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News - Nova Scotia
last updated: April 30, 2006

Some of the documents below may be in pdf format - you will require Acrobat Reader to open those files - it's free, just click on the button below to download it.

New Infrastructure Program Invests $4.7 Million in Water and Sewer Project, Press Release April 28, 2006

Minister Announces Reclamation Study, Press Release April 27, 2006

Nova Scotians Win Earth Day Scholarships, Press Release April 21, 2006

Free Guided Tours of Protected Areas, Press Release April 12, 2006

LEDs Signal Energy Savings, Press Release April 12, 2006

Cleanup CEO Welcomes Public Hearings, Press Release April 7, 2006

Agency Seeks Engineering Design for Cleanup, Press Release April 5, 2006
"The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency has asked four firms for proposals to carry out the detailed engineering design of the $400-million project."

Watercourse Installers Now Environmentally Trained, Press Release March 24, 2006

Burning Permits Required in Seven Counties, Press Release March 24, 2006

Atlantic Energy Ministers Launch Efficiency Awareness Campaign, Press Release March 8, 2006

Research and Development Forum to Support Energy Sector, Press Release March 7, 2006
"Nova Scotia's Energy Research and Development Forum 2006 takes place May 24 and 25 at St. Francis Xavier University. This year's forum will build on the success of Energy Research and Development Forum 2004 with sessions focusing on energy and the marine environment, petroleum systems and renewable energy."

Woodland Owner Conference Series, Press Release March 2, 2006
"Nova Scotia woodland owners will have the opportunity to learn more about managing their woodlands and interact with other woodlot owners at the 2006 Woodlot Owners conferences."

Organic Conference to be Held in Nova Scotia, Press Release February 24, 2006
"The Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) will hold it's annual conference and trade show at the Old Orchard Inn near Wolfville from March 2 to 4."

Saving Energy on the Farm, Press Release February 20, 2006

Rebate Money Available for Solar Water Heating Systems, Press Release February 20, 2006

Rebate Money Available for Wood Stove Purchasers, Press Release February 10, 2006

Electric Heat Rebate Applications Encouraged, Press Release February 9, 2006

Public Consultation of Sewage Disposal Regulations, Press Release February 3, 2006

Seniors' Home Energy Assistance Program Applications Available, Press Release January 19, 2006

Nova Scotians Honoured for Conservation Efforts, Press Release January 10, 2006

Study Finds No Negative Impact for Cleanup, Press Release January 3, 2006

Green Plan Protecting Province's Environment, Press Release December 22, 2005

Biomedical Waste Now Treated in Dartmouth, Press Release December 22, 2005

Pit Operations Consultation Extended, Press Release December 16, 2005
"Nova Scotians have additional time to submit their comments on how to update standards for sand and gravel pit operations."

First Town to Include Land in Wilderness Area, Press Release December 13, 2005
"The Town of Antigonish is the province's first municipality to have some of its land, including its drinking water supply, designated as part of a protected wilderness area."

Province Strengthens Global Partnerships on Climate Change, Press Release December 9, 2005

Minister Attends International Climate Change Conference, Press Release December 5, 2005

Province Helping Deck the Trees With LEDs, Press Release November 14, 2005

Framework Stresses Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Renewable Energy, Press Release October 20, 2005
"Nova Scotia wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.5 million tonnes annually and add more renewable electrical generation to the power grid. The objectives are set out in "Smart Choices for Cleaner Energy...the Green Energy Framework," released today, Oct. 20."

Ten Years of Waste Reduction, Press Release October 19, 2005

Water Strategy Boosts Quality, Safety, Press Release October 18, 2005
"Mr. Morash said the completion of the province's three-year drinking water strategy this fall has taken water safety to a new level."

Department Releases New Guidelines for Manure Management, Press Release October 14, 2005

Regulations Increase Drinking Water Safety, Press Release October 5, 2005

Changes to Wildlife Act Regulations, Press Release September 29, 2005

Environment Ministers Pledge Commitment to Co-operation, Press Release September 28, 2005

Water Research and More at New Institute, Press Release September 19, 2005

Habitat Conservation Projects Approved, Press Release September 15, 2005

Public Consultation on Well Construction Regulations, Press Release September 1, 2005

Japanese Delegation Studies Nova Scotia's Waste Management Success, Press Release August 30, 2005

Tar Ponds Cleanup Guidelines Final, Press Release August 30, 2005

New Form of Tidal Power to be Studied, Press Release August 30, 2005

Environmental Investigations Continue in Goose Bay, Press Release August 12, 2005

Woodlot Owners of the Year, Press Release July 26, 2005

Comments Sought on Draft Mercury Standards, Press Release July 22, 2005
"Nova Scotians are invited to comment on draft national standards that will reduce mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants."

Nova Scotia, Canada Sign Tar Ponds Review Agreement, Press Release July 14, 2005

Comments Sought on Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Cleanup, Press Release June 30, 2005

Bids Sought for Design of Cleanup, Press Release June 29, 2005
"The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency took a major step toward the cleanup of the Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens today, June 29, calling for expressions of interest in the engineering design of the $400-million project."

Cleanup Sponsors Online Cape Breton Business Directory, Press Release June 27, 2005
""The $400-million cleanup represents a tremendous business opportunity for local companies," said Frank Potter, the agency's director of operations in Sydney.

The agency will sponsor an online business directory containing detailed descriptions of island businesses that can contribute services or products to the cleanup of the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens."

Biomedical Waste Contract Awarded, Press Release June 22, 2005

No Approvals Required for Small Pit Operations, Press Release June 22, 2005

Baltzer's Bog Hydrology Report Released, Press Release June 20, 2005

Science Key To Biosolids Policy, Press Release June 13, 2005

Better Drinking Water for Nova Scotians, Press Release June 9, 2005

New Plant Means Better Water for Bridgewater, Press Release June 7, 2005

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency: Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Sites Remediation Project - Draft Agreement on the Joint Panel Review Process Released for Public Comment, Press Release June 7, 2005

Prevent Oil Tank Spills, Protect Environment, Press Release June 1, 2005

Nova Scotians Reduce Air Pollution Together, Press Release June 1, 2005

New Era in Farm Habitat Conservation, Press Release May 31, 2005

Updated Legislation to Help Designate Nature Reserves, Press Release May 17, 2005

Spring Good Time to Test Well Water, Press Release May 13, 2005

Province Supports Energy-Efficient Traffic Lights, Press Release May 10, 2005

No Wildlife Management Areas to be Delisted, Press Release May 5, 2005

Details Announced for Science Forum on Biosolids, Press Release May 2, 2005

Speaking Points for the Honourable Scott Brison, Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, on the Remediation of the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Oven Sites, May 2, 2005

The Honourable Stéphane Dion, Minister of the Environment, Refers the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Sites Remediation Project to a Review Panel, Press Release May 2, 2005

Pick Up Litter to Celebrate Earth Day, Press Release April 22, 2005

Amendments to Help Designate Nature Reserves, Press Release April 21, 2005
Proposed amendments to the Special Places Protection Act

Province, UNSM To Produce Greenhouse Gas Reduction Manual, Press Release April 8, 2005

Land Conservation Agreement Signed, Press Release April 7, 2005

Biomedical Waste Contract Awarded, Press Release April 6, 2005

Tusket Wastewater Services to Receive Additional Infrastructure Funding, April 4, 2005

Nova Scotians Observe World Water Day, Press Release March 22, 2005

Province Calls for Improved Air Access, Press Release March 10, 2005
"Nova Scotia is calling on the federal government to create a more open approach to Canada's air policies."

Blackheaded Budworm Threatens Highlands Forests, Press Release March 8, 2005

Electronic Waste Consultation Extended, Press Release March 8, 2005
"Nova Scotians will have an additional month to provide their views on proposed regulations to ban computers, televisions and other electronic products from landfills."

New Wilderness Areas for Nova Scotians to Enjoy, Press Release March 4, 2005
"Gully Lake and Eigg Mountain-James River in northeastern Nova Scotia will offer Nova Scotians two more wild places to explore"

Agency Seeks Engineering Firm for Tar Ponds Cleanup, Press Release March 1, 2005
"The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency has issued the first engineering tender for the major cleanup of the Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens."

Province Extends Review of Wildlife Management, Press Release February 25, 2005
"The Department of Natural Resources has extended the deadline for public comment on the review of wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife management areas."

New Regulations Will Make Air Cleaner, Press Release February 24, 2005
"Nova Scotians will be breathing easier as new air quality regulations cut sulphur dioxide emissions in half by 2010."

Energy Savings Are On The Way, Press Release February 21, 2005
Do-it-yourself energy savings kits are on the way for the first of 6,000 draw winners in the provincial Keep the Heat fuel rebate program."

Environmental Exchange Program Welcomes Young Nova Scotians, Press Release February 11, 2005

Nova Scotians Asked About Electronic Waste, Press Release February 9, 2005

Biomedical Waste Disposal System Sought, Press Release February 1, 2005

Federal Government Announces Steps to Ensure the Protection of Sable Island into the Future, Press Release January 31, 2005

Cleanup Gets Community Liaison Committee, Press Release January 25, 2005

Projects to Improve Drinking Water in Guysborough Communities, Press Release January 20, 2005

Province Assesses Wildlife Management Areas, Press Release January 17, 2005

Awards Recognize Marine Habitat Protection, Press Release January 11, 2005

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