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Posted by: Bipan Gupta on 11/28/03 Title: Recycling Metals and Chemical wastes.
Postnum: 30 EntryID:84
Hi, I am one year new in Canada, having 9 years backhome exp. of running my unit for recycling waste of non- ferrous metals and chemicals. Prominent were getting solder from solder dross, CuSo4 from PCBs wastes, Silver from photographic wastes, Zinc metal and salts from zinc residues. Looking for someone to join hand with, so as I can step in theis field here again.Ask for more details, BIPAN


Posted by: Lancy on 12/15/03 Title: Re: Recycling Metals and Chemical wastes.
Postnum: 30 EntryID:99
Hi Bipan Can you explain what actually u r looking for. Give specific process you can handel for recovery of metals and chemicals. Lancy.

Posted by: Chris on 1/17/04 Title: Re: Recycling Metals
Postnum: 30 EntryID:144
i have 3 grabage bags fulled with cans.....can i recycle them for money?

Posted by: Patel MAhesh on 4/6/04 Title: Re: Recycling Metals and Chemical wastes.
Postnum: 30 EntryID:223
Dear Bipinbhai,I am impoter of copper oxide from spent pcb etchant in large quantity,Please quote us with spec cif mumbai basis.My brother is also in CANADA.( Dev Patel Phone;416 289 1971 (R) Regards, Mahesh patel

Posted by: David on 8/26/05 Title: Re: Recycling Metals and Chemical wastes.
Postnum: 30 EntryID:723
We offer Chinese Silicon Metal lump 10-100mm, 90%min , packed in 1000kg big bags 1-20FCL Aug/Sept shipmt FOB Tianjin Xingang/Dalian/Huangpu as follows:

Si 99% 441, Fe: 0.4%max, Ca: 0.10%max USD1000/mt (USD1/kg) FOB China

Si 99.4% 3303,Fe: 0.3%max, Ca: 0.03%max USD1100/mt (USD1.1/kg) FOB China

Si 99.6% 2202,Fe: 0.2%max, Ca: 0.02%max USD1140/mt (USD1.14/kg) FOB China

Si 99.8% 1101,Fe: 0.10%max,Ca: 0.01%max USD1190/mt (USD1.19/kg) FOB China

Bismuth Metal Ingot / Slab 99.995% USD4.45/lb (USD9.8/kg) FOB Shanghai/Huangpu, China

El Mn Metal Flake 99.8% USD1600/mt (USD1.6/kg) FOB China Main Ports

Magnesium Metal 99.95% USD1600/mt (USD1.6/kg) FOB Tianjin Xingang,China

Sodium Silicofluoride 99% USD235/mt (USD0.235/kg) FOB China Main Ports

Pls reply to our Fax: +86 731 276 2915. Please recommend us buyers if you do not buy any of the above goods.

Tks + B.RGDS / Mr David Guo Mr John Zhao

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