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Posted by: Candace on 8/10/04 Title: Waste Exchange Forum
Postnum: 266 EntryID:1180
I am currently working on a project based out of Calgary called the Foothills Waste Exchange ( Basically what we do is facilitate industrial waste exchanges primarily in the Foothills Industrial Park of SE Calgary. We are in our pilot phase (month 12 of 18) and although successfully making exchanges we would love to learn from and other waste exchanges.

We were wondering if there are any forums out there for people working on these types of projects to share information (i.e. what's has worked for them, solutions found to complex waste items, how they report their successes or failures, etc.)? If not, maybe someone would be interested in starting one, possibily even something connected to this site (since there is a waste exchange here too).

Any comments on this are welcomed!


Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 8/26/04 Title: Re: Waste Exchange Forum
Postnum: 266 EntryID:1194
We're a new company in Winnipeg that deal with hard to recycle materials, as well as materials consdiered non-recyclable. We approach the reuse/recycling/reprocessing of materials in a non-traditional manner. If you have any contacts there that have materials they will ship to our facility, we may be interested. We usually accept materials free of charge, but there is occassionally a fee required depending on the materials involved.

Posted by: Candace on 8/31/04 Title: Re: Waste Exchange Forum
Postnum: 266 EntryID:1199
Our problem is mostly with composite material. Composite woods, composite plastics, etc. Hydraulic hose is also a problem. We do have some bigger companies participating that have foam-lined crates that may be interested in your services though. Could you send me more information about your company, any certification you may have, what happens to the individual components of the products being dismantled and recycled, what you do and don't accept. I need to know this information before I would be willing to recommend companies to utilize your services. My email is

Posted by: Brent on 9/5/04 Title: Re: Waste Exchange Forum
Postnum: 266 EntryID:1208
I am interested in more information on the foam lined crates you have access to. Could you give me more information on them? I am near Yorkton Sk. and may be able to make use of them.

Thanx Brent

Posted by: W on 9/26/04 Title: Re: Waste Exchange Forum
Postnum: 266 EntryID:1217
I have a book regarding waste exchange that covers more than 130 industries such as oiland gas, chemical plants, mills, etc----, if you are interested please provide a contact address.

Posted by: Candace on 11/18/04 Title: Re: Waste Exchange Forum
Postnum: 266 EntryID:1261
That sounds like it would be a pretty good reference. What exactly does it cover regarding waste exchanges? Where are you located? If you could you provide me with the name of the book, I could see if I can find it locally.

Thanks, Candace

Posted by: Brent on 11/19/04 Title: Re: Waste Exchange Forum
Postnum: 266 EntryID:1263
I would be interested too!!


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