press Release September 28, 2001
    On SEPTEMBER 28, 2001 the governments of Canada and Ontario released the draft 2001 Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem (COA) for a 60 day public comment period." Also visit the Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem (COA) website

    Witmer Releases Ontario's Climate Change Progress Report, Press Release September 21, 2001

    Environment Canada and Ontario Ministry of the Environment launch pilot initiative to harmonize air emissions reporting, Press Release September 21, 2001

    Ontario's New Stronger Air Standards Given Force Of Law, Press Release September 21, 2001
    Click Here for more information

    Province Extends Emissions Trading Consultation Period, Press Release September 6, 2001

    Environmental Fines Increase By $1 Million In First Half Of 2001, August 31, 2001

    Witmer Announces Drive Clean Expansion, Press Release August 30, 2001

    Environmental SWAT Team Cracks down on Non-Compliant Electro/Metal Platers, Press Release August 28, 2001
    Other Related Information: Media Backgrounder

    Ministers Applaud Launch Of New Committee, Press Release August 27, 2001
    "Environment Minister Elizabeth Witmer and Energy, Science and Technology Minister Jim Wilson today said they were pleased to hear that the Ontario Legislature's all-party committee on alternative fuel sources had begun its work."

    Ontario Pushes for Public Reporting on Sulphur Levels in Gasoline, Press Release August 23, 2001

    Province Seeking Nominations for 2001 Awards of Excellence, Press Release August 15, 2001

    Province Invites Public Input On Future Of Oak Ridges Moraine, Press Release August 14, 2001 (Backgrounder)

    Ontario protects ozone by banning CFCs in automobile air conditioners, Press Release July 25, 2001

    Ontario pleased with climate change progress, Press Release July 23, 2001
    Leading The Climate Change Challenge - Fact Sheet

    Province Seeks Input on Protecting Oak Ridges Moraine, Press Release July 17, 2001

    Proposed drinking water regulation to protect facilities serving seniors and children, Press Release July 10, 2001

    Industry faces stricter reporting rules and new fees on hazardous wastes, Press Release July 5, 2001

    Ontario to explore green energy options, Press Release June 29, 2001

    Harris government introduces Waste Diversion Ontario, Press Release June 26, 2001

    Environmental SWAT team fully deployed, Press Release June 25, 2001

    Statement - Environment Minister David Anderson Comments on Ontario's Proposed Emissions Reduction Limits for the Electricity Sector, Press Release June 22, 2001

    Ministry Blocking Public's Right to Know, says Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Press Release June 21, 2001

    Special Report to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:
    Broken Promises: MNR's Failure to Safeguard Environmental Rights (pdf format), June 21, 2001, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

    Witmer voices concerns over McGuinty's Keele Valley Closure Act 2001, Press Release June 20, 2001

    Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 2001-2002 Business Plan, posted June 20 , 2001

    Ontario Ministry of the Environment Business Plan 2001-2002

    Harris Works To Protect The Environment And Build Stronger Trade Ties With Great Lakes States, Press Release June 18, 2001

    Nutrient Management Act, 2001
    "The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has posted a proposal notice for legislation which is intended to provide a comprehensive nutrient management framework for the agricultural industry, municipalities and other generators of materials containing nutrients, including clear environmental protection guidelines. The proposed legislation contains amendments to the Environmental Protection Act, the Highway Traffic Act, the Ontario Water Resources Act and the Pesticides Act, and consequential amendments to the Farming and Food Production Protection Act, 1998 with the stated intent of ensuring consistency and giving higher recognition to the standards." The public comment period is effective from June 15, 2001 to August 14, 2001.

    New Ontario Legislation Will Protect Water And Set Clear Standards For Farms, Press Release June 13, 2001

    Province Moves Forward On Smart Growth To Protect Oak Ridges Moraine, Renew Brownfields, Press Release May 17, 2001

    Harris Government Acts to Protect Environmental Health and Safety, Press Release May 2, 2001
    "The Mike Harris government today released the next step of its action plan to move Ontario into the 21st century." (Step 17: Protecting Environmental Health and Safety)

    Mandatory air emissions monitoring and reporting now law, Press Release May 2, 2001
    "Ontario's new regulation requiring the mandatory tracking and public reporting of 358 air pollutants is now law. The regulation makes the province the first jurisdiction in the world to require monitoring and public reporting of a full suite of key greenhouse gases."

    Province Helps Municipalities Meet Tough New Drinking Water Standards, Press Release April 27, 2001

    Ontario Launches Pollution Hotline, Press Release April 17, 2001
    "The Ontario government kicked off Earth Week by launching its toll-free, 24 hour public hotline for reporting acts of pollution, Environment Minister Elizabeth Witmer announced today. The service is available immediately at 1-866-MOE-TIPS (1-866-663-8477)."

    A Layman's Summary of Regulation 558/00 (amending Regulation 347, General - Waste Management Regulation), The Ontario Waste Management Association
    Some of the changes took effect October 28, 2000 and the remaining changes take effect on March 31, 2001.

    Discussion Paper: A Proposed Risk Management Framework for the Air Standard Setting Process in Ontario, posted online March 20 , 2001
    "This is a Notice of Proposal for Policy describing the Ministry of the Environment's (MOE) proposal to develop an effective Risk Management Framework for Ontario to address the implementation issues for the development and/or update of air quality standards for priority contaminants." This proposal has a public comment period from March 20, 2001 to August 17, 2001.

    Discussion Paper: Updating Ontario's Air Dispersion Models, Posted online March 20, 2001
    "This is a Notice of Proposal for Policy describing the Ministry of the Environment's (MOE) proposal to phase-out the existing 30-year old Ontario Regulation 346, Air Dispersion Models. MOE intends to replace these models with the preferred suite 1 of United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Air Dispersion Models, which include AERMOD and ISCPRIME. This proposal has a public comment period from March 20, 2001 to July 18, 2001."

    Ontario Launches Tough Actions To Improve Air Quality, Press Release March 26, 2001
    "The Ontario government will impose strict emissions limits on the electricity sector and require the Lakeview Generating Station in Mississauga to cease burning coal, Environment Minister Elizabeth Witmer announced today."

    Ontario first in world to receive environmental forest certification, Press Release March 23, 2001
    "The Honourable John Snobelen, Minister of Natural Resources for the province of Ontario, and Dr. Maharaj Muthoo, Executive Director of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), today initiated a bilateral process that will result in FSC certification of all Crown-owned forests managed in compliance with Ontario law and the products derived from those forests."

    Environmental Registry Now More Useful To Ontarians, Press Release March 22, 2001
    "Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller announced today that the entire database of Ontario's Environmental Registry, the Internet site listing government proposals and decisions about the environment, can now be downloaded for individual research use."

    Ontario Sets New Stringent Air Standards, Press Release March 20, 2001 / Backgrounder
    "The provincial government has taken more steps to improve air quality by implementing stronger new air quality standards that are among the most stringent in North America, Environment Minister Elizabeth Witmer announced today. The ministry is updating or developing 145 air standards in the first major overhaul of environmental standards in more than 20 years."

    Province to introduce legislation that promotes cleaner, healthier communities, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Press Release March 2, 2001
    "The government will introduce legislation in the spring to kick start the environmental cleanup and revitalization of former industrial or commercial sites known as brownfields, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Chris Hodgson, announced today on behalf of the ministers of the Environment and Economic Development and Trade."

    Study by Environmental Commissioner Documents Problems in Management of Ontario's Water, Press Release February 01, 2001
    "The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) submitted a study to the Walkerton Inquiry today that pointed to deficiencies in the management of major water takings in Ontario. The study, "Ontario's Permit to Take Water Program and the Protection of Ontario's Water Resources," is based on background research prepared for the ECO's recently released annual report. Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller said the research indicates that Ministry of the Environment (MOE) staff may be allowing users to take thousands of litres of ground or surface water per day without having fully accurate information on how much water is actually being taken in an area or how much water will be available in the future."

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