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Posted by: Andrea Porter-Chapman on 5/18/05 Title: Environmental Management Systems
Postnum: 307 EntryID:1386
I am trying to find resources that will assist me in the development of an Environmental Management Policy/System for my organization. We are a medium sized NGO with no current system in place. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Cheers. Andrea


Posted by: Cristian on 5/18/05 Title: Re: Environmental Management Systems
Postnum: 307 EntryID:1389
Hi Andrea,

I'm an independent Environmental Auditor and Management Systems Specialist. Please feel free to email me to talk about it.


Cristian Rodriguez B.Eng; CEA & CHSC Candidate

Posted by: Mike Johnston on 5/19/05 Title: Re: Environmental Management Systems
Postnum: 307 EntryID:1390
A good start is to list all of your environmental requirements, both internal and external, then put together an annual plan to address them. If you want to go beyond simple compliance you may want to get a copy of ISO 14000 and use it as a guide to build a comprehensive management system. One of the main advantages of an environmental management system is to allow you to alocate resources in a controlled manner over time and plan activities. This should allow your company to cut costs and more accurately allocate resouces. Keep in mind that you don't have to be certified to ISO 14000 to gain benefits from it's underlying premises and concepts.

Mike J.

Posted by: Waleed on 6/23/05 Title: Re: Environmental Management Systems
Postnum: 307 EntryID:1417
Hello Andrea, I'm an ISO14001 Auditor (EMS Auditor) and a Certified Environmental Systems Manager (ISO14001, EMAS), I have a set of documents and presentations, that should help you to initiate your programme. Please drop me an e-mail with your contacts in order to fax/e-mail these documents to your side. Once you receive this material and if you had problems in implementation or understanding, it will try to provide time to assist you through it.

Posted by: krajappriyan on 7/13/05 Title: Re: Environmental Management Systems
Postnum: 307 EntryID:1426
my qualification in diploma in computer engineering at 2002-2005

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