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News Archive - Ontario

Industry Sends $9.1 Million to Municipalities to Help Pay Blue Box Costs, Press Release December 29, 2004

Ontario Improves Administration of Water Taking Permits: New Fees Part Of Stronger Rules For Water Takings, Press Release December 23, 2004

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Announces Decision to Authorize the Construction of Pickering Waste Management Facility Phase II, Press Release December 23, 2004

New Waste Disposal Program Will Help Protect Environment - McGuinty Government Directs Producers To Prevent Electronic Wastes From Going To Landfills, Press Release December 21, 2004

Deadline For Drinking Water Systems Extended, Press Release December 17, 2004
"The McGuinty government has extended the deadlines for installing new water treatment equipment for small and rural drinking water systems by six to 18 months"

Ontario Government Ensures Best Water Protection in North America New Comprehensive Approach To Protecting Drinking Water Sources, Press Release December 14, 2004
"Dombrowsky announced new rules for water takings, lifted the one-year water-taking moratorium and released the recommendations of two expert advisory committees on watershed-based source protection."

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission: Environmental Assessment - Proposed Bruce "A" Refurbishment for Life Extension and Continued Operation (Bruce Power), Environmental Assessment Start Date: December 14, 2004

Parks Canada: Ontario's Missinaibi River Designated to the Canadian Heritage Rivers System, Press Release December 13, 2004

Environment Ministry Orders Companies to Halt Water Testing, Press Release December 9, 2004

Cleaner Gasoline for Healthier Ontarians and a Healthier Economy, Press Release November 26, 2004
"The Province will require that gasoline sold in Ontario contain an average of five per cent ethanol by 2007, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced today."

Energy Ottawa Wins Provincial Contract to Produce Renewable "Green" Power from Landfill Gas, Press Release November 25, 2004

Environment Ministry to Review City of Orillia Landfill Operations - Ministry Review will examine Landfill Certificate of Approval conditions, Press Release November 24, 2004

Ministry of The Environment Takes Over Clean-Up of 310 Waste Site, Press Release November 24, 2004

McGuinty Government Gives Green Light to Renewable Energy Projects - Ten New Projects To Generate Enough Clean Energy To Power Over 100,000 Homes, Press Release November 24, 2004

Competition Bureau: Waste Management Must Sell Ridge Landfill, Press Release November 23, 2004
"Selling the landfill to a competitor will preserve competition for commercial waste disposal in the Greater Toronto Area and elsewhere in southern Ontario."

Greenbelt Historic Opportunity to Save Endangered Species, Press Release November 22, 2004

Ontario Helps Protect And Conserve The Great Lakes - Invests In Ecosystem Improvements in the Cataraqui River, Press Release November 19, 2004

Ontario Advances Protection Of Drinking Water Sources - Invests In Science To Prepare For Source Protection Planning, Press Release November 17, 2004

10-Year Review of the Environmental Bill of Rights, Press Release November 10, 2004
"The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) has now prepared Looking Forward: The Environmental Bill of Rights, a discussion Paper summarizing what the ECO learned during the first part of its 10-Year Review of the EBR. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize many of the comments and suggestions received through the 10-Year Review, and to offer the ECO's suggestions on ways forward. The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario would like to hear your views on the discussion paper."

Review of the Regulation respecting Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Building and Repair Operations (Regulation 838)
"The Ontario government is seeking stakeholder input on proposed amendments to the Regulation respecting Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Building and Repair Operations (Regulation 838). The proposed amendments, if adopted, would update safe work procedures and enhance respiratory protection for workers who may encounter asbestos in the course of their work on construction projects, and in demolition, repair, alteration and maintenance operations." Note: The deadline for submissions has been extended 30 days to December 3, 2004.

McGuinty Government Responds To Rural Drinking Water Concerns - Extends Compliance Deadline; Continues To Work With Advisory Council On Drinking Water Quality And Testing , Press Release November 8, 2004

McGuinty Government Protects Toronto's Water Quality - Invests in Remedial Action Plan to Clean up Toronto Watersheds , Press Release November 5, 2004

McGuinty Government Promotes Community Composting - New Standards Remove Barriers; Encourage Composting Of Organic Waste, Press Release November 4, 2004

Canada and Ontario Sign Agreement to Conduct Cooperative Environmental Assessments, Press Release November 1, 2004

McGuinty Government Greenbelt to Protect One Million New Acres in Golden Horseshoe, Press Release October 28, 2004

McGuinty Government Introduces Environmental Penalties Legislation, Press Release October 27, 2004

Province Acts To Keep Electronics From Landfills: Posts Draft Regulation For Comment; Would Require E-waste Recycling, Press Release October 26, 2004

Enforcement Blitz Nets Charges for Hunters and Anglers, Press Release October 25, 2004

Mixed Environmental Record for Province, Reports Environmental Commissioner, Press Release October 21, 2004

Province-wide consultations by the Advisory Council on Drinking Water Quality and Testing Standards, Press Release October 20, 2004

McGuinty government to make polluters pay for spills - New Law Would Introduce Tough Penalties, Create Community Cleanup Fund, Press Release October 8, 2004

Ontario Government Program Rewards Environmental Leaders, September 29, 2004

McGuinty Government to Ban Untreated Hazardous Waste, Press release September 28, 2004

2003 Ontario Municipal Recycling and Composting Information Now Available, Press Release September 24, 2004

Government Protects Ontario Waterways: Invests in Clean Boater Program; Improves Water Quality, Press Release September 16, 2004
"The government is investing $180,000 in the Clean Boater Program, which provides boaters with an environmental boat inspection, hundreds of tips and ideas for best environmental practices and teaches the proper way to store fuel, dispose of wastewater and greywater and generally keep an environmentally sound vessel."

Here Comes The BIOBUS!, Press Release September 15, 2004
"In a step towards "Greening the Bus Fleet", the TTC has launched a nine-month bio-fuel test on 180 buses. The project, testing a bio-diesel fuel that is a mixture of vegetable oil and diesel, focuses on two areas: environmental performance in TTC service conditions and evaluation of test results from other transit properties."

Ontario Government Recognizes Environmental Achievement: Three Awards For Protecting Lake Superior, Press Release September 1, 2004

Sun Shines Brightly on Toronto Hydro's Latest Green Energy Initiative, Press Release August 26, 2004

Fixing the holes in Ontario's water laws - Province's draft legislation won't ensure safe drinking water without changes, Press Release August 16, 2004

Government Protects Water Systems For Future Generations - Expert Panel to Consult with Stakeholders; Provide Advice on All Aspects of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Press Release August 16, 2004

McGuinty Government Hires 33 New Water Inspectors and Compliance Staff, Press Release August 10, 2004

Ontario To Act On Industrial Pollution Report Recommendations: Report Offers Advice On Spill Prevention; Ministry To Develop Action Plan, Press Release August 9, 2004

Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. to deliver four 5kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to a $1.87 million project at the Hydrogen Village, Toronto, Press Release August 4, 2004

McGuinty Government Promotes Clean, Safe Communities - New Regulation Will Allow More Brownfield Sites To Be Redeveloped, Press Release July 21, 2004

McGuinty Government Helps Build Culture of Conservation - New Website and Conservation Guide Provide Resources and Tips, Press Release July 19, 2004

Natural Resources Canada: Get a Leg Up on Energy Bills – London's EnerGuide (LEG) Partnership, Press Release July 19, 2004

Better Planning Will Mean Stronger Communities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Press Release July 12, 2004
"The discussion paper, Places To Grow: Better Choices. Brighter Future, outlines proposed provincial decisions on a range of issues"

Ontario farmers reduce their pesticide use by 52%, Press Release July 9, 2004

Rural Drinking Water Systems get Six Month Extension on Treatment: Government to consult on options for more workable drinking water regulation, Press Release June 28, 2004

McGuinty Government Gives Green Light to Expand Electricity Generation at Niagara Falls, Press Release June 25, 2004

Legislation Protects Agricultural Land in Golden Horseshoe, Press Release June 24, 2004

Panel to Review Ontario's Environmental Assessment Process and Recommend Improvements, Press Release June 24, 2004

Ontario Government Shows Leadership on Conservation - New Hybrid Vehicles Will Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Press Release June 24, 2004

Province Making Major Strides on Drinking Water Protection, Press Release June 23, 2004
"The McGuinty government is moving to further protect the health of Ontarians by asking the public to comment on the first part of comprehensive legislation aimed at protecting the sources of drinking water, Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky announced today."

McGuinty Government Unveils Plan to Fight Smog in Ontario, Press Release June 21, 2004

Stronger Protection for Watersheds - Proposed new regulation to ensure tougher review of water taking permits and stronger conservation measures, Press Release June 18, 2004

Minister of Environment to Carpool to Work with Pollution Probe and Corporate Leaders to Launch Clean Air Commute Week, Press Release June 17, 2004

Adams Mine Lake Safe from Waste - Adams Mine Lake Act Keeps Other Lakes From Becoming Landfills, Press Release June 17, 2004
"A key component of the Ontario government's plan to create clean, livable communities passed Third Reading today. The Adams Mine Lake Act, 2004, which protects the Adams Lake mine site and other lakes in Ontario from becoming landfill sites, takes effect today."

McGuinty Government Accelerates Brownfield Clean Up - New regulation promotes cleaner communities and smarter development, Press Release June 17, 2004

New Interactive Web Map Zooms in for a Closer Look at Green Toronto, Press Release June 10, 2004

Government to Preserve Environment, Maintain Cleaner Communities - Province-wide consultation will seek new ideas to achieve 60 per cent waste diversion, Press Release June 10, 2004

Cheques totalling $6.7 million will be mailed to "Blue Box" Program municipalities tomorrow, Press Release May 31, 2004

Environmental Commissioner Recognizes MNR Staff for Work on Ontario's Living Legacy, Press Release May 27, 2004

Air Quality in Ontario 2002 Report, Posted online May 21, 2004

Governments of Ontario and Canada Agree to Cooperate on Climate Change, Press Release May 21, 2004

Stronger Rules For Operators Will Protect Safety Of Drinking Water, Press Release May 17, 2004

Technical Brief : Ontario Drinking Water Systems Certification of Drinking-Water Systems Operators and Water Quality Analysts Regulation , May 17, 2004

Technical Brief : Ontario Wastewater Systems Licensing of Sewage Works Operators Regulation, May 17, 2004

Shared Solutions to Shared Challenges - McGuinty Urges Ontario And Michigan To Work Together On Auto Sector, Secure Border And Clean Air And Water, Press Release May 17, 2004

McGuinty Government Takes Further Action to Protect Ontario's Drinking Water, Press Release May 12, 2004
"The McGuinty government is further protecting Ontario's drinking water by establishing an Advisory Council on Drinking Water Quality and Testing Standards, Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky announced today."

Canada, Ontario to Increase Investment in Municipal and Rural Infrastructure, Press Release May 6, 2004

Dr. James Young Named Commissioner of Emergency Management, Press Release April 30, 2004

McGuinty government to increase supply of renewable energy - Initiative Seeks Additional 300 Megawatts Of Clean Power Sources, Press Release April 28, 2004
"A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been initiated seeking an additional 300 megawatts (MW) of new, renewable electricity capacity for Ontario...Proponents interested in bidding on the RFP will have until July 30th to review and submit their final proposals."

McGuinty Government Donates Land to Rouge Making It Largest Natural Urban Park in North America, Press Release April 21, 2004

McGuinty government acts to save Ontario's heritage, Press Release April 21, 2004
"If passed, the proposed amendments to the Ontario Heritage Act would...Enhance protection of heritage conservation districts, marine heritage sites and archaeological resources...

McGuinty Government Taking Strong Action to Help Protect and Clean Up the Great Lakes, Press Release April 21, 2004

Ontario Protect Marsh Lands in Whitby Area, Press Release April 20, 2004

Members Named to Industrial Pollution Action Team; Action Report Expected in June, Press Release April 19, 2004

McGuinty Government Building Culture Of Conservation: Working with Ontarians to Save Energy, Money and the Environment, Press Release April 19, 2004
"Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty today set a target of reducing Ontario's energy consumption by five per cent by 2007 as part of his government's plan to create a culture of conservation and make Ontario a North American leader in energy efficiency." The government's conservation plan includes...

New Vision For Electricity Sector Will Mean New Supply, Increased Conservation, Stable Prices, Press Release April 15, 2004

Public Comment Invited on Draft Canada-Ontario Agreement on Environmental Assessment Cooperation, Press Release April 14, 2004

Bill Would Prohibit Adams Mine Landfill, Press Release April 5, 2004

Ontario to Work with Federal Government on Climate Change, Press Release April 1, 2004

McGuinty Government Creates Renewable Energy Opportunities - Invites Proposals for Clean Wind and Expands Opportunities for Water Energy Projects, Press Release March 31, 2004

10-Year Review of the Environmental Bill of Rights, Message from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
"At this 10th anniversary milestone of the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR), I am very interested in hearing from users of the legislation about their interests and concerns. You can access a series of questions that I hope will prompt your thoughts about those aspects of the EBR that are working well and those that could be enhanced for the future. Please respond to the questions by May 21, 2004. Your responses will be kept confidential."

New, Tougher Emission Standards to Protect Environment and Public Health, Press Release March 31, 2004

Wine Council of Ontario holds first environmental workshop, Press Release March 30, 2004

Vineyards Key to Greenbelt, Press Release March 30, 2004
"During the organization's state of the industry report today, Grape Growers of Ontario's Chairman Ray Duc challenged the Ontario Government to recognize the critical role of vineyards in creating a permanent greenbelt."

Toronto responds to Michigan's new solid waste legislation, Press Release March 26, 2004

Tough New Energy Efficiency Standards Help Protect The Environment And Save Consumers Money, Press Release March 26, 2004

McGuinty government protects Algonquin wolves, Press Release March 3, 2004
"The province is proposing a permanent ban on hunting and trapping wolves and coyotes in the park and in townships surrounding the park. The proposal would also ban chasing wolves or coyotes with dogs, both in the park and in townships surrounding the park. It will be posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Registry for 30 days."

Ontario Municipal Recycling and Composting Information Now Available, Press Release February 27, 2004
"Waste Diversion Ontario is pleased to announce that the 2002 Tonnage and Blue Box Financial Datacall information has been posted on its website at This information shows the success of Ontario municipal programs in diverting waste from landfill and also displays cost information."

McGuinty Government Forms Industrial Pollution Action Team, February 26, 2004
"The McGuinty government will create an Industrial Pollution Action Team to provide recommendations on how to prevent spills and dangerous air emissions, Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky announced today. “Recent events along the St. Clair River demonstrate the need for strong action to keep communities across the province clean and safe,” said Dombrowsky."

Environment Minister Promises Tough Enforcement in Southwestern Ontario, Press Release February 24, 2004
"Minister Dombrowsky said that the frustration expressed by the Chatham-Kent delegation following the community's third water-supply closure in six months is understandable, and she shares their concerns...She has already directed the Ministry's SWAT team to conduct a thorough inspection of the chemical industry in Sarnia."

Protecting Greenspace in the Golden Horseshoe, Press Release February 16, 2004
"Rob MacIsaac, mayor of the City of Burlington, will chair the new Greenbelt Task Force, which will work with the people of Ontario to determine how to most effectively establish a permanently protected greenbelt stretching from Niagara Falls to Rice Lake."

Toronto and Region Conservation adds Green Power to energy portfolio, Press Release February 16, 2004

A Decade of Achievement for Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights, Press Release February 12, 2004

Protecting drinking water at source a real, positive change, Press Release February 12, 2004
"In his Walkerton reports Justice O'Connor identified source protection as the missing element in ensuring Ontario's water is safe from source to tap," Dombrowsky said. "We will introduce a law that would require source protection plans to be developed and implemented locally for every watershed in the province.

Proposed Used Oil Material Diversion Program Plan Unveiled, Press Release February 2, 2004
"The public and other stakeholders are invited to comment on the draft plan either online or by writing to OUOMA by Monday, February 16, 2004. All comments will be considered as the plan is finalized for submission to Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) in February, 2004."

Energy Minister Announces Plan to Address First Third of Coal Commitment, Press Release January 20, 2004
"Energy Minister Dwight Duncan today announced that he will immediately seek a technical advisor to oversee a competitive contracting process to address the government's commitment to phase out coal-fired plants, and to enhance Ontario's supply of renewable energy."

City of Mississauga Announces Inventory of GTA Clean Air Activities, Press Release January 19, 2004
"As part of the Clean Air Partnership, the City of Mississauga, along with 20 other Greater Toronto Area municipal and regional governments, and the federal and provincial governments have released their respective plans to improve air quality."

Return Hamilton's water system to city control, says CUPE, Press Release January 19, 2004
"Hamilton's water system has become both famous and infamous across Canada. It is the first large water system in Canada to be contracted out to a private operator."

McGuinty Government Takes Action on Conservation, Press Release January 16, 2004
"Energy Minister Dwight Duncan today announced the formation of a Conservation Action Team that will promote the government's conservation initiatives for the province."

Electricity Conservation And Supply Task Force Report Confirms Need For New Direction In Ontario's Electricity Sector, Press Release January 14, 2004

Beer bottles save cash-starved municipalities $60m annually, Press Release January 6, 2004

McGuinty Government Builds On Success Of Blue Box Program: Approves plan for industry to pay half of municipal blue box costs, Press Release December 22, 2003

New Diesel Truck And Bus Emission Limits To Be Toughest In North America: New limits apply to all large school buses, regardless of age, Press Release December 21, 2003

North America's first urban wind turbine celebrates first birthday and Torontonians are lovin' it, Press Release December 18, 2003

Ontario used tire plan delivered to Waste Diversion Ontario, Press Release December 18, 2003
"The report details plans to clean-up existing tire stockpiles, eliminate illegal dumping of discarded tires and promote reduction, re-use and recycling of tires in Ontario."

Mcguinty Government To Halt Raiding Of Our Precious Water Resources - Takes steps to protect water at source, Press Release December 18, 2003

New Moratorium on Zoning Changes is First Step Toward Permanent Greenbelt for the Golden Horseshoe, Press Release December 16, 2003

McGuinty Government Protects Drinking Water by Hiring More Inspectors, Press Release December 15, 2003

Mcguinty Government To Put The Public Interest First And Give Communities Control Over How They Grow, Press Release December 15, 2003

McGuinty Government Implements Walkerton Recommendation, Press Release November 26, 2003
"Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky and Agriculture and Food Minister Steve Peters announced today that the Ministry of the Environment will be overseeing all compliance requirements of the Nutrient Management Act, which fulfills one of the key recommendations of the Walkerton Inquiry report."

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Annual Report 2002/2003 - Thinking beyond the near & now, November 27, 2003

Government Delivers Bigger, Better Park on Richmond Hill Lands on Oak Ridges Moraine, Press Release November 21, 2003

Ontario Government Establishes Advisory Committees On Protecting Water Sources, Press Release November 14, 2003

Growth confronts moraine, Globe and Mail article by Simon Avery, November 14, 2003

McGuinty Government Takes Office; Ready To Get To Work For All Ontarians, Press Release October 23, 2003
"This new ministry (Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal) will manage infrastructure planning to achieve maximum leverage for taxpayer dollars in the key areas of education, health, transportation, housing and the environment"

Recycling Council of Ontario launches Waste Reduction Week in Canada, Press Release October 17, 2003

New "Green Facts" On Well Safety Available, Bulletin, September 23, 2003

Eves Government Helping Create World's Largest Freshwater Reserve, Press Release September 1, 2003

Power Conservation Fact Sheet, Ontario Ministry of Public Safety and Security

The submission deadline for the 2002/2003 Ontario Waste Minimization Awards is approaching
The 2002/2003 Ontario Waste Minimization Awards will be held on Thursday October 23rd during Waste Reduction Week in Canada.
Submission deadline: September 2, 2003
Submission deadline for schools: September 15, 2003

Eves Government to Protect Rural Drinking Water, Press Release August 1, 2003
"The amended Wells Regulation (O. Reg. 903) comes into effect today across Ontario."

Eves Government Toughens Waste Disposal Rules: Regulation bans spreading of untreated portable toilet waste, Press Release August 1, 2003
"Under a new amendment to Regulation 347, the general waste protection regulation under the Environmental Protection Act, waste haulers can no longer spread untreated waste from portable toilets on land. The amended regulation will take effect on October 30, 2003."

Milestone Agreement Reached on Accreditation of Drinking Water Laboratories, Press Release July 25, 2003

Ontario's Smog Patrol Targets Smoking Vehicles, Press Release June 25, 2003

Notice of Expanded Smog Advisory, Press Release June 23, 2003

Eves Government To Strengthen Used Tires Regulation To Help Prevent The Spread Of West Nile Virus, Press Release June 19, 2003

Eves Government Launches Clean Water Legacy Trust And Clean Water Centre Of Excellence, Press Release June 19, 2003

Ontario environment minister quits, Globe and Mail article by Richard Mackie and Martin Mittelstaedt, June 17, 2003

Eves Government Toughens Standards For Drinking Water Testing Labs, Press Release June 16, 2003

Environment Ministry Taking Strong Action To Reduce Illegal Tire Stockpiles, Press Release June 3, 2003

Tories may delay imposing limits on manure in water, Globe and Mail article by Richard Mackie, May 16, 2003

Ontario Expands Smog Advisory Program, Press Release May 6, 2003

Eves Government Moves to Cut Truck and Bus Pollution, Press Release April 25, 2003

Eves Government Takes Action On Sourcewater Protection, Press Release April 21, 2003

Waste Diversion Ontario To Tackle Used Tires And Oil Ernie Eves Government To Invest $1 Million To Clean Up Used Tires, Press Release April 16, 2003

Eves Government Introduces Tougher Rules For Well Construction And Decommissioning, Press Release April 10, 2003ul>

  • Backgrounder: Ontario Amends Wells Regulation
  • Preventing The Spread Of West Nile Virus - Fact Sheet, April 8, 2003
    "The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) is allowing only two larvicides to be used in Ontario. These larvicides are safe for the public and safe for the environment when properly applied. Both have been extensively reviewed and approved for use by Health Canada."

    Eves Government Implements Another Water Commitment: New Drinking Water Management Division at Ministry of the Environment, Press Release April 7, 2003

    Tackling rural garbage burning, Press Release March 24, 2003

    Drinking Water Testing Labs To Be Licensed, Press Release March 25, 2003

    Waste Diversion Ontario Delivers Blue Box Funding Plan, Press Release March 21, 2003

    Ontario Implements Key Canada-Wide Air Standards, Press Release March 17, 2003

    Declaration Order for Forest Management, March 2003
    "The Minister of the Environment has released for public comment a proposed Declaration Order containing new rules for forest management."

    Ontario Government Proposes New Rules to Protect the Earth's Ozone Layer, Press Release March 10, 2003

    Ontario Power Generation and Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc. sign deal for Green Power, Press Release March 7, 2003

    Environmental Commissioner has High Praise for Plan to Protect Oak Ridges Moraine, Press Release March 4, 2003

    Hazardous Waste Information network (HWIN) 2003 Registration deadline is February 15, 2003
    Under Regulation 347 of the Environmental Protection Act, generators of liquid industrial and hazardous waste are required to annually register their waste generation facilities with the Ministry. Beginning on January 1, 2003, generators will be able to renew their HWIN registration in HWIN. The deadline for 2003 registration is February 15, 2003."

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