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Posted by: Sonia on 11/26/02 Title: waste water treatment
Postnum: 114 EntryID:687
Does anybody have experience or references in the field of the treatment of the wastewater in panel industry (fiberboard)?


Posted by: Jeff on 12/4/02 Title: Re: waste water treatment
Postnum: 114 EntryID:691

Are you looking for operators or to contract out the operations to an outside company?


Posted by: Sonia on 12/5/02 Title: Re: waste water treatment
Postnum: 114 EntryID:693
In fact, I'm looking for companies or consultant having experience in that field because we want to change our wastewater treatment and find a more convenient. Hence, I would like to find someone who has already treat this kind of waste.

Posted by: Talis Forstmanis on 12/5/02 Title: Re: waste water treatment
Postnum: 114 EntryID:694
I have extensive experience in waste trearment. Please provide details of wastewater. Situation needs to be understood before any advice can be provided. There are several cost effective technologies available.

Posted by: Sonia on 12/5/02 Title: Re: waste water treatment
Postnum: 114 EntryID:695
Thank you for your answer. The wastewater come from the washing of the wood chips and only in winter time. In summer, we don't have any water to treat. The composition of the wastewater is also fluctuating in the time due to the raw materiel (wood chips) which also fluctuates in composition. We have made some random mesurements. The results of these are: SS:6.000 to 20.000 ppm DCO: 20.000 to 25.000 ppm pH: 4,5 T°: 35 to 45°C We also made one mesure of the DBO of 9.000 ppm but we have to make some again because we throw doubt about it. Best Regards, Sonia Viance

Posted by: Tom Arvanitis on 12/10/02 Title: Re: waste water treatment
Postnum: 114 EntryID:704
I can help, we have over 40 years of chemical/water treatment experience. We are a family company that looks to saving costs over selling products. Feel free to contact me. 1-877-455-9355

Posted by: Mark Thomas on 2/3/03 Title: Re: waste water treatment
Postnum: 114 EntryID:733
Our company handles wastewater treatment for a variety of different industries. Our technology has been used extensively in the box board industry, and we also have experience working with a local lumber company processing a waste that sounds similar to your wood chip effluent. If you provide further details on your effluent, as well as your discharge criteria I can provide several suggestions that may be helpful.


Mark Thomas (519)-648-2366

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