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News Archive - Yukon
2001 - 2003

Canada and B.C. Welcome Yukon to New Pacific Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers, Press Release December 22, 2003

Government Moves To Preserve Unique Wildlife Legacy, Press Release December 16, 2003
"A plan to save the assets of the Yukon Game Farm and Wildlife Preserve and pursue partnerships so the facility can be operated as a public resource is being announced today by Environment Minister Jim Kenyon."

Mining Awards Announced For Outstanding Reclamation, Press Release November 18, 2003

Pothole Lakes Fish Farm Policy To Be Drafted, Press Release September 30, 2003

Minister To Attend Forestry Events In Quebec City, Press Release September 18, 2003

Forest Policy Discussion Paper Released For Public Consultation, Press Release August 21, 2003

Partnership to Decrease Energy Costs And Greenhouse Gases, Press Release June 24, 2003

New Program to Remove Tires From The Yukon Environment, Press Release May 29, 2003

Recycling Club Back For Another Season, Press Release May 15, 2003

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act Receives Royal Assent, Press Release May 13, 2003

Yukon Gets An "A" On The National Report On Energy Efficiency, Press Release April 28, 2003

Yukon Youth Conservation Corps Reminders Out To The Communities, Press Release April 3, 2003

Devolution Marks Historical Day For The Yukon, Press Release April 1, 2003
"The Yukon took a major step forward today in its constitutional development, as the Yukon government assumed responsibility for managing the territory's public lands, water, mineral resources, forests and environmental assessment."

Yukon State Of The Environment 2001 Interim Report Available (pdf format), Press Release March 10, 2003

Living Green Calendars Coming to Communities, by Geoff Gilliard
"The Living Green program has produced an attractive calendar that environmental stewardship groups can use to educate the residents of their communities on how our day-to-day behaviour impacts the environment... The Living Green program is available to all communities in BC and the Yukon."

Statement by Environment Minister Dale Eftoda (pdf format), October 22, 2002
Re: Amendment to Wildlife Regulations

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act Introduced in the House of Commons, Press Release October 3, 2002

Territory Wide - Sheep Survey Asks for Participation from Hunters and Wilderness Travellers (pdf format), Press Release August 1, 2002

New Hunting Regulations Booklet Describes Latest Trends in Wildlife Management (pdf format), Press Release August 1, 2002

First Ever North Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Plan Adopted, Press Release July 30, 2002

Safe Water Given Priority, Press Release July 11, 2002

Hazardous Waste Clean-up Set to Begin in Yukon Communities (pdf format), Press Release June 15, 2002

Yukon Forestry Issues: A Reality Check and a New Direction, A Report to the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, April 2002

Public Consultation Sought to Develop Captive Wildlife Regulations for the Territory (pdf format), Press Release May 21, 2002

Summary Report on "Species at Risk" Public Consultation Available for Review (pdf format), Press Release May 15, 2002

Devolution Bills Introduced (pdf format), Press Release April 8, 2002

Official Tree Reminds us of the Importance of Forests (pdf format), Press Release April 8, 2002

New Wildlife Act is the Law (pdf format), Press Release April 8, 2002

Yukon and Northwest Territories Transboundary Water Management Agreement Signed, Press Release January 25, 2002

Designated Materials Regulation out for Public Review (pdf format), Press Release January 17, 2002

Proposed 2002 Wildlife Regulations out for Public Review (pdf format), Press Release January 17, 2002

Yukon-Canada Agreement Supports Eco-Friendly Projects, Press Release January 14, 2002

Public Response Sought on Proposed "Species at Risk" Legislation (pdf format), Press Release December 11, 2001

Major Changes to Wildlife And Parks Legislation Under Review (pdf format), Press Release November 22, 2001

Public Input Sought on Wildfire Policy in the Yukon, Press Release November 19, 2001

Yukon Showcases Wind Energy at National Conference (pdf format), Press Release October 29, 2001

Yukon Achieves Top Marks for Energy Efficency (pdf format), Press Release October 26, 2001

Contaminated Sites Regulations Out for Public Review (pdf format), Press Release October 12, 2001

Yukon Forest Summit Report Now Available (pdf format), Press Release October 12, 2001

New Initiatives to Help Northerners Adjust to climate Impacts (pdf format), Press Release August 13, 2001

Draft Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Legislation Released for Consultation, Press Release August 2, 2001

Amended Yukon Timber Regulations Come Into Effect, Press Release May 3, 2001 (Backgrounder)

First Yukon Status of Wildlife Report Issued (pdf format), Press Release April 10, 2001

Yukon Government to Host Forest Summit Workshop, Press Release April 9, 2001 (pdf format).
"The purpose of the Forest Summit workshop is to discuss key forest management and industry development issues affecting Yukoners." April 10-12, 2001 in Whitehorse, Yukon. Click Here for more information.

Yukon's Energy Info Centre Opens, Press Release March 19, 2001
"A one-stop Energy Solution Centre is now open for business in Whitehorse. The Centre, which will provide Yukoners with easy access to technologies, programs and services for energy efficiency, renewable energy and green power, was opened today by Ralph Goodale, Minister of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Pat Duncan, Premier of the Yukon."

Details on the first major changes proposed for the Yukon Wildlife Act in 19 years are available in the Discussion Paper now out for public review. Click Here to view the February 1, 2001 Press Release, the Discussion Paper, and related documents.

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