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Posted by: Mike W on 2/22/03 Title: Computer monitor (CRTs) disposal costs
Postnum: 135 EntryID:756
I'm working on a business case for a large organization that wants to replace traditional CRTs with flat displays. One consideration is that CRTs (and other computer equipment) may be considered hazardous waste due to mercury and other elements used in their construction. So, the question is does anyone know if other jurisdictions are currently or planning to impose a hazardous waste disposal fee on CRTs? Or will these wastes continue to go into the landfills unregulated.

Thx, Mike.


Posted by: N on 2/24/03 Title: Re: Computer monitor (CRTs) disposal costs
Postnum: 135 EntryID:758
CRTs and some electronics may fail the TCLP and potentially be considered hazardous waste. Materials that are wholly recycled can be exempt from the hazardous waste restrictions (registering wastes, manifesting, etc.)and there are many companies that will recycle electronics for a fee. My only word of caution is to investigate the recycling company to make sure they are in fact recycling the material and not shipping it to developing countries - that is illegal. Canada has ratified the Basel Convention which prevents developed countries from dumping haz wate in developing countries.

Posted by: Mike Johnston on 2/25/03 Title: Re: Computer monitor (CRTs) disposal costs
Postnum: 135 EntryID:761
In the US regulations vary greatly state to state. In many there is no clear regulation for disposal of CRT's. In the extreme east anmd west, CA and Maine, all mercury containing equipment is required to be recycled. If the equipment is intact it is a "special" waste, if not it is a hazardous waste. We are treating all mercury containing equipment as hazardous waste and as such are recycling/disposing of it apropriately. I am also interested in recyclers in the Ontario are for our Elmira location.

Mike J.

Posted by: Deepa S. on 2/25/03 Title: Re: Computer monitor (CRTs) disposal costs
Postnum: 135 EntryID:762
We have found someone in Port Colborne to handle such waste as well as used batteries etc:

Posted by: Aaron Wozniak on 6/20/03 Title: Re: Computer monitor (CRTs) disposal costs
Postnum: 135 EntryID:866

Actually, we have a company in the US that has developed a way to recycle 15" - 21" monitors made after 1994 that have CRT's in tact, no screen burns and cases mostly undamaged. They have about a 95% refurbish rate and the other 5% is either used for parts or unfortunately must go to landfill.

Aaron Wozniak

Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 12/23/03 Title: Re: Computer monitor (CRTs) disposal costs
Postnum: 135 EntryID:991
You might want to try Syrotech in Winnipeg. is their website.

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