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International Agreements
Database of Canada's International Environmental Commitments
"This database was developed by the Office of the Auditor General and the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) to address the need for access by interested parties to basic information about Canada's commitments under international environmental agreements. It covers agreements with an environmental dimension, including those dealing with pollution control and prevention and the use of natural resources. It was launched in 1998 and maintained on the Office's web site until August, 2001 at which time the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade assumed responsibility."

Canada/U.S. Air Quality Agreement Transboundary Notification Under Article V
A form is provided here to be completed for certain air pollution sources located within 100 kms of the Canada/U.S. border.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) - Canadian Office website


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