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Environmental / GIS Software
Groundwater / Borehole Logs / Geology

Earthfx Inc. Solutions:
Sitefx Groundwater Data Management System (GDMS)
EarthFX has developed an environmental data model with a groundwater monitoring focus that has been used successfully for a number of projects in Ontario. The data model has been adopted by the York-Peel-Durham groundwater management team where is holds data for about 200,000 wells, climate stations and other monitoring locations, plus in excess of 10 million temporal reading of water quality and level. Click Here for more information.

Viewlog is an advanced 3D groundwater GIS, built to allow the user to reassemble geologic data for analysis with real-time read/write connections to multiple external databases. It includes a suite of geo-statistical interpolation tools (including advanced 3D fault krigging), and can be fitted with the Web Viewer option. Click Here for more information.

Web Server
EarthFX offers a web server package based on key features of SiteFX and Viewlog. The web server is current used by the United States Geological Survey (Louisiana) and the York-Peel-Durham groundwater group. Click Here for more information.

Other companies/software:
Other environmental software companies and products related to Groundwater / Borehole Logs / Geology can be found in the Environmental Software Category of our Environmental Marketplace.


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