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Posted by: jason wong on 11/15/02 Title: conservation or preservation of resources
Postnum: 111 EntryID:680
explain why you or other people would consider the conservation or preservation of resources important.


Posted by: Rebecca on 11/16/02 Title: Re: conservation or preservation of resources
Postnum: 111 EntryID:681
I'm expecting my first child and would like he/she to enjoy the same quality of life that I've enjoyed. This would include the enjoyment of parks and protected areas as well as the conservation of such areas to ensure, for example, water and air quality. By using recycled materials, virgin resources are conserved for future generations and allowed adequate time to replenish (eg. forests). I don't think I have any more right to these resources than my children or grandchildren do. By not conserving petroleum resources, as an example, we are putting our health and the health of the natural environment at risk (due mainly to overconsumption). We get everything that we need to survive from the natural enviroment (water, air, food, shelter) and in not conserving those resources we are putting the human species, as well as many other species, at serious risk. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like further discussion on the topic.

Posted by: Mike Johnston on 11/20/02 Title: Re: conservation or preservation of resources
Postnum: 111 EntryID:683
The preservation/conservation of resources are important due to the fact that there is a very limited supply of them readily available. The more we use the less there is, the less that is there the more they cost, the deeper we dig/cut/harvest the more damage we do to the environment and so on until there are so few readily available resources that our civilization collapses due to lack of strategic resources. It will not happen in our time, maybe not in our childrens time, but it will happen. By conserving/preserving natural resoucres as best we can we give science and technology a chance to find better ways to do things with different, maybe renewable resources. This will help ensure a better life for more people in the future, whether they be our children, our childrens childrens, or someone elses children. I have faith that given enough time science will find solutions to our resource problems, the more time they have the better the solutions. With this in mind it is in everyones interest to conserve and preserve our natural resources to the best of our abilities. Mike J.

Posted by: Ben Walters on 4/15/03 Title: Re: conservation or preservation of resources
Postnum: 111 EntryID:818
Just out of curiosity Jason why do you ask this question?

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