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Posted by: J.P.Marini on 9/20/04 Title: Diaper Recycling
Postnum: 274 EntryID:1210
Is anybody familiar with diaper composting?


Posted by: Mike Johnston on 9/20/04 Title: Re: Diaper Recycling
Postnum: 274 EntryID:1211
I have read some articles on Planet Ark and ENN about a company that has patented a recycling program for disposable diapers. They did not go into detail beyond that the first step is to shred them to allow for better aeration, a necessary step in composting. Both of these web sites archeive thier stories so you should be able to find the article. Both also offer a daily e-mail newsletter if you are interested.

Mike J.

Posted by: Hu Jun on 10/7/04 Title: Re: Diaper Recycling
Postnum: 274 EntryID:1226
Do you tell me their e-mail ?

thank you

B.REgards Hu Jun


Posted by: Hwan Lee on 11/30/04 Title: Re: Diaper Recycling
Postnum: 274 EntryID:1276
someone posted info on this too

Posted by: J.P. Marini on 12/1/04 Title: Re: Diaper Recycling
Postnum: 274 EntryID:1277
We are in the process of developing an operation for composting diapers with organic municipal waste. Does anybody have any experience with this?

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