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Environmental management can be described as the way in which all of a company’s activities are managed and monitored with respect to its effect on the environment. Essentially all of the environmental issues addressed in the “Legislation� and “Enviro Topics� sections are relevant to environmental management. This section comprises articles that don’t relate specifically to one of the other “Enviro Topics�.

Some of the documents may be in pdf format - you will require Acrobat Reader to open those files - it’s free, just click on the button below to download it.

Environmental Guide for Federal Real Property Managers, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, (1999/11/01)

“The Environmental Guide for Federal Real Property Managers is intended to be a good reference for managers throughout the country in the life-cycle management of Real Property from the acquisition phase to the disposal or demolition and dismantling of the property.�

Green Publications Checklist, Environment Canada
"Whether producing a memorandum, a newsletter, or a report, creating printed information has its own particular environmental implications. The following suggestions should be carefully considered during design, production and distribution of printed material."

Improving Environmental Performance and Compliance - 10 elements of effective environmental management systems (pdf format), Guidance document, June 2000, Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Integrating Environmental Management Into Business Functions, Presented at the A&WMA 92nd Annual Meeting, by Matthew Goldman, Roy F. Weston Inc., June 1999 (pdf format)

Managing The Corporate Environment - An Overview, by R.V. Laughton, Pollutech Environmental Limited

“When dealing with any of the issues under the title of "Environmental Control" it is essential that consideration be given to both the inside plant environment and the outside natural environment. In as much as it is necessary to protect our natural resources, it is equally important to protect the working environment. The implementation of either the indoor or outdoor environmental program generally forces the plant manager to deal with the other.�

New Paths to Business Value: Strategic Sourcing--Environment, Health and Safety (pdf format), by the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI), March 2001

Using the Internet for Environmental Benchmarking, by Scott Butner, Battelle Seattle Research Center, originally prepared for Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce Environmental Supplement, Last Updated: August 3, 1996

“The growing commercialization of the World Wide Web has led to the increased availability of corporate information via the internet. While much of the information available from these commercial sites is intended for product promotion and public relations, a side-effect of this trend has been the increased accessibility of corporate Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) information. This article provides some discussion of how this information can be used to benchmark environmental performance against industry leaders, as well as an annotated list of links to some of the best corporate ES&H sites on the internet.�

Strategic challenges for business in the use of corporate responsibility codes, standards, and frameworks, October 2004
, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
"How can a company best make strategic choices in the selection and use of leading corporate responsibility codes, standards and frameworks? What are the implications, now and in the near future, of complying with these voluntary or regulatory initiatives? How does a company determine whether or not alignment (or “signing-up�) will bring business value? To answer these questions, this report was prepared by AccountAbility for the WBCSD ‘Accountability and Reporting Working Group’."


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