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Due to unfortunate internet spam, previous posts on this bulletin board can be viewed however the posting function has been temporarily removed.

Posted by: Lou DiPoce on 5/28/04 Title: Polyurethane Foam/packaging materials
Postnum: 67 EntryID:262
I am a recycler of polyurethane foam (sponge) bedding foam, furniture foam, underpad foam, molded foam. will accept any quantity.

Anyone interested please call.

Recycling Matters Inc. Toronto, 416-520-1171


Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 11/12/04 Title: Re: Polyurethane Foam/packaging materials
Postnum: 67 EntryID:408
Lou, do you pay for shipment to your location from other provinces? Also, do you accept used foam or just new scrap? We already have markets for new scrap, but may eventually require a method of disposal for used scrap (ie: furniture cushion foam, used carpet underlay, etc) Interested to hear about your use(s) or suggestions for use.

Posted by: lou @ Recycling Matters Inc. on 11/13/04 Title: Re: Polyurethane Foam/packaging materials
Postnum: 67 EntryID:409
To Barry @ SKR

Yes Barry I will pay for scrap FOB Brampton if quantity of scrap allows, I do the carpet underpad waste and old furniture but must be clean and uncontaminated usually in a bale form. Packaging material is also excepted.

Lou, Recycling Matters

Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 11/16/04 Title: Re: Polyurethane Foam/packaging materials
Postnum: 67 EntryID:415
Lou, tried replying to your email directly, but Rogers bounced it back as your email address being non-existant.

As for the furniture foam & underpad, what would you consider contaminated? Possible staples a problem? Dust, dirt or other biological contamination (cat urine, for example)? Mold? Also, what kind of price (by weight) do you need to pay for the material? Right now, quantities would be sporadic, but dependant on the clients we end up with, it is possible that there could be regular shipments in the future. Barry @ SKR

Posted by: Lou on 11/17/04 Title: Re: Polyurethane Foam/packaging materials
Postnum: 67 EntryID:422
Hello Barry

Email me @ the first letter is an L not i.

Thank for your reply. No mold- can be avoided if waste material is kept clean and dry form indoors. Contamination would be cardboard, plastic, wood, Metals of any sort. I would require truckload quantities of 30-40000 lbs baled. Cat urine or any type of medical waste i would consider unacceptable. Depending upon where you are located shipment and prices can be negotiated

Posted by: kenneth on 8/11/05 Title: Re: Polyurethane Foam/packaging materials
Postnum: 67 EntryID:701
Hi. Are you intersted buying PFS from Chinese's factory? I can supply up to 30 containers (40f).

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