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News Archive - Manitoba
2003 - 2004

Manitoba Communities Receive $1.2 Million For Community Climate Change Challenges, December 2004

Odour-Control Tax Credit In Place, Press Release December 15, 2004
"Conservation Minister Stan Struthers is encouraging businesses to use a 10 per cent odour-control tax credit to purchase new equipment to prevent, reduce or eliminate odours from organic waste."

Doer Designates Manitoba's Newest Provincial Park, Press Release December 3, 2004
"Premier Gary Doer announced today that Manigotagan River is the province's newest provincial park."

Infrastructure Canada: New Canada-Manitoba Agreement to Improve Infrastructure in Manitoba Communities, Press Release December 3, 2004

Manitoba Harnesses Wind Power With First Wind Farm To Be Built Near St. Leon, Press Release November 24, 2004

New Rates To Help Maintain Environmental Protection: Struthers, Press Release November 12, 2004
"The province today announced new pesticide use permit rates which Conservation Minister Stan Struthers said will maintain reliable and safe environmental protection efforts related to the use of pesticides."

Ashton Announces Creation Of Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board, Press Release October 27, 2004
"The province will create the Lake Manitoba Water Stewardship Board to better meet the contemporary water management needs of this important resource, Water Stewardship Minister Steve Ashton announced today."

New Course To Help Ensure Livestock Manure Will Be Handled In An Environmentally Sound Manner, Press Release October 27, 2004

Efforts To Clean Up North Acknowledged During Waste Reduction Week In Manitoba, Press Release October 19, 2004

Province Provides Multi-Year Funding For Ecological Transportation Choices, Press Release October 4, 2004

Ontario and Manitoba Take Next Step on Joint Energy Project, Press Release September 30, 2004

Province Collects Old And Leftover Farm Chemicals In Operation Cleanfarm, Press Release September 24, 2004

Critical Wildlife Habitat Program Receives Provincial Funding, Press Release September 2, 2004

International Solar-Powered Race to Travel Through Manitoba in 2005, Press Release July 23, 2004

Manitoba Water Directory Released Today, Press Release July 21, 2004

Manitobans Advised to Use Caution if Approached to Purchase Home Water Treatment Equipment, Press Release July 19, 2004

Winnipeggers Show Their Green Spirit As City Places First In Commuter Challenge, Press Release June 17, 2004

Climate Change Research Enhanced With $350,000 In New Funding, Press Release June 14, 2004

Manitoba's Network Of Protected Areas Expanded To Preserve Province's Natural Treasures: Doer, Press Release June 11, 2004

Province Awards $250,000 To Support Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund Projects, Press Release June 2, 2004

Manitoba Taking Action To Protect Environment: Struthers, Press Release May 31, 2004

Lake Winnipeg Water Quality Website Announced, Press Release May 20, 2004

Rural Green Team Program To Support 700 Summer Jobs For Manitoba Young People, Press Release May 14, 2004

Provincial Funding Set Aside For New Water Stewardship Initiatives, Press Release May 5, 2004

May 2 To 8 Is National Emergency Preparedness Week, Press Release April 29, 2004

Regulation Changes Designed To Promote Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Press Release April 1, 2004

Parks Canada: Canada and Manitoba Launch Public Consultations for the Creation of a National Park in Manitoba's Interlake, Press Release March 19, 2004

Federal and Provincial Governments Sign Climate Change Co-Operation Agreement, Press Release March 19, 2004
"Canada's Minister of the Environment, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Co-operation on Addressing Climate Change with the Honourable Tim Sale, Manitoba's Minister of Energy, Science and Technology signing on behalf of the Government of Manitoba."

Floodway Authority Act Would Create Agency to Oversee Expansion of Red River Floodway, Press Release March 10, 2004
"Public Information Sessions Planned for $658 Million Project"

Province Proposes Legislative Action to Protect Manitoba's Water Supply, Press Release March 4, 2004
"The Government of Manitoba is taking a far-reaching and critical step in protecting the province's water by introducing the proposed Water Protection Act, an innovative and comprehensive piece of legislation that will set out water quality standards, objectives and guidelines"

Waste Reduction And Pollution Prevention Fund Supports Projects Across Manitoba, Press Release March 3, 2004

Struthers Appoints Five New Members To Endangered Species Advisory Committee, Press Release February 23, 2004

Drinking Water Safety Act Proclaimed By Province, Press Release February 5, 2004

New Chair And Members Appointed To Clean Environment Commission, Press Release January 22, 2004

$8 Million for Water Supply and Flood Control on Assiniboine River, Press Release December 22, 2003

Ashton Addresses Conservation Districts' 28th Annual Convention In Brandon, Press Release December 9, 2003

New One-Stop Agency To Promote Conservation Of Energy And Resources In Manitoba, Press Release December 2, 2003

Innovative Transportation Strategy Unveiled By Manitoba And City Of Winnipeg, Press Release December 1, 2003

Computers for Schools--Manitoba Celebrates 10 Years of Giving Students Improved Access to Technology, Press Release November 24, 2003
"Computers for Schools-Manitoba is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the opening of a new, well-equipped workshop in Winnipeg, where donated computers are rebuilt and shipped to public schools and libraries to replace outdated equipment."

Province Establishes Bio-Diesel Advisory Council, Press Release November 24, 2003

Manitoba Calls For Better Approach To Water Management Nationwide, Press Release November 24, 2003

Hydrogen Economy To Be Discussed At International Conference In Washington, Press Release November 18, 2003

Three-Day Tour To Highlight Agri-Energy Opportunities - New Agri-energy Office to Promote Bio-diesel, Wind, Heat Pumps, Manure Energy Opportunities, November 10, 2003
"The tour is the first initiative of the newly opened Agri-energy office. The office will be a one-stop shop where rural Manitobans can get information on agri-energy opportunities. Farm producers will be able to call the office at 945-5222 or toll free at 1-800-282-8069, ext. 5222, to see how they can benefit from new technology and the latest agriculture methods. Callers will be able to explore linking climate change initiatives with on-farm opportunities in areas such as biofuels, on-farm energy efficiency and biomass energy systems."

Water Stewardship, Healthy Living Emphasized In New Cabinet, Press Release November 4, 2003

Waste Reduction Week Proclaimed In Manitoba, Press Release October 21, 2003
"Conservation Minister Steve Ashton today encouraged Manitobans to increase their recycling and waste reduction efforts and announced over $283,000 in Waste Reduction And Pollution Prevention (WRAPP) grants as he proclaimed Waste Reduction Week in Manitoba Oct. 20 to 26."

New Public Emergency Notification System Announced By EMO Minister Scott Smith, Press Release September 30, 2003

Province Provides Winnipeg With Plan For Improving Waste Water System, Press Release September 26, 2003

Manitoba And Iceland Sign MOU To Promote Hydrogen Development, Press Release September 22, 2003

Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Manitoba Sign Fish Habitat Memorandum of Understanding, Press Release September 17, 2003
"The Honourable Robert G. Thibault, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Honourable Steve Ashton, Manitoba Minister of Conservation, today signed the Canada-Manitoba Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Fish Habitat Management."

Province Receives Clean Environment Commission Report on Winnipeg's Waste Water Collection and Treatment Systems, Press Release August 20, 2003

Manitobans Encouraged to Apply for Funding through Provincial Climate Change Action Fund, Press Release August 19, 2003

Manitoba Floodway Authority Begins Environmental Licensing Process, Press Release July 28, 2003

Lake Action Plan Moves Ahead, Press Release July 18, 2003

Protecting Manitoba's Water Quality Part Of Zebra Mussels Prevention Program, Press Release June 24, 2003

Province Introduces Proposed Legislation That Would Protect Manitoba's Fishing Resource, Press Release May 1, 2003

Sustainable Development Innovations Fund Grants Announced By Conservation Minister, Press Release April 30, 2003

Wowchuk Announces Enhanced Soil Testing Awareness Initiative, Press Release April 25, 2003

Vision Document Released For Rural Manitoba, Press Release April 24, 2003

Province Introduces Proposed Legislation To Mandate 10 Per Cent Ethanol Blends By 2005, Press Release April 24, 2003

Protecting Manitoba's Water Key Part of New Provincewide Water Strategy, Press Release April 21, 2003

Sale Announces 2002-03 Climate Change Action Fund Grants, Press Release April 1, 2003

Rural Green Team Program To Support 700 Summer Jobs For Manitoba Young People, Press Release March 25, 2003

Province Announces Lake Winnipeg Action Plan, Press Release February 18, 2003

Province Announces 2003 Urban Green Team Program, Press Release February 14, 2003
"The province's Urban Green Team program will help create about 700 summer jobs for youth between the ages of 16 and 24..."

Assistance Re-Opened For Participants In Hearings On Winnipeg's Waste Water Collection And Treatment Systems, Press Release January 31, 2003

Ministers Urge Manitobans To Take Action On Climate Change, Press Release January 28, 2003

Friesen Invites Comments On Land Use Planning Law, Press Release January 16, 2003

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