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Accelerated Reduction/Elimination of Toxics (ARET), Environment Canada
“ARET, which stands for Accelerated Reduction / Elimination of Toxics, is a voluntary, non-regulatory program that targets 117 toxic substances, including 30 that persist in the environment and may accumulate in living organisms.

ARET participants voluntarily commit to reduce their emissions of toxic substances to the environment. Their action plans, which outline how they will achieve their commitments, are publicly available. Each year, participants monitor their emissions and report their results."

Emissions and Projections Working Group (EPWG) - Links to Emission Inventory Programs
"The EPWG is a technical working group made up of emissions inventory, forecasting and backcasting experts and practitioners within all Provincial and Territorial energy and environment ministries, the Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Federal Government. The EPWG has been tasked with coordinating federal/provincial work in producing Canada's emissions inventories and forecasts, specifically for criteria air contaminants (CAC) and greenhouse gases (GHG)."

Environment Canada Air Pollutant Emissions website

Environment Canada Clean Air website

Meteorological Service of Canada

MM5 Meteorological Data for Western Canada, November 1999
�British Columbia and Alberta jointly sponsored the generation of hourly, three-dimensional wind and temperature fields for 1995, using the MM5 meteorological model. The domain includes Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC, the Alaska panhandle and northern parts of the State of Washington, Idaho and Montana.�

National Climate Data and Information Archive
"The National Climate Data and Information Archive, operated and maintained by Environment Canada, contains official climate and weather observations for Canada."

National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI), Environment Canada
“This website provides information about the release of targeted NPRI substances into the environment. The NPRI Summary Reports and databases from 1993 onward are available and can be accessed, queried or downloaded in several formats.�

The Environmental Technology Centre (ETC)
“The Environmental Technology Centre of Environment Canada deals primarily with the measurement of air pollutants in ambient air, air pollutants emitted from mobile and stationary, the analysis of a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds, and the provision of technical research and development to support these and other activities.�

The Weather Network's Air Quality Index

Tips for improving the air quality in your office, Public Works and Government Services Canada


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