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Posted by: Harry on 12/22/03 Title: Used Cooking Oil
Postnum: 34 EntryID:102
Hi, Can anyone tell me what I can get large quantities (200 tons) of "clean" Used cooking oil?



Posted by: al lloyd on 3/19/04 Title: Re: Used Cooking Oil
Postnum: 34 EntryID:207
clean used cooking oil available

Posted by: Harry on 3/27/04 Title: Re: Used Cooking Oil
Postnum: 34 EntryID:220
Hi Al,

Can you provide me with more info please, such as price, quantity and location of the source.



Posted by: al lloyd on 4/1/04 Title: Re: Used Cooking Oil
Postnum: 34 EntryID:222
I have a restaurant in Ottawa. There is only one company that I can find to pick up. There are hundreds of these situations in the Ottawa area. I have now 250 gal tank filled. If you had containers you could collect all this oil for the cost of picking it up. I could get you a lot.

Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 5/26/04 Title: Re: Used Cooking Oil
Postnum: 34 EntryID:259
Harry, are you workiung on bio-diesel, by chance? We're planning to create a small 'refinery' of our own so we can fuel our vehicles & possibly the vehicles of a charitable group we have been working with.

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