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Posted by: Carolin on 8/20/02 Title: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:608
I work in a manufacturing facility in Chilliwack BC (1-1/2 hours east of Vancouver).We currently have a large supply of bulk container bags that we would like to find a recycler for.

Approximately 200 bags approx.6'tall x 3-1/2'wide 100% polypropolene. Safe working load:1200kgs. They have a PP05 recycling logo on the label.

Approximately 140 bags 35x35x42L. Safe working load: 1000kg. Plastic fibre of unknown type.

Any ideas or leads would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by: Rick Penner on 8/21/02 Title: Re: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:609
The Thompson Recycling Centre in Thompson Manitoba uses large polypropylene bags for collecting and storing recyclables collected from surrounding communities. They may be interested in these bags. A new General Manager is just starting today, however, so I don't know if they will be able to move very quickly. Their phone # is 204-677-7991.

Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 12/23/03 Title: Re: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:996
If they are 'clean' (Ie: No residues, oils, chemicals, dusts, etc) we may accept them, but they would have to be shipped to Winnipeg at your cost.

Posted by: Dan Laforest on 1/9/04 Title: Re: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:1011
Can anyone recommend a FIBC cleaning station? I would like to wash and bale about 120 - 150 bags per day. What happens to the spen / recycled bags if they dont go to land fill? Make straw bale twine?

Posted by: rod spooner on 6/28/04 Title: Re: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:1145
We are looking for 1-ton or slightly larger poly bags. The bags should be bottom-unloading style, so they can be reused. They also must allow water to pass out of the bag. Do you have anything like this?

Posted by: Sian Campbell on 6/28/04 Title: Re: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:1146
We are looking for a solution to our bulk bags to try and be environmentally friendly...our company sells products in 2000lbs bulk bags - UV treated woven polypropylene, bottom opening. We have only just started to use these and some of our customers are asking if they can recycle them somewhere. Our company is based in Abbotsford BC; our customers are located throughout southern BC. The bags are lined with plastic sheets (to keep the product as dry as possible and tied off at the top - however i imagine they could be used again?)

Posted by: Sun on 8/26/04 Title: Re: Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:1196
Dear Sir

We got your e-mail address from your compamy' web-sit.After reviewing your diverse product line and your extensive manufacturing capabilities, We guess that your Corp.are reliable packaging supplier with the greatest overall value for FIBC requirements.

We take the liberty of writing to you with a view to establishing business relations with you.

Take this opportunity,allow us to introduce us to you.We are a manufacture and exporter.Our company is an export-oriented joint-venture spcializing in all kinds of plastic products.Our main products include PP bags,coantainer bags, shopping bags,garden bags and pop up bags.Our company has gained the ISO99001 and ISO14001 certifications.

We sincerely to hope to conclude some satisfactory transactions with you in the near future.

your sincerely sun

China,Changzhou Ssangleong plastic products Co.,LTD TEL:0086-519-3882778 FAX:0086-519-3885669

Posted by: Robert on 2/14/05 Title: Re: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:1322
I represent company in Minnesota USA that is very interested in recycling FIBC bags. We are converting the bags back to pellets and making new products from them. Please contact me through the attached email address for information.

Thank you,

Robert Renaux

Posted by: Linda on 4/15/05 Title: want to buy waste Polypropylene PP bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:1362
We are a Holland base company, having AQSIQ cert. and want to buy waste polypropylene pp bags from you.If interest in our business, pls. kindly send your offers and contact me at

Posted by: Charlie Kuhl on 5/25/05 Title: Re: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:1409
We have available 600 - 1200 FIBC per month. Size is 36 x 36 x 72 which previously had a food product in it.

Posted by: Brenda on 8/1/05 Title: Re: Recycling Bulk Container Bags
Postnum: 90 EntryID:1445
We might be able to use your bags, if you still have them. Please email me if so at

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