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Some of the documents may be in pdf format - you will require Acrobat Reader to open those files - it’s free, just click on the button below to download it.

Electronics recycling needs cleaning up, Globe and Mail article by David Ticoll, November 13, 2003

EPSC European Tour of Electronics Waste Stewardship Programs, June 10 to June 15, 2003 (pdf format)

(GAP) Municipal Waste Flow Measurement Charts, December 2000
"GAP refers to generally accepted accounting procedures. It has become the term used to identify the process that allows municipalities and subsequently provinces to measure what appropriately is included and excluded in records of waste generation and diversion in any municipality or jurisdiction"

Hi-Tech Trash (e-waste), CBC News Program, aired October 22, 2002
"Currently, most obsolete electronic products are not recycled, and e-waste has become one of the fastest growing and most toxic waste streams in the industrialized world."

Issues for provincial/territorial consideration in developing End-of-life electronics waste management programs (pdf format), Electronics Product Stewardship Canada, August 2003

Mounting Concerns Over Electronic Waste, Environment Canada EnviroZine issue 33, Feature 1, (July 3, 2003)

Municipal Roles for Discarded Electronic Products (pdf format), Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
"FCM, with federal financial support, undertook a consultation process to determine the municipal perspective on the role municipal governments should play in the management of electronic waste. The consultation gathered input from municipalities across Canada between January and March 2003"

Waste Audit Guide, The Nova Scotia Resource Recovery Fund Board Inc. (RRFB)

Waste Facility Environmental Review Process (WFER), "Western Canadian Auditing Roundtable (WCAR)
Formed in 1996, WCAR's primary objective is to develop a "best practices protocol" that universally addresses the risk assessment concerns of any waste generator. There are many benefits of thisProtocol, known as the Waste Facility Environmental Review (WFER), such as the streamlining of the audit process and verification by an independent third party reviewer."

Waste Provisions in the New CEPA, 1999, article in Environment Canada's Resilog newsletter, June 2000

Weighing the results of PC recycling, CNET article By John G. Spooner, April 19, 2004 (Globe and Mail)


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