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Well to Wire Emissions Control Inc.
Address: #17, 1700 Varsity Estates Dr. NW
  Alberta, Canada T3B 2W9
Tel: 403-288-3647
Fax: 403-286-3696
Contact: Bryan Campbell, Hedley Shaw
Email: Click here to email this company.
Description: Our primary business is the removal of undesirable gases from gas streams using our "patent pending" modular, Emission Defense Units (EDU's). First deployed into the Canadian oil and gas sector, our technology can be used wherever hazardous gas streams or obnoxious odours are produced, including such non-hydrocarbon based gas streams as sewage foul air, biomass odors, or hydrocarbon bearing agricultural waste gas streams.

Key applications for our technology include: Removal or "scrubbing" hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and up to 12% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) from sour or acid gas streams.

Scrubbing H2 Sfrom a pre-combustion gas stream (helping to protect vital engine and compressor components from extremely corrosive H2 Sand its derivatives).

Removing Malodors caused by Mercaptans and some Aromatics present in gas streams from processing or production facilites.

Scrubbing of sulfur dioxide (SO2) from a "post combustion/incineration" exhaust stream. (This technology will be field tested in 2002).

This process accelerates reaction rates, permitting large volume throughputs. Our vessel can be grass roots designed and/or modified for site specific gas volumes and concentrations of sour and/or acidic components in the gas streams. Truck mounted units are available in 2002.

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Service Area: Alberta,British Columbia,Manitoba,New Brunswick,Newfoundland,Northwest Territories,Nova Scotia,Nunavut,Ontario,Prince Edward Island,Quebec,Saskatchewan,Yukon,U.S.
Categories: Air Pollution Prevention/Control Equipment
Green Products
Odour Control

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