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Posted by: Wayne Colvin on 6/27/03 Title: recycle tires
Postnum: 174 EntryID:870
To whom it may concern. I am interested in accumulating a large supply of rubber tires for the purpose of recycling.Do you have any information as to where I could find a source here in BC or Alberta? Thank you for your help. Regards Wayne Colvin


Posted by: Chris Rahm on 9/30/03 Title: Re: recycle tires
Postnum: 174 EntryID:939
Hi Wayne,

I'm not sure about where to get used tires in Alberta or BC, but I know of a number of sources for used tires in Ontario. Is it the tire you want or the rubber? Shipping from Ontario to the west would likely only be economically worthwhile if the tires were shredded prior to shipping.

If this would meet your needs, please send me an email to and I will connect you with some companies that collect used tires.

Posted by: Wayne Colvin on 11/27/03 Title: Re: recycle tires
Postnum: 174 EntryID:971
Hello Chris. Yes it would be the rubber we require.We would be interested in investigating the sources and determine if it would be economical. Thank you.


Wayne Colvin

Posted by: Michelle on 3/24/04 Title: Re: recycle tires
Postnum: 174 EntryID:1060
Hi, everyone. I'm looking for a pattern to make a tire swing of a horse or anything else for my 2 year old. Please let me know if you know where to find one.

Thanks, Michelle :-)

Posted by: ben on 6/2/04 Title: Re: recycle tires
Postnum: 174 EntryID:1120
I am interested in the methods of recycling tires for a school report on the issue at hand any help would be greatly appreciated thanx ben

Posted by: Bernie Galenski on 2/7/05 Title: Re: recycle tires
Postnum: 174 EntryID:1319
hi am thinking of starting a tire recycling business in INgersoll ont. but I know nothing about it were do you get the tires the machines and the cost just a small business

if any one has any information please e-mail me

thanks Bernie

Posted by: Tanya on 4/7/05 Title: Re: recycle tires
Postnum: 174 EntryID:1358
Hello, we have a large bunch of transport tires to get rid of (probably 5 or 6 transport loads) We have them up as a fence but are selling our place and the people that are interested in buying, don't really want them here. I am up in Northern Ontario, if any1 is interested just send me an e-mail. Thanks

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