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Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
Canadian Association for Renewable Energies

Canadian Hydropower Association

Canadian Renewable Energy Network, Natural Resources Canada

Power Plan for Renewables, Article by Joshua Ostroff featured in the Summer 2004 issue of 'The Newsletter of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation'

Primer on the Technologies of Renewable Energy (pdf format), Pollution Probe, October 2003
"This informative 81-page booklet explains what renewable energy is and how it works - how water works as a renewable energy source; how wind can generate large amounts of electricity; solar power; and, biomass technology which develops energy from agricultural crops, fast-growing trees and mill waste."

Fuel Cell Program website, National Research Council Canada

Natural Resources Canada - CANMET Energy Technology Centre (CETC)
"The CANMET Energy Technology Centre (CETC) operates ten (10) programs... All programs are focussed on reducing the environmental consequences associated with the production and use of energy."

Natural Resources Canada - Renewable and Electrical Energy Division

U.S. Government Department of Energy

ETDE World Energy Base, ETDEWEB
"ETDEWEB is a product of the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE), a programme of the International Energy Agency.

ETDEWEB includes information on the environmental impact of energy production and use, including climate change; energy R&D; energy policy; nuclear, coal, hydrocarbon and renewable energy technologies and much, much more."

Renewable Energy in Canada, The Conference Board of Canada Final Report, September 24, 2003

“Renewable Energy Technology in Canada: Current Status and Future Prospects.�, by Timilsina, Govinda, D. Czamanski and J. P. Prince (April 2005)


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