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Posted by: Greg on 6/26/06 Title: Newbie Questions
Postnum: 295 EntryID:1117
Sorry up front if you've all heard these questions before...

I'm not a recycler but the company I work for landfills what I consider to be a large amount of plastic. The plastics include Standard white EPS, Black rigid PS, and mostly beige/cream coloured PC + ABS, PC + ABS +FR(40).

At what quantities do recyclers begin to become interested in these plastics.

Where do I find bench mark pricing to know the value of these plastic (i.e. Is it worth my time)

Are there SMALL grinders, compactors, balers etc available to help reduce volume

How clean is clean (what contaminants are worrisome, what are not)

How much separation is required, non, by type, by colour?

A point in the right direction would be much appreciated



Posted by: Ray on 7/18/06 Title: Re: Newbie Questions
Postnum: 295 EntryID:1160
Greg: Plastics should be segregated to get the best price. Typically ~35-40,000 pounds per container/trailer. The Plastics News lists some recycled plastic prices but may not be very accurate. Equipment is avail to reduce volume. If interested in conversing further, please feel free to email me as River Trading is in this market. Regards, Ray

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