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Posted by: Darren Wolek on 9/9/02 Title: Shipping Regulations
Postnum: 93 EntryID:614
Would anybody be able to comment on the duties of a company who ships a chemical product (citric acid in this case) via truck to various locations across North America. Obviously TDGA applies in Canada, but in terms of our obligations in the event of an accident where our product is released to the environment, is the trucking company obligated to notify us, and we then notify the appropriate agency (TC, MOEE, etc.) , or is appropriate notification entirely within the domain of the shipping company?

What other duely diligence action items can be done on our part to ensure egulatory compliance in this event?


Darren Wolek Environmental Coordinator Jungbunzlauer Canada Inc.


Posted by: Barton E. Taylor, Emergency Response Manager on 9/26/02 Title: Re: Shipping Regulations
Postnum: 93 EntryID:618
In response to your question Darren, the shipping company is only obligated to inform you as per the shipping agreement arrangements with no obligation for emergency response. They are responsible however to contact the local Ministry of Environment, Provincial Emergency Programs, or Canutec (if railcars are involved)at the time of the spill to initiate the province's ER members. This falls into the shipper's responsibility since they are the immediate person on site. Any reputable shipping company will have an emergency spill contingency plan established, and is well worth your time to review this.

Posted by: Mike Johnston on 10/15/02 Title: Re: Shipping Regulations
Postnum: 93 EntryID:637
US regulations are little different than TDG. Emergency Response information is required to be included with the shipment as well as a 24 hour number where someone can be reached to give information about the shipment as well as instructions on what to do. The trucking company or the owner of the property will be responsible for initial clean up but the shipper will get the bill long term unless it is determined that it was not the shippers fault. Most companies stateside us either chemtrec or chemtel to provide the 24 hour phone consultation and list the ERG # for the material as emergency response information. Hope this helps,

Mike J.

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