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Your bottom line is at stake. Did you know…

­ The Alberta government has introduced on-line reporting of accidental releases and spills?
­ The federal government has committed $15 million to funding for carbon storage projects?
­ The Quebec courts have set a new approach to compensation for contaminated property?

The answers to these questions are in recent issues of Environment Policy & Law. Keeping on top of these issues is crucial, and Environment Policy & Law will help you stay current, month after month. In its 15th year of publication, Environment Policy & Law provides environmental professionals with the most up to date, crucial information. It is an invaluable resource providing:

  • An overview of key federal and provincial legislative, regulatory, policy and legal developments, with pointers to on-line resources or contact individuals for additional information
  • Columns by some of Canada’s top environmental lawyers that highlight important legal issues
  • A calendar of upcoming environment related events and conferences
Environment Policy & Law is available to you monthly in your mailbox, or via delivery to your e-mail box (you will still receive a printed copy for your archives).

Being better and more currently informed gives our subscribers a competitive edge and a financial advantage when it comes knowing the policies and laws that govern our environment. Some of your competitors have access to the information in Environment Policy & Law. Shouldn’t you?

Click Here to request your free issue or subscription today. That’s all it takes to stay on top of these vital issues. Take action now to ensure you don’t miss anything in the future. Subscribe to Environment Policy & Law. Your bottom line will thank you.

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