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Posted by: dpower on 8/3/04 Title: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1174
Does anyone know of any diaper recycling initiatives in North America?


Posted by: Chris Rahm on 8/9/04 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1179
There was a brief column in this months Today's Parent which discussed various diaper options, one of which was diaper recycling. Without much in the way of technical info, they did mention that one of the Toronto area municipalities has (had?) a successful curbside diaper recycling program which targeted households using diapers. The article spoke of an 80% reduction in landfilled diapers.

You can generally pick this magazine up for free in most doctor's offices.


Posted by: Chris Rahm on 8/12/04 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1182
Check out


Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 8/26/04 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1195
There is a company that uses post-industrial diaper scrap as a spill absorbant & containment product.

Posted by: Hu Jun on 10/7/04 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1225
we want to by diaper scrap, airlaid cutting, reclaimed fluff pulp, reclaimed wool pulp. if you could supply, pls contact us. thank you

B.REgards hujun tel 0086-371-6156357 fsx;0086-371-3072110 e-mail;

Posted by: john hart on 11/5/04 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1252
have scorces for 200 tons monthly of diaper fluff, baled

Posted by: Hu Jun on 11/6/04 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1253
Dear John hart

we are pleased to learn you could supply scorces of diaper fluff. Could you quote price and send us photos ? it would be better if you could send actual sample.

looking forward to cooperation with you.

B.REgards hu Jun

Posted by: Dale L Vollmert on 4/7/05 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1357

I am a senior student at Upper Iowa University in Madison, WI doing my senior paper on diaper recycling. Can anyone give me a complete run-down on the present status of this initiative? Papers out there I can have via e-mail as a guide Research, ect. Thoughts, ect.?


Dale Vollmert

Posted by: Jaime McKay on 4/28/05 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1374
We are also looking for sources to buy and sell diaper scrap from. If there are any interested parties out there, please feel free to contact us at 216-741-4000. Thank you very much.


Posted by: Robert Janota on 5/22/05 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1401
We currently have 6 million pounds of shreded and baled post industrial biaper scrap for sale. Material consists of PE/non-woven PP/5-30% cellulose. we also generate another 30,000lbs per day.We can load truck,sea container, or rail box cars from our location. If ther is any interest please feel free to contact me at 573-334-9437 ext302

Posted by: Jennifer Wheeler on 10/27/05 Title: Re: diaper recycling
Postnum: 264 EntryID:1498
I am also interested in diaper recycling. I want to know what it would take to get it implemented in even small places like Nova Scotia. We can recycle so much other stuff, I'd really like to know how I could get this technology to Nova Scotia. As a mother of a 6 month old I really don't want to keep contributing to the filling of our landfills and destruction of our planet. Our children are our future and we can't have a future if we keep polluting it. Part of the problem though is those childrens diapers.

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