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Address: 2342 Munns Avenue
  Ontario, Canada L6H 6G9
Tel: 905 257-1119
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Description: - Portable and Backup Power Solutions specializes in portable and backup power solutions for home and business that are reliable, safe and simple to use. Our products will help you keep all your laptop, TV, cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, Palm and other electronics operating no matter where you are. Our largest products will even keep home appliances and small offices operating during a blackout.

Although our products are great to have during an emergency, they also have many other uses year round - from playing music at a picnic to keeping your tools and equipment running on the job site. The XPower Inverters will keep all your electronics recharged and running in the car without requiring a special adaptor for each one!

Our main product lines are XPower Powerpacks, XPower Inverters, and Solar Backup Power. We also have cool solar backpacks and bags  and solar headphone radios.

XPower Powerpacks
XPower Powerpacks are battery integrated systems that are a convenient source of power for year-round use and are ideal for weather emergencies, power outages and car breakdowns.

The XPower Powerpack 1500 is the largest model and is an excellent alternative to an emergency generator as it is quiet, doesn't use fuel or generate fumes, and has no moving parts. It was built to run a range of appliances such as a standard size refrigerator and microwave oven, as well as office equipment including computers, monitors and fax machines. The Powerpack is recharged using power from your wall outlet, your vehicle, or a solar panel.

The smaller Powerpacks are also ideal to have on hand in the event of a power outage. Besides providing backup power, some of these models also offer other features including an AM/FM radio, digital alarm clock, built-in emergency light, and jumper cables with enough power to jump start a car, truck, boat or small RV.
But don't wait for an emergency to use your Powerpack. They are also great for job sites,  camp sites, or anywhere else that you could use some portable power.

Click Here to view the XPower Powerpacks.

XPower Inverters
Ever had your computer or cell phone run out of power and there was nowhere to plug it in? XPower inverters make it a snap to access AC power from your vehicle or in a plane. These compact devices convert 12 volts DC into 115 volts AC, so that you can plug in and keep your iPodâ„¢, cell phone, or laptop operating, just like you're at home.

If you are in your car, just plug the inverter into a vehicle's lighter socket to conveniently recharge and run electronic devices such as cell phones, camcorders, laptop computers, PDAs, TVs, portable work lights and more - without the need for multiple adaptors.

Click Here to view the XPower Inverters.

Solar Backup Power
Solar power solutions are ideal for extended power outages or when you don't have access to a power source for an extended period of time. Our line of solar products includes portable solar panels that easily connect to the XPower Powerpacks  or directly to your electronics to keep them charged and running.

Also check out these new "toys" on the market - cool solar backpacks and bags that will keep your cell phone and other small electronics charged, and a high sound quality solar-powered radio headset that will never require batteries.

Click Here for more information about our Solar Panels.

Service Area: Alberta,British Columbia,Manitoba,New Brunswick,Newfoundland,Northwest Territories,Nova Scotia,Nunavut,Ontario,Prince Edward Island,Quebec,Saskatchewan,Yukon,U.S.,International
Categories: Emergency/Spill Response Equipment/Products
Energy Efficiency/Alternative Energy Resources
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Pollution Prevention

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