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Posted by: Yan on 5/7/06 Title: save our environment, engergy and cost
Postnum: 341 EntryID:1583
What do you think we put one more layer of cloth on and set our minimum room temperature a couple of degrees down and save engergy, cost and our environment? What our offsprings are gonna burn to keep the minimun 21 degree of celcius from Sept 15 to June 1? Shoulddn't our goverment change this bylaw to keep our enviroment and save some resource for our descendents?


Posted by: Mike Johnston on 5/8/06 Title: Re: save our environment, engergy and cost
Postnum: 341 EntryID:1584
Your concept is good and your question very relevant. Even in the US the Govt has been encouraging consumers to run their thermostats at 18 in the winter and 21 in the summer as well as insulating etc to save energy. I disagree with your view that the govt should pass a law though. There is no energy crisis pee se except one of our own choosing. There is plenty of energy out there in the form of oil tars, coal, Hydro, and good old fashioned wood. Unfortunately the environmentalists won't let us use them for fear of global warming, lose of owl habitat, or obstruction of the annual salmon run. We need to get our priorities straight and develope new ways of providing energy and stop obstructing development projects like oil tars and hydro/wind plants or our children will indeed have to wear more than just an extra set of clothes.

Mike J.

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