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Posted by: MelissaM on 9/13/05 Title: enviro career advice
Postnum: 316 EntryID:1473
Hi Does anyone have any advice to give some one trying to find a junior or entry level position in the environmental consulting industry (specifically in environmental management/ISO 14001)? All positions seem to be at the technician level - any advice for some one trying to break into the industry with a science and master's degree? I do have related work experience, but even that does not seem to be enough. Tips and advice would be appreciated.


Posted by: Mike Johnston on 9/16/05 Title: Re: enviro career advice
Postnum: 316 EntryID:1476
I have found that related certifications can make a significant difference. In my current position I interviewed against 14 other candidates, all with 4 or 6 year degrees. I have only a 2 year degree in liberal arts. I got the job based on work experiance and the 12 or 14 environmental certifications I have. Some that may be helpful include CHMM, (Certified Hazardous materials Manager), CET, (Certified Environmental Trainer), HAZWOPER, (or the canadian equivilant), ISO 14000 lead auditor, Waste Site Supervisor, Water treatment operator, and hazardous materials Incident Commander. Most of these courses are of less that a weeks duration and not all that pricey compared to a college degree. I hope this helps.

Mike J.

Posted by: Neil B on 9/19/05 Title: Re: enviro career advice
Postnum: 316 EntryID:1478
I recommend that you find some companies that you would like to work for, and apply for any job available. Sometimes a technician position is the best way to find out how a company works. Many companies require that all new entry level/junior employees start there.

Posted by: MelissaM on 10/4/05 Title: Re: enviro career advice
Postnum: 316 EntryID:1485
Thanks for the advice!

Posted by: Scott D on 10/6/05 Title: Re: enviro career advice
Postnum: 316 EntryID:1486
Another approach is to talk to regulators in you jurisdiction to see who is working on their projects. Sometimes you can land yourself a contract this way to do some environmental work or at the very least find out which companies are doing what you want to do. Once you have a contract you have a very good in with consulting companies who are interested in the work. The certification route that Mike J describes is good but typically only works if you are applying against people with marginal skills in the field or if the company is trying to save a buck by hiring someone for a lower wage than a fully qualified applicant. Neil's advise is sound as that is the way that most people start off with consulting. The bigger challenge is once you are in consulting not to get pigeonholed into one area. Good luck

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