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Pigmalion Environmental Services - Showcase -
5128 Everest Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4W 2R4
Tel: 905 602-4349

Fax: 905 602-6760

Toll Free Tel: 1-800-387-7581
Contact: Donald Redford
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Pigmalion Environmental provides Canadian manufacturers with an extensive offering of spill clean up and prevention products. Utilizing three stocking locations across Canada to service our customers: Delta, BC, Edmonton, AB, and Mississauga, ON, Pigmalion's fully trained, technical sales team is available to assist you.

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Pigmalion has the broadest offering of absorbent products across Canada. Stocked in three key locations, our Morwik, Oilwik, and Peak Performance absorbent pads, rolls, socks and pillows can be used for the clean-up of everyday leaks and drips or in response to an accidental spill.

Pigmalion absorbents are compatible with oils, aggressive chemicals, coolants, inks, and a variety of other liquids used in manufacturing environments. Our trained sales team can help you determine the right absorbent product for your application.

  • Pigmalion now has Ministry of the Environment approval to collect and dispose of used absorbents in Ontario. Call us for details on our new Pigmalion Plant Services Program.
  • Matasorb and Sorb-X brand absorbent pads and rolls have recently become stocking items at Pigmalion.

Spill Kits

Pigmalion spill kits are customized to meet the requirements of any site, any type of liquid, and any size spill. Spill kits manufactured by Pigmalion are specified to each application, filled with high-quality equipment, and placed in the most effective and safe type of container.

Whether you require a truck kit or a mobile in-plant kit, oil or acid neutralizing kit, 10 litre or 500 litre kit, Pigmalion can meet your specification. Our sales team will help you specify the type of absorbent, personal protective equipment, disposal method, container type, and any other type of equipment required.

  • Pigmalion's Spill Kit Services Program offers customers a regularly scheduled visit by one of our sales professionals to inventory your kit contents and replenish what is required. Call us about this unique service!

Safety Cans & Cabinets

Pigmalion offers Canadian manufacturers the Justrite brand of Safety Cans and Cabinets. Whether you have flammable chemicals and/or aggressive liquids, Justrite products will keep your facility compliant with regulations and keep your employees safe. The Justrite brand is the leader in steel and plastic cans and cabinets used when dealing with the organizing, safe storage, and protection of liquids. All safety cans and cabinets are available for use with:
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Combustible Liquids
  • Corrosive Liquids
  • Pesticides

Secondary Containment

Enpac, Ultratech, and Gator brand secondary containment products can all be found at Pigmalion. Our broad selection of spill decks and pallets, drum storage and dispensing products, and overpack containers ensure that your facility is compliant with Fire Code and Provincial regulations dealing with the safe storage and dispensing of chemicals. Pigmalion's secondary containment product offering includes:
Drum Funnels Job Huts and Chemical Sheds Overpack Containers
Salvage Drums Spill Berms Drum Workstations
Spill Pallets Intermediate Bulk Containment (IBC) Catch Basin Inserts
Containment Pools Drum Dollys Drum Storage Systems
Leak Diverters Drain Covers Spill Trays

Belt Skimmers and Filtration

Pigmalion Environmental is the Canadian Master Distributor for Abanaki Corporation. Abanaki is the leading manufacturing in the area of belt skimmers used to eliminate tramp oils from coolant tanks and parts washing systems. Abanaki Skimmers range in capacity from 3.8 litres/hour to 600 litres/hour of oil removed. Ideal applications include food processing facilities, drainage pits, parts washers, heat treating operations, underground tanks, and vehicle wash bays.

In addition to belt skimmers, Pigmalion offers filtration systems and various types of filter media used to eliminate oils and contaminates from compressors, coolants, and printing inks. Our broad selection of filter bags is ideally suited for printers and bulk liquid processors. Contact our team today for a solution to your filtration problem.

Environmental Services

Pigmalion offers Ontario customers 3 unique programs to help them reduce waste, stay compliant, and ensure they are prepared for spills within their facility.

Reusable Absorbent Program
Pigmalion offers an absorbent cleaning service with simple, hassle-free pricing. Tell us how many drums, socks, and pads you want and we bring them to you. When the absorbents are used, we'll pick them up and deliver clean absorbents.

Absorbent Disposal Program
If disposable absorbents are your preference, Pigmalion will provide you with approved drums and set-up a service schedule. We'll deliver your absorbents and empty drums, while at the same time, pick-up and dispose of your used absorbents and comply with all of the applicable MOE regulations.

Spill Kit Maintenance Program
When was the last time your spill kits were inspected? Pigmalion will send a service representative into your facility on a scheduled basis to inspect, inventory, re-stock and clean your spill kits. A service report will be created for your files and you will be prepared for any spills that may occur.

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