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Posted by: Trevor Kolybaba on 8/14/03 Title: Developing Code Sheets
Postnum: 194 EntryID:923
I am in the middle of developing a database for the waste that we deal with. Does anyone have any suggestions for a software type that is modifiable to process forms, reports and other similar documents?


Posted by: Mike Johnston on 8/18/03 Title: Re: Developing Code Sheets
Postnum: 194 EntryID:924
We don't have much of a need to do more than rudimentary tracking in our system due to low volumes and limited waste streams but you question got me wondering. I checked with our waste hauler and they are using a program called Wixel from a company called RMS in Colorado to generate manifests. Their number is 888-846-4407. Talk to Michelle at extension 114. For other tracking they are using ACT from ABS. This program even hooks into their accounting system and generates all the costing paperwork as needed. Their number is 260-728-2840. Talk to Todd. I hope this is helpful.

Mike J.

Posted by: Darren Wolek on 8/25/03 Title: Re: Developing Code Sheets
Postnum: 194 EntryID:925
I use Microsoft Access to perform a variety of tasks related to tracking environmental health and safety inoformation. I have found that by devoting a little bit of time learning the program, I can develop customised database tools that are far superior to anything a vendor sells - and I can customize it any way I want.

Darren Wolek Health and Safety Coordinator IMT Corporation - Forge Group

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