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Posted by: Corrie Matwie on 9/17/02 Title: Environmentally Friendly Paint for Ice
Postnum: 95 EntryID:616
I am looking for an environmentally friendly paint that can be used in the the winter time to paint on ice. In the spring the ice melts into a stocked fish pond and is a holding tank for water used to water grass in the area. If the pond gets too full the water is then drained into the North Sask River. Thank you for your help!

Corrie Matwie Assistant Community Liaison Officer, Strathcona County Recreation, Parks and Culture


Posted by: S. Leering on 10/29/02 Title: Re: Environmentally Friendly Paint for Ice
Postnum: 95 EntryID:660
Try using beet juice! If you have a large area to paint then this option may not be feasible, however it does work. You may also want to try a biodegradable ink with natural ingredients. Check out powdered paints made of natural dyes and pigments (you mix them with water until you get the perfect consistency for what you need.) Not sure if these are any help, but it all depends how much you can spend and how large the area is to be painted.

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