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Posted by: Hemingway Forbes on 8/11/04 Title: Waste Plastic Disposal in Canada
Postnum: 88 EntryID:337
In the realm of Waste Plastic - Agri or otherwise where can one find the Canada statistics of amounts produced BUT MORE SO how much is disposed, how, where. There were some articles that suggested Canada frowns on landfill disposal but does ship waste plastic offshore inclusive of India. With the introduction of recommendations from the RIO Accord the practice of Developed Countries shipping toxins and wastes to Under Developed Countries must end in 2006. Question is what then? Basic question is however is there somewhere to define how much waste plastic Canada contributes? American figures are easy to find and they are actually mindblowing in amounts produced, used and how little is actually capable of being recycled in the traditional sense. PENN STATE is working with somebody in Korea on a Combustor that can recycle dirty waste plastics (primarily AGRICUTURAL plasic) into Plastofuel pellets and convert to prime line energy for heat and power. Sounds promising. Any help with the Canada thing would be great. HF


Posted by: Henry Huang on 9/8/04 Title: Re: Waste Plastic Disposal in Canada
Postnum: 88 EntryID:357
Not easy to get this kind of statistics data.

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