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Posted by: amario on 8/29/03 Title: Remanufactured Printer Cartridges
Postnum: 18 EntryID:52
Hi All,

I visited this great place in Toronto to refill my laser printer cartrdige.

I admit, i used to throw away my old cartridges, but these guys refilled it on the spot and it works good as new.

The name of the shop is "Cartridge World", located on Kennedy Road + 401 in Scarborough.

Phone number is 416-412-FILL

They also refill inkjet cartridges, general pricing is about half the price of a new cartridge. I guess they save money and the environment ;)

Worth a try in my opinion.

Thanks, Amario


Posted by: phil on 7/5/05 Title: Re: Remanufactured Printer Cartridges
Postnum: 18 EntryID:626
I took your advice and these guys are truly fantastic. I am definitely technologically challenged. I did not even know how to remove my cartridges from my printer, so I visited the store with my printer in hand. The shop owner told me that people come in all the time with their printers, so I did not feel too bad. They refilled my hp cartridges - they work perfectly, saved me more than half the price I normally pay.

For all those that buy their cartridges from future shop or staples, this place is definitely the better way!!

Regards, phil

Posted by: Akshay on 7/5/05 Title: Re: Remanufactured Printer Cartridges
Postnum: 18 EntryID:628
I went by too, great guys, great place.. and about half the price of new.. Its definatly a must to try for anyone.. home or business

Posted by: Stephen on 9/13/05 Title: Re: Remanufactured Printer Cartridges
Postnum: 18 EntryID:757
After reading the responses here I checked out the place and I must say that I really liked how they answered my questions and how curtious they were. I had an old Canon printer and the cartridges were like $30 new but they refilled my old cartridge for like under $15. Service here was just excellent.


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