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Let us help you maximize the success of your event with an effective online presence and an easy-to-use online registration process. Contact us to discuss the options best suited to your event.

1/ On-Line Registration
Looking for a reliable and economical way to provide online registration for your training session or event?

Online registration is growing in acceptance and in demand and can increase registration for your event. Whether you have a website or not, we can quickly set up your event online to maximize its success.

Our online registration charges are economical and based on the total number of online registrants, so you can be assured that the costs are in proportion with the usage of the service. In most cases, the cost is recovered even if just one more participant registers due to the convenience of registering online.

2/ Comprehensive Event Website Development
Larger events often need a more complex and customized website to effectively manage and showcase the event. Some of the services available include:

Full Web Site Development
Multilingual Capabililties
Seamless integration with your primary Web site
On-site Registration Management
Instant Reports for Stakeholders
Online Registration
Online Seating Planner
Abstract Submissions/Cataloguing
Unique Domain Name
Toll Free Number

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