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Legislation - Manitoba
b/ Applicable Legislation/Guidelines
Some of the documents may be in pdf format - you will require Acrobat Reader to open those files - it’s free, just click on the button below to download it.

Manitoba Acts and Regulations can be accessed for free through the Queen's Printer Statutory Publications website. NOTE: "The consolidated version of a regulation might not include amendments that came into force within the last 90 days. Read the notice at the bottom of the first page of the regulation to see if it includes the latest amendments."

  • French versions of the Legislation is also available online
  • Not all the forms, tables and diagrams in the Regulations are available online.

Bills can be found on the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba website.

The Manitoba Gazette is not available online.

Main Environmental Acts and Regulations:

The Biofuels Act (not yet proclaimed) S.M. 2003, c. 5

The Conservation Agreements Act

The Conservation Districts Act

The Contaminated Sites Remediation Act

The Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act

The Drinking Water Safety Act

The Dutch Elm Disease Act

The Dyking Authority Act

The Ecological Reserves Act

The Emergency Measures Act

The Endangered Species Act

The Energy Act

The Environment Act

  • Burning of Crop Residue and Non-Crop Herbage Regulation (77/93)
  • Campgrounds Regulation (89/88 R)
  • Classes of Development Regulation (164/88)
  • Disposal of Whey Regulation (90/88 R)
  • Environment Act Fees Regulation (168/96)
  • Environmental Assessment Hearing Costs Recovery Regulation (210/92)
  • Incinerators Regulation (91/88 R)
  • Inco Limited and Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited Smelting Complex Regulation (165/88; amendment 181/88)
  • Joint Environmental Assessment Regulation (126/91)
  • Licensing Procedures Regulation (163/88)
  • Litter Regulation (92/88 R)
  • Livestock Manure and Mortalities Management Regulation (42/98)
  • Participant Assistance Regulation (125/91)
  • Peat Smoke Control Regulation (226/89)
  • Pesticides Regulation (94/88 R)
  • Private Sewage Disposal System and Privies Regulation (95/88 R)
  • Rockwood Sensitive Area Regulation (121/94)
  • Sensitive Areas Regulation (126/88 R)
  • Storage and Handling of Gasoline and Associated Products Regulation (97/88 R)
  • Waste Disposal Grounds Regulation (150/91)
  • The Dangerous Goods Handling And Transportation Act (pdf format):

    • Anhydrous Ammonia Handling and Transport Regulation (236/89)
    • Classification Criteria for Products, Substances and Organisms Regulation (282/87)
    • Environmental Accident Reporting Regulation (439/87)
    • Regulation Respecting the Handling, Offering for Transport and Transporting of Dangerous Goods (Adoption of Federal Regulations) (172/85; amendment 141/87)
    • Generator Registration and Carrier Licencing Regulation (175/87; amendment 140/88)
    • Manifest Regulation (139/88)
    • PCB Storage Site Regulation (474/88)

    The Fisheries Act

    The Fishermen's Assistance and Polluter's Liability Act

    The Forest Act

    The Ground Water and Water Well Act

    The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Act

    The Manitoba Hazardous Waste Management Corporation Act

    The Lake of the Woods Control Board Act

    The Land Rehabilitation Act

    The North American Environmental and Labour Cooperation Agreements Implementation Act

    The Noxious Weeds Act

    The Nuisance Act

    The Ozone Depleting Substances Act

    The Provincial Parks Act

    The Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act

    The Plant Pests and Diseases Act

    The Polar Bear Protection Act

    The High-Level Radioactive Waste Act

    The Regional Waste Management Authorities Act

    The Sustainable Development Act

    The Transboundary Pollution Reciprocal Access Act

    The Transboundary Pollution Reciprocal Access Act

    Objectives and Guidelines

    The Government of Manitoba has made the following Objectives and Guidelines available on-line:


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