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Ozone-depleting Substances
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About Ozone Depletion, Environment Canada

Canada’s Proposed Strategy to Accelerate the Phasing-Out of Uses of CFCs and Halons and to Dispose of the Surplus Stocks:

Information by Sector (Refrigeration and Air conditioning; Metered Dose Inhalers;Fire Extinguishing; Solvents; Methyl Bromide), Environment Canada

Notice to Anyone Engaged in the Production, Import or Use of Chlorobromomethane (CBM), Environment Canada, May 4, 2000

ODS Alternatives and Suppliers List, Environment Canada

Ozone Balloon Research, Meteorological Service of Canada, August 2002

Primer on Ozone Depletion, Environment Canada


Frequently Asked Questions, Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Process of Ozone Depletion, Ontario Ministry of the Environment


Enforcement in Quebec Fact Sheet - Ozone-depleting Substances (ODSs), Environment Canada, April 1999


CFC Refrigerant Options, Efficiency Engineering Inc.

International Ozone Day is September 16, Prince Edward Island Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Environment


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