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Posted by: sherry on 11/15/03 Title: pathological waste
Postnum: 28 EntryID:79
I am doing a project on path. waste. I can't seem to find out where this waste is going. By the looks of it, it is picked up by authorized personnel and then i don't know what happens to it? Does it go to a landfill? Or is in incinerated?

Hopefully , someone can help me out.

Thank you


Posted by: Chris on 11/17/03 Title: Re: pathological waste
Postnum: 28 EntryID:80

Most, but not all, pathological waste is incinerated and not landfilled (there are other options available). There are numerous laws and regulations which govern disposal of pathological waste. Disposal is somewhat dependent on what the waste is and on how or where it was generated. The following guides and regulations may be of interest to you.

- CAN/SCA-Z317.10-01 Handling of Waste Materials in Health Care Facilities and Veterinary Health Care Facilities, Canadian Standards Association, March 2001. - CCME Guidelines for Management of Biomedical Wastes in Canada, 1992. - City or regional Sewer Use By-Law (depends on where you live). - Ontario Environmental Protection Act, SO 1990, Draft BioMedical Waste Management Regulations (a regulation to amend O. Reg 347). - Ontario Environmental Protection Act, RSO 1990, Part V, Sections 19 and 27; Part XVII, Section 197, Guideline C-4 (formerly 14-05) The Management of Biomedical Waste in Ontario, April 1994. - Ontario Environmental Protection Act, RSO 1990, Part V, Sections 19 and 27; Part XVII, Section 197, Guideline C-17 Non-Incineration Technologies for Treatment of Biomedical Waste (Procedures for Microbiological Testing), October 2002. - Ontario Environmental Protection Act, R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 347, Amended to O. Reg. 323/02, General - Waste Management. - Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines 2nd Edition, Health Canada, 1996. - Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines 3rd Edition Draft, Health Canada, Sept. 20, 2001. - SOR.DORS.2001-286, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Clear Language Version).

If you do not live in Ontario, you will want to look up your particular provinces laws and regulations.

You may also wish to contact one or more of the companies licensed to transport and/or dispose of pathollogical waste. Each province or territory has their own licensing requirements, but there are only a few companies in Canada that deal with this type of waste. Two that I can recall are Med-Tech and Stericycle.

You should also know that many jurisdictions are in the process of developing new definitions of 'biomedical' waste which may allow for different treatment and/or disposal options.

Chris Rahm Jacques Whitford Environment Limited Ottawa, Ontario

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