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Posted by: Barbara on 7/13/03 Title: Victoria - raw sewage in ocean
Postnum: 187 EntryID:889
I am very concerned that Victoria, B.C. does not treat their city's sewage but sends it directly into the ocean. As a result, our orcas are the most polluted whales in the world. Any suggestions as to what can be done? Thank you.


Posted by: Enviro Girl on 7/14/03 Title: Re: Victoria - raw sewage in ocean
Postnum: 187 EntryID:890
Hi Barbara, are you new to Victoria? This has been an ongoing issue for years. They have built a treatment plant for a small area, (I think in Sidney) that treats that area (not the city of Victoria). I would recomend talking to the CRD environmental department, as well as local community groups to see what attempts they have made in the past that have failed to give you an idea as to what direction to take. You may also discover that there may be a group that is working on this. (The CRD can tell you of local enviro groups)

Posted by: Sean Melvin on 8/2/03 Title: Re: Victoria - raw sewage in ocean
Postnum: 187 EntryID:911
My advice goes out to all Canadians regardless of location.

Our great civilization's sewage treatment process DOES NOT treat the many many many chemicals and other that we flush down our toilets and sinks everyday. Our sewage systems are designed to handle HUMAN WASTE not cleaning chemicals, grease from restaurants and the many other waste products we tend to flush down our drains.

Doing my part in Victoria, I have concentrated on P2 (pollution prevention) initiatives that reduce pollution at the source. For example, Southern Vancouver Island dentists are responsible for about 30-40% of the mercury that is dumped directly off our shores and taken up by our beautiful Orcas and all the other marine life-forms.

A couple of years ago, Maximum Separation Systems (a local company here in Victoria) helped the CRD to bring in sewer by-laws to legally force dentists to install amalgam separators and stop the mercury pollution at the source. At MSS, we fought long and hard against many dentists and the BC and Canadian Dental Associations to make this a reality. Finally, this message and the laws are now spreading across Canada.

More recently, at Royal Roads University (also in Victoria), I have helped to pioneer a chemical free cleaning system that has reduced chemical use on the entire campus by about 90-95% over the past two years. There is a residential and commercial version of this cleaning system that has been used in Europe since the early 1990's. (Personally, I have been using NO cleaning chemicals for almost four years and my house isn't infested with rats yet).

So Barbra and others to make a long story short....prevent pollution BEFORE it occurs, and spread the word about how no matter where you live in Canada your sewage treatment process allows many many many chemicals and other nasty things to pass right through and into your local environments.

Posted by: dharmendrakumar on 10/8/04 Title: Re: Victoria - raw sewage in ocean
Postnum: 187 EntryID:1228
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Posted by: Alicia on 11/24/04 Title: Re: Victoria - raw sewage in ocean
Postnum: 187 EntryID:1265
Hi I'm just wondering why the CRD arnt upgrading the sewage treatment to a Primary or secondary level? Are they saying it has to do with costs? or do they just believe that it's not necessary? PLease write back

Posted by: Peter Broad on 9/12/05 Title: Re: Victoria - raw sewage in ocean
Postnum: 187 EntryID:1467
Victoria is only one of 21 similar Canadian Cities, no wonder we are called a third world county. Read the Sierra Club report then try to get local media behind a clean up or make it an election issue, but play tough others have tried and failed

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