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Posted by: Paul T Muponda on 8/28/03 Title: Environmental Burners
Postnum: 195 EntryID:927
Could you please help me with information on Environmental Burners. I would like to buy one for our company. The sort of information that I am looking for would inclued: 1) The amount of gases produced 2) The nature of the gases 3) The rate that it burns waste.



Posted by: Mike Johnston on 8/28/03 Title: Re: Environmental Burners
Postnum: 195 EntryID:928
Are you looking for information on thermal combustors to burn off VOC's? If so there are a great variety of them on the market that can be tailored to your needs. There is also an option from a company in Oregon that uses bioremediation of airborne VOC's. Our company was looking at these due to the MACT standard implementation. They are pretty pricey at from .8 - 1.5 million US a copy. Luckily we reformulated our materials to eliminate the VOC's. If this is what you are looking for there are many companies on the internet that can be found by searching for "Combustors".

Mike J.

Posted by: Richard Lepine on 11/26/03 Title: Re: Environmental Burners
Postnum: 195 EntryID:970
If you tell me exactly what you want to do, I can provide guidance on appropriate solution. Please call me: 416-881-3525 Regards Richard

Posted by: Peter P on 11/28/03 Title: Re: Environmental Burners
Postnum: 195 EntryID:973
Since the exorption of the rate of burn will only be successful through extensive burn over a minimum time of 1:30 seconds, a good burner would (exceeding the MACT standard) would include the ARC 163 by Wesson and the Ulison Max Burner by Fulcron Lab Products.

Both types have been known to exceed Foburitery Allowance on burn control.

Good luck!

Peter P

Posted by: Andy on 1/18/04 Title: Re: Environmental Burners
Postnum: 195 EntryID:1019
What type of material do you wish to burn? We handle any type of biomass including MDF dust well within EPA requirements. Feel free to contact me with your details. Regards Andy

Posted by: Paul T Muponda on 1/19/04 Title: Re: Environmental Burners
Postnum: 195 EntryID:1020
I am looking at burning oil contaminated waste. Do you have anything that can do that.

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