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News Archive - Alberta

Boutilier speaks at United Nations conference, Press Release December 20, 2004

Give the gift of a clean environment this holiday season, Press Release December 14, 2004

Boutilier to attend international climate change meeting, Press Release December 13, 2004

New mandatory requirements for water and wastewater operators, Press Release December 9, 2004

CASA recommendations will further reduce gas flaring and venting in Alberta, Press Release November 2, 2004

Final report on the use of water for oilfield injection available, Press Release October 22, 2004

Province introduces greenhouse gas reporting for large facilities, Press Release October 21, 2004
"Effective November 1, Alberta facilities releasing 100,000 tonnes or more of greenhouse gas emissions a year will be required to report these emissions under the Climate Change and Emissions Management Act."

Alberta's pesticide round up returns for third year - Free pesticide disposal for southern Alberta farmers, Press Release October 15, 2004

Albertans urged to slim their "waste" this Waste Reduction Week, Press Release October 14, 2004

Municipalities receive $1.2 million in energy-efficiency loans, Press Release October 6, 2004

Alberta leads the way through environmental achievements, Press Release September 30, 2004
"Alberta Environment's 2003-2004 annual report, which was released September 30, 2004 outlines the actions taken during the last fiscal year by the ministry."

Sustainable Resource Development tackled tough natural resource challenges in 2003-04, Press Release September 30, 2004

Volunteers honoured for their commitment to preserving and presenting Alberta's natural legacy, September 27, 2004

New wetland habitat completed: fish, wildlife and people invited, Press Release September 18, 2004

More rubber roads paved for Alberta, Press Release September 2, 2004
"This year, 100,000 recycled tires are being used to pave about 30 kilometres of road with asphalt rubber. The paving is part of a pilot project which has been underway since 2002 to determine if asphalt rubber is viable for Alberta."

Canada-Alberta Agreement on Environmental Assessment Cooperation,
"The public is invited to comment on revisions to the Canada-Alberta Agreement on Environmental Assessment Cooperation. The 30-day public comment period begins on September 1, 2004." (also, click here to view the Backgrounder)

Inspection program proves environmental education works, Press Release August 20, 2004
"Five years after a comprehensive environmental information and inspection program, most businesses in Edmonton's Mill Creek area have improved hazardous waste storage practices."

Green Municipal Funds Invests $347,500 in Rimbey, Alberta Project to Convert Organic Waste into Energy, Press Release August 9, 2004

Alberta invests green into a "green corridor", Press Release July 5, 2004
"Bigger than New York's central park and longer than Toronto's Harbour Front, the Capital Region's river valley will become one of the world's largest integrated park systems with an injection of $1 million from the Alberta Lottery Fund."

Deadline for Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Council nominations is July 30, Press Release June 22, 2004

Nature Conservancy of Canada and partners complete Canada's largest private conservation initiative, Press Release June 22, 2004
"The seven-year project, involving more than 25 different landowners, has resulted in the protection of more than 100 square kilometres (27,000 acres) of key conservation and ranching lands adjacent to Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwest corner of Alberta, without taking the land out of production."

Ceremony recognizes partners in fish habitat protection project, Press Release June 10, 2004

Surface water and groundwater information now available online, Press Release June 3, 2004

$200 million pledged toward new energy technologies, Press Release June 2, 2004

Alberta Water Council to guide implementation of provincial water strategy, Press Release May 31, 2004

Conserve water during Environment Week and every week, Press Release May 27, 2004

Alberta and British Columbia work together to improve efficiency and reduce duplication, Press Release May 26, 2004

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Canada-Alberta Announce New $12.5 Million Water Supply Program, Press Release May 21, 2004

Canada-Alberta Environmental Farm Planning Program, Press Release May 10, 2004

Alberta launches Canada's first provincial program for e-recycling, Press Release May 6, 2004

Alberta Group Formed to Promote Green Buildings, Press Release May 5, 2004

Grant Program Extended for Energy-Efficient Municipal Buildings, Press Release May 5, 2004
"Climate Change Central is extending a municipal grants program that is reaping big energy savings from efficient building construction. The Alberta Plus Initiative, scheduled to end March 31, has been extended to June 30, 2004"

Companies named for pilot CO2 storage projects, Press Release April 30, 2004
"Four test projects aimed at advancing Alberta's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while furthering the economic objectives of the government's 20-year plan, Securing Tomorrow's Prosperity, are now set to go ahead."

Are you prepared for emergencies?, Press Release April 28, 2004

Balanced, co-operative approach key to addressing concerns on use of water for injection and enhanced oil recovery, Press Release April 27, 2004
"A provincial committee looking at the use of water for practices that permanently remove water from the hydrological cycle, including for enhanced oil recovery, is seeking additional input from stakeholders to help finalize recommendations aimed at reducing and possibly eliminating water use for this kind of activity."

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Government of Canada Accepts Recommendations of the Joint Environmental Assessment Panel on the Jackpine Oil Sands Mine Project, Press Release April 22, 2004

Province invests an additional $25 million in improving regional water systems, Press Release April 21, 2004

Campaign Launched to Mow Down Pollution, Press Release April 20, 2004
"Albertans can turn in their old polluting gas lawnmowers and trimmers for a rebate of up to $100 on the purchase of environmentally-friendly models."

Alberta's Clearwater-Christina Rivers designated as a Canadian Heritage River, Press Release April 19, 2004

"Bird is the word" during National Wildlife Week, April 4-10, Press Release March 31, 2004

Alberta's water strategy featured at national drinking water conference, Press Release March 31, 2004

Water and wastewater grants pour in, Press Release March 17, 2004
"The Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership is a cost-shared grant program which provides financial assistance for municipal water supply/treatment and wastewater treatment/disposal projects."

Seven municipalities receive $4.3 million to promote energy savings, Press Release March 16, 2004
"The projects are the first to be approved under the Municipal Energy efficiency assistance program. Known as ME first! the program was launched in September 2003."

Funding flows for water pipeline in southern Alberta, Press Release March 16, 2004
"The project involves constructing a major water pipeline to bring good quality raw water to South East Alberta Rural Water Co-op members in four counties: Lethbridge, Warner, Forty Mile and Cypress."

Alberta leading the way with initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Press Release March 15, 2004
"In releasing an 18-month progress report March 15, highlighting the key actions to date towards fulfilling the province's action plan on climate change, Alberta Environment Minister Lorne Taylor said Alberta is leading the country in terms of commitments and investments aimed at emissions reductions."

Public open house for the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation, Press Release March 12, 2004
"The open house will take place on Wednesday March 24, 2004 from 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in the Lecture Theatre (Room A128/129) at Northern Lakes College, 1201 Main Street, in Slave Lake."

Principles pave the way for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from new coal-fired electricity plants, Press Release March 10, 2004
"On March 10, 2004, the Government of Alberta announced it was moving ahead with a long-term management framework for air emissions from electricity generation in the province, as recommended by the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA)."

Government joins with Alberta's guides and outfitters to put $1 million into wildlife management initiatives, Press Release March 9, 2004
"The government of Alberta has approved a proposal by the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS) to contribute $1 million of new revenue toward provincial wildlife programs. The funding will go toward initiatives like wildlife inventories for species such as antelope, moose, elk and deer."

Last Chance for Albertans to Get Rebates on Energy-Efficient Furnaces, Press Release March 9, 2004

Alberta leads the way in managing and reducing air emissions from electricity generation, March 4, 2004
"The Government of Alberta is accepting and adopting all of the recommendations outlined in a report from the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) aimed at continuously improving air emissions standards for electricity generation."

Review of drinking water facilities focuses on long-term solutions, Press Release February 23, 2004

Albertans eager to recycle their old computers, televisions, Press Release February 12, 2004
"Results of workshops with stakeholders and an on line consultation with Albertans, released February 11, show there is both a need and a desire to establish a formal, province-wide program to recycle and manage electronic waste."

Furnace Rebates are Heating Up Energy Efficiency in Alberta, Press Release January 21, 2004

Elk relocation will assist Park, boost Alberta's elk population, Press Release January 14, 2004

New system allows e-reporting of environmental incidents, Press Release January 12, 2004

Seniors' Complex First to Cash in on Building Efficiency Rebate, Press Release January 9, 2004

New emergency operations centre increases safety and security for Albertans, Press Release December 18, 2003
"The $1.4 million, 17,000 square foot Emergency Management Alberta Operations Centre serves as a coordination centre for disasters and major emergencies across the province."

Light the way to a greener holiday season, Press Release December 15, 2003

Albertans invited to provide input on e-waste recycling program, Press Release December 9, 2003

Tire Recycling Goes to the Mats for Alberta Communities, Press Release December 8, 2003
"Tire Recycling Goes to the Mats for Alberta Communities Alberta's tire recycling program provided hundreds of anti-fatigue flooring mats made from recycled tire material to Alberta's rural communities this year."

CASA recommends new electricity emissions standards, Press Release December 3, 2003
"Following an extensive two-year consensus-based review process, the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) is bringing forward a proposed new framework for managing air emissions from electricity generation in the province.

In accepting the report and recommendations on behalf of the Government of Alberta December 3, Environment Minister Lorne Taylor applauded the fact that the standards being recommended were developed through a shared commitment by industry, environmental groups, and three levels of government."

Education, enforcement are effective for the environment, Press Release December 2, 2003
"The province's 2002/2003 Compliance Assessment and Enforcement Initiatives Annual Report, released December 2, shows Alberta Environment staff carried out 1,491 proactive assessments in 2002/2003, including 965 unannounced site or field inspections and 526 unannounced audits."

Conservation vital to preserve Alberta's water supply, Press Release November 27, 2003
"In releasing Water for Life: Alberta's Strategy for Sustainability, Environment Minister Lorne Taylor said all Albertans have to stop taking water for granted, and start treating it as the valuable resource it is for our communities, our environment and our economy."

Wildlife Amendment Act will increase protection of Alberta's wildlife, Press Release November 18, 2003

Managing our public lands for a range of uses, Press Release November 18, 2003
"As greater demand is placed on Alberta's 100 million acres of public land, the proposed Bill 49 Public Lands Amendment Act, 2003 was introduced today"

Changes clarify role of Natural Resources Conservation Board, Press Release November 18, 2003
"In January 2002, the Board gained responsibility for regulating Alberta's confined feeding operations and for administering the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA). These increased responsibilities have resulted in the need for greater clarity between the Board's quasi-judicial function and its operational role."

Public open houses for Whaleback region protected areas, Press Release November 14, 2003

Program Encourages Energy Efficient Building Construction in Alberta, Press Release November 12, 2003
"The Alberta Plus Initiative is a pilot program administered by Climate Change Central's energy efficiency office, Energy Solutions Alberta. This program aims to increase energy efficient building in Alberta by adding to the funds made available through NRCan's Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP)."

Alberta looking at alternatives for managing e-waste, Press Release October 24, 2003

Albertans challenged to reduce waste, Press Release October 16, 2003
"Using rechargeable batteries, energy efficient lights, and kitchen and garden composters are a few easy ways for Albertans to reduce their waste and participate in National Waste Reduction Week, October 20-26."

Revised Model Class Screening Report for Routine Projects in Banff Gets Environmental Assessment Approval, Press Release October 15, 2003

Province seeks exceptional fish and wildlife conservationists, Press Release October 14, 2003
"A call for nominations for the renowned Order of the Bighorn has been announced, to recognize exceptional efforts to conserve fish and wildlife resources that enrich the lives of Albertans."

Operation CleanFarm offers free pesticide collection to central Alberta farmers, Press Release October 9, 2003

EUB Releases 2002 Flaring And Venting Industry Performance Report: Solution Gas Flaring Reduced By 62% Since 1996, Press Release October 2, 2003

Action taken on water and climate change in 2002-2003, Press Release September 30, 2003
"The Alberta Environment 2002-03 annual report, released September 30, describes actions taken to address water and climate change issues, as well as many other environmental initiatives and activities undertaken last fiscal year by the department and the Environmental Appeal Board."

Public-private partnerships and green power highlight Alberta Infrastructure's 2002-03 Annual Report, Press Release September 30, 2003

Management and prevention continue to be priorities for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Press Release September 30, 2003
"Alberta Sustainable Resource Development's 2002-03 annual report shows the Alberta government's leadership in managing provincial lands, forests, fish and wildlife for long-term benefit."

Municipalities to access $100 million in interest-free loans for energy efficiency improvements, Press Release September 26, 2003
"Alberta municipalities will have access to $100 million in interest-free loans through a new program to help their operations become more energy and cost efficient...Initial application deadlines are Dec. 1, 2003 and June 1, 2004. Applications will be reviewed semi-annually by a provincial/municipal committee coordinated by Climate Change Central."

Alberta's action on climate change gets international profile, Press Release September 16, 2003

Alberta Reduce Idling Campaign, Press Release September 12, 2003

Alberta Environment - Upstream Oil and Gas Reclamation Program
Note: Effective October 1, 2003 Alberta Environment is changing the reclamation program (click on the link above for more information).

Energy research helping reduce CO2 emissions, Press Release September 4, 2003

Input Sought on Drilling Rig Requirements and Inspection Guide (Guide 36), Press Release September 4, 2003

Alberta "switches on" its newest mercury collection program, Press Release August 19, 2003

Public input sought for Kananaskis Country protected areas management plan, Press Release August 15, 2003

Review of water treatment facilities set to begin , Press Release July 14, 2003

Alberta companies recognized for pollution prevention efforts, Press Release July 11, 2003

New regulations encourage cooperation on public lands, Press Release July 10, 2003

Government of Canada Announces $ 762,925 in Funding for Habitat and Species At Risk In Alberta, Press Release July 2, 2003

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