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Posted by: Andie on 3/11/03 Title: Canada's Involement in International Environmental Issues
Postnum: 145 EntryID:779
Do you think that Canada has been doing it's fair share when it come to international environmetnal issues. If yes what are soem of the main things this country is doing to help and if no what do you think they should be doing to help?


Posted by: mike johnston on 3/11/03 Title: Re: Canada's Involement in International Environmental Issues
Postnum: 145 EntryID:780
You might want to qauntify what a fair share is. When compared to most countries south of the equator Canada is head and shoulders ahead in regulatory requirements, popular support and effective regulatory enforcement. When compared to other developed western nations the view gets a little more hazy. Many countries have tougher regulations but fail to enforce them, like Mexic. Most have a different outlook on what needs to be regulated. For instance the US is death on Hazardous Air Pollutants, (HAP's), but in Japan most HAP's are not treated any differently from VOC's like Acetone, (which isn't regulated in the US but is in Japan). Canada regulates odors under their environmental regulations while most other countries address them under various civil codes. I guess what I'm saying is that it is hard to really say how Canada or any other country is doing it's fair share. Most of what the answer boils down to is how the people percieve environmental issues. In that department Canada is ahead of Us Midwesterners who mostly think the environment is someone elses problem and Coastal types who seem much more concerned and personnally involved in environmental affairs.

Mike J.

Posted by: Jubril Adebola Gaffar on 3/18/03 Title: Re: Canada's Involement in International Environmental Issues
Postnum: 145 EntryID:785
Its usually amazing when people don't realize they have a good thing. Canada is excelling in Environmental International issues and i dare say are forerunners/pathfinders. This has been demonstrated again and again so learn to appreciate what u got. In a recent survey i came across, Canada had the second best water quality standards in the world behind Finland and the in terms or energy provision and protection of air qaulity standards are doing really well. Canada was right on mark when it decided to endorse the Kyoto protocol because we should realise as an old Kenya proverb goes " the earth is not a gift to our children but a loan from them" because generations yet unborn will ask what we did to protect the earth when all the damage was being done. It odesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that ther is definitely a relationship between man's anthropogenic actvities and the current global climate changes. The idea is to mitigate the damage already done and not companies from making a profit but people seldom see it this way because they are only looking at the short term gains. Canada should continue setting the pace for enforcement of environmental regulations because the world will definitely benefit from this in the long run. We definitely don't expect the current American administration to do anything sbout it anyway.

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