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News - Ontario
last updated: April 30, 2006

Some of the documents below may be in pdf format - you will require Acrobat Reader to open those files - it's free, just click on the button below to download it.

Note: Ontario Ministry of the Environment press releases of companies that have been fined or convicted by the Ministry are not included here. Click Here to access them on the Ministry website.

Ontario's Drinking Water Is Safe: McGuinty Government On The Side Of Ontario Families, Press Release April 28, 2006
"Ontarians can be confident of the quality of their drinking water, Environment Minister Laurel Broten said today after receiving the first annual report by the province's Chief Drinking Water Inspector."

Ontario Government Mows Down Pollution: Ontarians Encouraged To Return Gas Lawn Mowers For Cleaner Alternatives, Press Release April 26, 2006

Ontario Government Supports Local Efforts To Protect Water Sources: Grants For Scientific Studies Support Local Water Protection Planning, Press Release April 24, 2006

Ontario Helps Communities Protect Drinking Water Sources - Government Marks "Earth Week" With Grants to Support Local Water Protection Planning, Press Release April 21, 2006

Minister Commends Regions For Their Commitment To Made-In-Ontario Solutions For Waste Disposal: Work Plan For Environmental Assessment Approved, Press Release March 31, 2006

Province Marks World Water Day: Ontarians Urged To Do Their Part for Water Conservation and Protection, Press Release March 22, 2006

Expanding Opportunities For Renewable Energy In Ontario, Press Release March 21, 2006

Government Of Ontario To Protect Environment With Progressive New Agricultural Standards: New committee to develop nutrient management standards for all Ontario farms, Press Release February 17, 2006

Province Gives Ontarians A New Opportunity To Help Protect The Environment: Changes To Nutrient Management Act Will Require Time For Public Input, Press Release February 17, 2006

Ontario Improves Air Emission Reporting System: Industries To Save Time And Money While Protecting The Environment, Press Release February 15, 2006

Ontario Government Rules Out Road Through Boyd Conservation Area: Area Excluded From Pine Valley Environmental Assessment, Press Release February 15, 2006

Years of Hard Work by Province and Local Groups Saves Vulnerable Wetland says Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Press Release February 9, 2006

Hydro Ottawa Helps Customers Conserve Energy and Save Money - Second Chance to Dump your Old Refrigerator, Press Release February 6, 2006

City First in the World to Implement Migratory Bird Protection Policy, Press Release February 1, 2006

Meeting between Governments and Asmjiwnaang First Nation Brings Greater Understanding, says Environmental Commissioner, Press Release January 27, 2006

Ontario Government Supports Local Efforts To Prevent Water Contamination: Windsor Water Quality Must Be Protected, Press Release January 19, 2006

Five Waterfront Parks Set To Proceed: Environmental Conditions Placed On Their Development, Press Release January 18, 2006
"Plans for developing five city parks along Toronto's waterfront can proceed without an environmental assessment providing certain conditions are met, Environment Minister Laurel Broten announced today."

Working Together To Protect The Great Lakes - Premier Signs Historic Agreement In Milwaukee To Ban Diversions, Promote Conservation, Press Release December 13, 2005

Ontario Shows Leadership On Climate Change: Government Initiatives Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Improve Air Quality , Press Release December 6, 2005

McGuinty Government Introduces Clean Water Act - Proposed Legislation Would Help Protect Lakes, Rivers, Groundwater, Press Release December 5, 2005

Province Helping Communities Protect Drinking Water Sources: Major Investment In Science Supports Water Protection Planning, Press Release November 29, 2005

Changes to Drive Clean Will End Unnecessary Testing and Protect the Air We Breathe, Press Release November 18, 2005

Environment Ministry Seeks Sarnia's Views on Industrial Spills: Prevention And Management Of Industrial Spills At Centre Of Discussions With Local Communities, Press Release November 17, 2005

McGuinty Government Takes Next Step In Building Conservation Culture - Legislation Would Bring Smart Metering To 800,000 Homes And Businesses By 2007, Press Release November 3, 2005

New Planning System Leaves Ontario's Natural Heritage Unprotected says Environmental Commissioner, Press Release November 1, 2005

McGuinty Government to Strengthen Permanent Protection of Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves, Press Release October 25, 2005

Ontario Government Making Progress with Regulation of Nutrient Management Across the Province, Information Bulletin October 19, 2005

McGuinty Government Takes Next Step on Cleaner Air - Ethanol Growth Fund Now Accepting Applications; Five Per Cent Standard Takes Effect January 1, 2007 , Press Release October 7, 2005

Brownfields Clean Up an Important Part of Revitalization: McGuinty Government Promotes Stronger, Healthier Communities, Press Release October 3, 2005

Bullfrog Power Brings More Renewable Power to Ontario Energy Mix, Press Release September 28, 2005

Ontario Environment Ministry Delivers Transparent and Accountable Pollution Reporting: Sierra Legal Defense Fund Praises Ministry For Full Disclosure, Press Release September 23, 2005

Government Takes Action to Protect the Health of Ontarians: First Air Standards Update In 25 Years Will Reduce Pollution Limits; Improve Air Quality, Press Release August 29, 2005

Provincial Action Will Protect The Environment For Future Generations - Industrial Disposal Of Untreated Hazardous Wastes Regulated; Health Of Ontarians Protected, Press Release August 10, 2005

McGuinty Government Helping Property Owners Maintain Natural Areas, Press Release August 3, 2005

McGuinty Government Opens The Door To More Green Power, Press Release July 12, 2005
"The McGuinty government is adding more clean, green power to Ontario's electricity supply mix through the release of a third Request for Proposals (RFP) for new renewable energy."

Cool Shops Lights the Way for Ottawa Small Businesses to Reduce Energy Consumption, Save Utility Costs, Press Release June 29, 2005

Premier McGuinty Fine Tunes His Cabinet at Mid-Term, Press Release June 29, 2005
"Laurel Broten joins Cabinet as Minister of the Environment"

New Regulation Respecting Asbestos on Construction Projects
"The government has made a new regulation (O. Reg. 278/05), which will revoke and replace O. Reg. 838. The new regulation will update safe work measures and procedures and enhance respiratory protection for workers who may encounter asbestos in the course of their work."

Province Helps Farmers Protect the Environment: Moves To Make Nutrient Management Science-Based; Increases Assistance For Large Farms, Press Release June 22, 2005

Environmental Commissioner to Meet with Sarnia Environmental and Industry Groups, Press Release June 22, 2005

Ontario Consults on Improving Drinking Water Regulation: Clearer, More Flexible Rules Would Safeguard Drinking Water; Reduce Costs, Press Release June 22, 2005

Ethanol Growth Fund Is Good News for Farmers, Rural Communities and the Air We Breathe, Press Release June 17, 2005

Cooperation Key to Fighting Causes of Air Pollution: New Report Supports Government's Action Plan; Urges Cross-Border Solutions To Cleaning Up The Air We Breathe, Press Release June 16, 2005

McGuinty Government Unveils Bold Plan to Clean Up Ontario's Air, Press Release June 15, 2005
"The first of the five coal-fired plants, Lakeview Generating Station (GS), was officially closed in April. The plan released today will see three out of the four remaining coal-fired generating stations close by the end of 2007, with the remaining station, Nanticoke GS, to close in early 2009."

Parks Canada: Plaque Unveiled to Commemorate the Missinaibi River as a Canadian Heritage River, Press Release June 12, 2005

Governments of Canada and Ontario Report Progress In Restoring the Environmental Health of the Great Lakes Basin, Press Release June 11, 2005

‘You Spill You Pay' Bill Passes Third Reading: Government Commitment to Get Tough on Polluters Fulfilled, Press Release June 9, 2005

Ontario Government Initiatives Increase Smog Awareness, Press Release June 8, 2005

Rigorous Inspections Mean Better Drinking Water Protection: Ontario Releases Progress Report On Municipal Drinking Water Quality, Press Release May 31, 2005

Environment Ministry Supports Ongoing Efforts to Improve Huron County Shoreline, Press Release May 27, 2005

Opening Plenary at Environment and Energy Conference by the Honourable Leona Dombrowsky, Minister of the Environment, May 26, 2005

Ontario Facing A Waste Disposal Crisis, Press Release May 17, 2005

McGuinty Government Fixes Flaw In Water Regulation: New Rules Replace Need For Compliance On June 1; Balance Need For Safe Water And Associated Costs, Press Release May 17, 2005

Ontario Improves Monitoring of Water Quality in Streams, Rivers: Better Scientific Information Means Better Water Protection, Press Release May 16, 2005

Durham Region Decision Threatens Protected Farmland, Press Release May 11, 2005

Province Seeks to Rebuild Aging Infrastructure Sooner, Press Release May 9, 2005

The City of Pickering Receives $175,000 from the Green Municipal Funds for Sustainable Community Planning and Greenhouse Gas Reductions, Press Release May 6, 2005

Gord Miller Reappointed Environmental Commissioner for 5-year Term, Press Release May 5, 2005

Developer Land Rush in North Oakville, Press Release May 3, 2005

City presents its inaugural Green Toronto Awards, Press Release May 2, 2005

Ontario Government Outlines Plan to Reduce Industrial Spills: Environment Minister Discusses Need to Transform Approach, Press Release April 30, 2005

McGuinty Government Closes Lakeview Generating Station for Cleaner Air and Better Health, Press Release April 28, 2005

Compliance Key to Protecting the Environment - SWAT Report Released; Most Facilities (petrochemical companies in the Sarnia area) Ordered To Take Action To Ensure Safe Operation, Press Release April 27, 2005

Premier McGuinty Promotes a Greener Ontario, Press Release April 22, 2005
"Premier Dalton McGuinty celebrated Earth Day today by planting trees along Ontario's Greenbelt"

Ontario Exempts Hybrids From Emissions Tests - Encourages Consumers To Consider Buying Hybrid Vehicles, Press Release April 22, 2005

Ontario Government Mows Down Pollution - Ontarians Encouraged To Return Gas Lawn Mowers For Cleaner Alternatives, Press Release April 21, 2005

Sweeping Changes in Ontario Air Regulations, LEHDER Environmental Services April 2005 Newsletter

McGuinty Government Seeks More Clean, Green, Renewable Energy Supply, Press Release April 19, 2005

Ontario Government Kicks off Earth Week, Press Release April 18, 2005

McGuinty Government Boosting Electricity Supply, Press April 18, 2005

The City of North Bay Receives $50,000 from the Green Municipal Funds to Assess the Feasibility of Developing Canada's Largest Municipally Sponsored Wind Power Project, Press Release April 5, 2005

Expert Panel Recommends Changes for Environmental Assessments - Government Releases Report; Invites Public To Comment On Recommendations, Press Release April 4, 2005

Industry Canada Invests in Electronic Waste Diversion Project, Press Release March 24, 2005

Ontario Receives Report on Smaller, Private Drinking Water Systems - Government Will Consider Recommendations of Advisory Council, Press Release March 22, 2005

Energy-saving Community Unveiled in Ontario, Press Release March 21, 2005

Farmers Exempt From Fees For Water Taking Permits Government Exemption Supports Farmers, Press Release March 8, 2005

Environmental Commissioner Recommends Changes to Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights, Press Release March 1, 2005

Permanent Greenbelt a Legacy for Future Generations - 1.8 Million Acres to Protect the Environment and Check Urban Sprawl, Press Release February 28, 2005

Government Initiatives Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Improve Air Quality, Press Release February 16, 2005

Vaughan Waste Site Cleanup Complete, Press Release February 14, 2005

Monitoring Air and Water of Vital Importance, says Ontario's Environmental Commissioner, Press Release February 10, 2005
"146 staff members from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) were presented with 2004 ECO Recognition Awards to acknowledge their work on the ministry's ambient environmental monitoring networks"

McGuinty Government Consults On Environmental Penalties Legislation - Environment Ministry meets with business leaders to discuss Bill 133, Press Release February 1, 2005

Environmental SWAT Team Issues Orders to Industrial Facilities - Team Completes Field Work In Sarnia; Final Report Will Follow, Press Release January 21, 2005

Energy-saving Housing Program Launched in Ontario, Press Release January 12, 2005
"New homes that receive the ENERGY STAR label will be independently verified to be 40 percent more energy-efficient than those built to minimum Ontario building code standards."

Ontario Government Protects Public Health And The Environment Province's Largest Illegal Scrap Tire Site Cleaned Up, Press Release January 7, 2005
"Waste Diversion Ontario has developed a plan to recycle the more than 10 million used tires that are generated in the province annually and to address the remaining two million used tires stockpiled around the province. The industry plan was recently posted to the Environmental Registry for public comment."

Municipalities To Get More Support For Blue Box Programs - Businesses Being Environmentally Responsible, Paying Half Of The Program Costs, Press Release January 4, 2005

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