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Posted by: wayne on 11/17/03 Title: sale of contaminated properties
Postnum: 208 EntryID:964
i am interested to know if there is a resource locator of contaminated properties and how they are sold?


Posted by: Bono on 12/3/03 Title: Re: sale of contaminated properties
Postnum: 208 EntryID:977
I'm interested too...

Posted by: Chris on 12/10/03 Title: Re: sale of contaminated properties
Postnum: 208 EntryID:978
To the best of my knowledge, no such list or resource exists in Canada (unlike the US). I believe the federal goverment maintains a list of known federal sites that are contaminated, but this would apply only to federal lands.

Provincial Ministries of the Environment may maintain a similar list of known contaminated properties, but if they do, they have never been publically released.

Responsibility for ensuring that you are not purchasing a contaminated site tends to default to the purchaser, which is why most organisations, banks, and finance companies require that a Phase 1 environmental site assessment be performed prior to the completion of a sale. However, the seller of a property also has an obligation to disclose information regarding the property which would include any known contamination issues.

Posted by: Terratank on 12/10/03 Title: Re: sale of contaminated properties
Postnum: 208 EntryID:979
I'd also be interested. Chris, I've noticed that you're from jacques whitford. Who can I speek to there in regards to Soil Remediation. I've spoke to Mr Steve Dutaud and Mr Iqbal Patel in the past and we spoke briefly on some sites that you guys where working on (soil testing). Again, if you may, who would / should speak to in regards to the actual soil removal/remediation for some of the sites you're testing?


Posted by: Chris on 12/11/03 Title: Re: sale of contaminated properties
Postnum: 208 EntryID:982
A searchable database of known federal contaminated sites is available from the Treasury Board of Canada at the following website.

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