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Legislation - Saskatchewan
b/ Applicable Legislation/Guidelines
The Government of Saskatchewan provides free access to up-to-date versions of all Acts and Regulations, The Saskatchewan Gazette, and other legislative publications on the Queen's Printer website (Freelaw®) (Note: as of March 2004, the documents on Freelaw® are updated within 7-10 days of the enactment of original and amending legislation). The official hard copy documents can also be purchased through the Queen's Printer website

Bills before the Legislature, Hansard and House Papers are available on-line (for free) at the Legislative Assembly.

Main Environmental Acts and Regulations:

Clean Air Act

  • Potash Refining Air Emissions Regulations
  • Clean Air Regulations
  • Dangerous Goods Transportation Act

  • Dangerous Goods Transportation Regulations
  • Ecological Reserves Act

  • Assiniboine Slopes Provincial Ecological Reserve Regulations
  • Qu’Appelle Coulee Provincial Ecological Reserve Regulations
  • Buffalograss Provincial Ecological Reserve Designation Regulations

  • Provincial Ecological Reserves Regulations

  • Representative Area Ecological Reserves Regulations

  • Emergency Planning Act

  • Provincial Disaster Assistance Program Regulations, 1993

  • Environmental Assessment Act

    Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002

  • Reservoir Development Area Regulations

  • Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods Regulations

  • Municipal Refuse Management Regulations

  • Ozone-depleting Substances Control Regulations

  • Environmental Spill Control Regulations

  • PCB Waste Storage Regulations

  • Mineral Industry Environmental Protection Regulations, 1996

  • Used Oil Collection Regulations

  • Scrap Tire Management Regulations

  • Water Regulations, 2002

  • Ethanol Fuel Act

  • Ethanol Fuel (General) Regulations

  • Fisheries Act (Saskatchewan), 1994

  • Fisheries Regulations

  • Forest Resources Management Act (Note: all the Regulations are not listed below; click on the link to the Act to access a list of all the Regulations)

  • Forest Resources Management Regulations

  • Chapter 24 - Forest Resources Management Amendment Act, 2003

    Ground Water Conservation Act

  • Ground Water Regulations

  • Home Energy Loan Act

    Litter Control Act

  • Litter Control Designation Regulations

  • Notices Under The Litter Control Act, 1973

  • Litter Control Regulations, 1973

  • Natural Resources Act

  • Resource Protection and Development Services Regulations, 1994

  • Noxious Weeds Act, 1984

  • Noxious Weeds Regulations
  • Noxious Weeds Designation Regulations
  • Parks Act (Note: all the Regulations are not listed below; click on the link to the Act to access a list of all the Regulations)

  • Parks Regulations, 1991

  • Pest Control Act (Note: click on the link to the Act to also access a list of all the Regulations)

    Pest Control Products (Saskatchewan) Act

  • Pest Control Products Regulations, 1995

  • Prairie and Forest Fires Act, 1982

    Provincial Lands Act (Note: click on the link to the Act to also access a list of all the Regulations)

    Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Act

  • Reservoir Development Area Regulations

  • Drainage Control Regulations

  • Withdrawal from Allocation Regulations

  • Water Rights Regulations

  • Soil Drifting Control Act

    State of the Environment Report Act

    Water Appeal Board Act

    Water Power Act (Note: click on the link to the Act to also access a list of all the Regulations)

    Watershed Associations Act

    Wildlife Act, 1998

  • Wildlife Regulations, 1981

  • Wildlife Management Zones and Special Areas Boundaries Regulations, 1990

  • Wildlife-Landowner Assistance Regulations, 1991

  • Wild Species at Risk Regulations

  • Loi de 1998 sur la faune

    Wildlife Habitat Protection Act

  • Wildlife Habitat Lands Disposition and Alteration Regulations

  • Treaty Land Entitlement Withdrawal Regulations

  • Wildlife Habitat Lands Designation Regulations

  • The following documents have been posted online by Saskatchewan Environment:

    Canada-Saskatchewan Agreement on Environmental Assessment Cooperation:

    Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods Regulations - Fact Sheets:

    Saskatchewan Biomedical Waste Management Guidelines


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